dewalt mower review

DeWALT Lawn Mower Review

Dewalt is another power tool powerhouse that has jumped into the lawn mower space. Not only does Dewalt offer a lineup of battery powered mowers, but they have also made the jump into commercial mowers.

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DeWALT Lawn mowers

DeWALT is an American industrial tool company that manufactures power tools and hand tools for the woodworking, manufacturing, and construction industries. DeWALT manufactures most of our contractors’ hand tools, for example, hammers, saws, tape measures, utility knives, among others. Since its inception in 1923, DeWALT has been manufacturing tools to help make work easier.

Dewalt is owned by Stanley Black and Decker… maybe you've heard of them? They are a huge company within many different segments. Only in recent years did they begin making battery-powered lawn mowers. Yes, just like Makita, Milwaukee, and other power tool manufacturers.

However, Dewalt took it a step further… in 2020 Stanley Black and Decker bought 20% of MTD Products (the owner of Cub Cadet) with the option to buy the remaining 80% of the business in 2021. In short, Stanley Black and Decker (Dewalt), is jumping into the lawn mower sector head first.

Cub Cadet VS Dewalt: What's the difference?

Since Cub Cadet and Dewalt are essentially the same company now you may think these mowers will be the exact same? Well, you're partly right. The Dewalt mowers were definitely inspired by Cub Cadet mowers. There are many technical and design similarities to most of the mowers.

For example, the Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX6 54″ is very similar to the Dewalt Z254. The Dewalt is a slight downgrade from the comparative Ultima ZTX6. The only real difference is the engine and a few small design aspects. See the comparison below.

MowerUltima ZTX6Dewalt Z254
Deck Width54″54″
Deck Type10 ga. Fabricated10 ga. Fabricated
EngineKawasaki FX801Kawasaki FS730V
TransmissionHydro-Gear ZT-3400Hydro-Gear ZT-3400
Frame1.5 in x 3 in Tubular Steel1.5 in x 3 in Tubular Steel
Seat TypeStandard SeatStandard Seat
Warranty4-Year / 500 Hour Warranty4-Year / 800 Hour Warranty

The commercial walk behind and stand on mowers by Dewalt are also pretty similar to Cub Cadet's. The specs are a bit less than Cub's mowers but the design is very similar.

Overall, you can tell these two mowers are owned by the same company but they aren't necessarily the exact same. The Dewalt mowers seem to have the high end, large acreage homeowner in mind while the Cub Cadet Pro series is more in line with what a commercial lawn care company would use.

Battery Powered Mowers

Dewalt first released their battery powered push mowers a couple of years ago. There were decent, but no the best. In 2020, they released the new 2nd generation additions of their battery powered mowers.

This includes 2 new mowers, one push mower and one self-propelled mower. There are some good improvements to these mowers and make them competitive with many of the competitors in the electric mower category.

MowerDewalt Push Mower
Dewalt Self-propelled
Deck Width21″21″
Deck TypeSteel DeckSteel Deck
Run Time75 min.60 min.
Battery Type2 x 20V MAX 10 Ah2 x 20V MAX 10 Ah
Warranty3-Year Limited3-Year Limited
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

DeWALT 2X 20V MAX 21- Inch Push Lawn Mower (DCMWP233U2)

dewalt push mower review

The second generation of the Dewalt electric push mower definitely comes with some upgrades. The biggest improvement is the power with the mower now using 10 Ah batteries. These will drastically increase the mow time on a single charge


  • It has a fold-over handle with a convenient lift handle to make storage and transport easy
  • It has a long runtime of up to 75 minutes
  • Its high voltage performance and a brushless direct-drive motor ensures high efficiency
  • It has an auto-sensing technology that elevates RPMs under harsh conditions.
  • It takes up 70% less vertical storage space compared to when in operation
  • It is a 3-in-1 lawn mower for easy mulching, bagging, and rear discharging
  • Its 3200 RPMs are powered by two powerful batteries and a high-efficiency brushless motor functioning simultaneously to tackle overgrowth
  • It has lift handles and folding handles to make transportation and storage easy.
  • It has a heavy-duty 20-inch metal deck

DeWALT 2X 20V MAX 21-inch Self-Propelled Mower

dewalt self propelled mower review

This DeWALT self-propelled mower is a good mower for the homeowner with a lawn of up to 1/2 acre. This mower has some good features that will mow your grass for a long time. The only downside is the front wheel drive. I would prefer if the mower had rear wheel drive.


  • It has two heavy-duty DeWALT batteries that increase runtime up to 60 minutes
  • It has a brushless direct-drive motor that provides high-voltage grass cutting
  • It has the 3-in-1 feature for improved mulching, bagging, and rear discharging
  • With dual-lever height adjustment, it can between 1 ¼ – 3 inch

Walk-Behind Mowers

DeWALT 48-inch Hydrostatic Hydro-Walk Mower

dewalt 48in walk behind mower

The Dewalt hydro walk behind is an entry commercial level walk behind. By the industry standards, I really can't call it a full commercial mower. Sure, it has some commercial features but the engine and transaxles just aren't that of a commercial mower.

This mower seems to be for that homeowner who has some steep hills. A sulky can be added to this mower to make it much like a stand on mower. The ZT-2800 transaxles scare me a little for using a sulky though.

Overall, this is a decent walk behind that may work well for the right application. I can't fully recommend it as a commercial hydro walk behind though.


  • 15 HP Kawasaki FS V-twin shaft engine that increases power and performance
  • Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 transaxles
  • Variable speed control from 0-7 in forward and 0-3 in reverse
  • 10 gauge heavy-duty fabricated deck
  • 2-year / unlimited hour warranty

DeWALT 33-inch Wide-Area Walk-behind Mower

dewalt 33in walk behind mower

The Dewalt DW33 walk behind mower is also a mower that Dewalt is claiming as a commercial mower. The specs really don't stand behind this. It is a decent mower for the right application but it is probably better used in a homeowner setting.

The Dewalt branded engine and 4-speed transmission are a cause for a little concern as there hasn't been much time to see the quality of these. The 3-year / 120 hour warranty also seems a little short.

Overall, this is a decent mower for homeowners but I wouldn't recommend it for a commercial setting unless you are using it sparingly. Even in this case, I would probably get a Ferris FW15 or Toro Turfmaster.


  • 382cc engine for high performance
  • lightweight design to increase portability
  • 8-inch front caster wheels for easy maneuverability even on rough terrains
  • adjustable deck height for easy cut control
  • 2-gallon gas tank for a long-running time
  • The 33-inch slim deck ensures easy access to hard-to-reach surfaces.
  • It has a high-pressure deck washing system

Zero Turn Mowers

The Dewalt zero turn mowers seem to be made for the high end homeowner. They have features and a price point that are for the residential customer with a 5+ acre lawn.

For this customer, these are some good zero turn mowers. Probably not the best, but a solid option.

DeWALT Z260 Zero Turn Mower

The Dewalt Z260 and Z254 are the top of the line zero turn mower in the lineup. These are very similar to Cub Cadet's ZTX series mowers. It is an entry level commercial mower that can but used for larger acreage homeowners or part time lawn care owners.

This is a great mower for the person mowing 2-3 days per week. It would work for a full time lawn care owner but probably wouldn't last very long or be the best option available.

The Dewalt Z260 is a pretty good zero turn though. It has all of the essentials we look for in a good mower. I do wish it had a suspension seat. It is a little rough without one and suspension seats have almost become the standard.


  • 54″ and 60″ deck options
  • commercial-grade 24 HP Kawasaki FS engine that provides improved premium performance
  • Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 Transaxles
  • 10 gauge heavy-duty fabricated deck
  • wide foot and room that makes it a universally adaptable fit
  • Intuitive dial-in check height adjustment
  • offset front caster wheels that give it proper balance
  • 4-year / 800 hour warranty

DeWALT Z160 Zero-turn Mower

The Dewalt Z160 and Z148 are one step down from the Z260, but very similar. The only real difference is the engine, transaxles, warranty, and there is a 48″ deck option.

The engine is a Kawasaki FR… this is a residential grade engine according to Kawasaki. The transaxles are Hydro-Gear ZT-3100, which are commercial grade but not quite a good as the ZT-3400s.

This mower is good for the homeowner with a large yard (4-10 acres) or a part time lawn care owner. Honestly, if I were getting a zero turn mower in this price range I would spend the extra $1,000 or so and get the Z260 or Z254.


  • 24 HP Kawasaki FR engine for dependable high performance
  • Hydro-Gear ZT-3100
  • Up to 9 mph
  • adaptable fit due to its wide foot pan with sufficient room
  • intuitive dial-in check height adjustment
  • 4-year / 600 hour warranty

Stand On Mowers

The moment you've all been waiting for… the Dewalt stand on mowers. Are they just a Cub Cadet stand on branded as Dewalt? Well, pretty close. These are basically “less beefy” Cub Cadet stand on mowers.

DeWALT X554 and X548 Stand On Mowers

The Dewalt stand on mower is a tough one for me to understand. It is basically a cheapened version of the Cub Cadet stand on but more expensive. The biggest thing for me is it has the Kawasaki FT engine. Don't get me wrong this is a good engine but it definitely isn't a Kawasaki FX.

That is really the only downside for me. Other than that it is a pretty good stand on. The design has some differences, like the gas tank and battery container but overall it is very close to the Cub stand on.

If I'm buying the mower, there are two downsides to this one. First, you mine as well buy a Cub Cadet stand on as it has an FX engine and is less expensive. Second, I am a little skeptical buying a commercial mower from a big box store. I'm curious to see how repairs will work.


  • 48″ and 54″ deck options
  • 26 HP Kawasaki FT EFI Engine with an electronic throttle to provide reliable power and performance
  • It has a minimal effort deck lift
  • Adaptable size up to 2-inch to accommodate different heights
  • Low maintenance and durable
  • Efficient blade engagement

Wrapping it up

Dewalt lawn mowers are a solid option for most homeowners, especially if you are needing a commercial mower. They are durable mowers that have some great features.

I'm very interested to see where Dewalt goes with mowers. I'm assuming they will come out with some really great battery powered zero turns, stand ons, etc in the future.

What do you think?

Have you used a Dewalt mower? Which one have you used and did you like it? Leave us a comment below.

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