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5 Best Riding Lawn Mowers

If you wish to keep your lawn in good conditions then it is quite possible that you will find this article interesting and informative. They trim the grass and also help keep the overgrowth under control.

There are different types of lawn mowers. These include push reel mower, zero turn lawn mower, riding lawn mowers, push mowers and finally robotic mowers. Each of these mowers is unique in its own way and they are used by various customers keeping in mind their specific needs and requirements.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best riding lawnmowers. These are very popular and used by thousands of customers across the country. There are obviously a number of advantages as far as these riding lawn mowers are concerned.

Why Choose Riding Lawn Mowers

Before choosing the best riding mowers in 2019 we will start by having a brief look at the advantages of using these mowers. There are quite a few of them but we will be looking at the main reasons why there is a growing demand for riding mowers.

Best Riding Lawn Mowers in 2019

To begin with, when you have a riding mower with you, it will help you to mow and clean up a large area. Therefore, farmers and landowners had a few acres of land will be benefited from the use of these riding lawnmowers.

Secondly, they also come with a number of attachments. These attachments and other devices could be useful in spreading grass seeds and also plow snow and also for dethatching purposes.

While it might take some time for learning to ride a riding mower, once it is learned, it will help the end-users quite immensely. They will be able to cut grass quite effortlessly and this can be done efficiently even if the terrain is rough. It also will help you to have better control and maintenance of the speed of the mower.

However, it is a fact that you will be paying more when you decide to invest in a riding mower. Though the initial cost of buying these mowers could be higher than most push mowers, you are certain to get a much better return on investment. If you do your research, go through the right due diligence processes you will be able to get the best deals on riding lawnmowers.

Best Riding Lawn Mowers

When we look at the above facts and consider the features, pros, and cons of riding mowers, there is no denying the fact that the benefits are far more when compared to the shortcomings or downsides.

They bring in a combination of efficiency, effectiveness, ease of use, durability, and other such attributes. Therefore, it does make a lot of sense to invest money in the right riding lawn mower.

However, this is not an easy task because there are many such options available in the market. There are many makes and models of riding lawn mowers. This could lead to indecision, confusion and unless you are well-informed you could end up making the wrong choice.

We are sharing information about the 5 best rated riding lawn mowers. These mowers have been selected based on various parameters. We are sure it will be a good tool for customers to make the right choice based on factual information and knowledge. So without much ado, here are the lists of the best lawn mowers in 2019 (riding type).

Riding Mower VS Zero Turn Mower

You have probably seen that zero turn mowers are the new trend. Some may wonder if there is still reason to get a tractor style riding mower. While zero turns may allow you to mow faster there is definitely still a place for riding mowers.

The main advantage of a riding mower is the various attachments that otherwise wouldn't be available for a zero-turn. These can include things like snowplows, tillers, carts, and more.

Another advantage of a riding mower is usually price. These tractor style mowers are less expensive than most zero turn mowers. If speed isn't a huge concern of yours then a riding mower may be the best choice for you.

Finally, some people like driving a driving mower better than a zero turn. Since these mowers are like driving a car there is basically no learning curve. On the other hand, a zero turn usually has a bit of a learning curve and can be uncomfortable for a new user.

Overall, it comes down to personal preference and your needs. Zero turns are the new, trendy thing but there are still situations where a regular riding mower is the best option.

1. Snapper SPX 2346 Riding Lawn

If you are looking for the best price on riding lawn mowers you have many reasons to have a closer look at the Snapper Riding Lawn Mower. The model number is 26915575.

It is very powerful and feature rich tractor riding mower. It runs on a powerful 23 HP 724cc engine motor. Those who have used this lawn mower are quite happy about it. It comes packed with a number of features.

If you are looking for a combination of high performance, durability, and value for money, then this could be the best choice.

Snapper SPX 2346 Riding Lawn Mower
  • 23hp Briggs and Stratton 724cc Professional Series V-Twin Engine
  • 46 Inch Stamped Steel Deck 3-blade
  • Foot Pedal Hydro Transmission

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This is a classic tractor riding mower. It is easy to use and is suitable for lawns of different sizes. The design is straight forward. The controls are conveniently located and are easy to reach. It also comes with 42-inch cutting width. There are other big takeaways like 2 blades and seven height-of-cut positions. A few other features are described below.

Main Features

  • The deck construction is made from high quality and durable 14 gauge material.
  • You have two powerful 2-bulbs LED that comes in handy when mowing in inclement weather or when the natural light is not so bright.
  • Front axle made from tough cast iron.
  • The front tires come with a size of 15 x 6-6 inches while the rear tires have a dimension of 20 x 8.8 inches.
  • You have other facilities like the fuel level indicator
  • 90-day limited warranty.

2. Troy-Bilt 382cc Riding Lawn Mower

There is no doubt that Troy-Bilt is a well-known name in the field of Tractor riding lawn mowers. Hence, this specific model does offer quite a few unique and interesting features. It runs on a 382cc Auto Choke OHV engine that generated 4.25 MPH. The engine is powerful and helps in easy operation for land owners.

There are a number of other features also that are worth mention. Here are a few of them.

Main Features

  • 30-Inch cutting deck
  • Designed to offer operator comfort and power.
  • The 18-inch turning radius makes it easy to maneuver and negotiate.
  • Mid-back seat designed for ultimate comfort.
  • 13 x 5 inches front wheels and 16 x 6.5 inches rear wheels
  • The mower also comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

3. Craftsman Gas Powered Riding Lawn Mower

This is one of the best-rated riding lawn mowers in the market. The mower is manufactured and marketed by Craftsman and this form has a good track record as far as quality riding lawn mowers are concerned. This is gas driven mower and is 46-inch in size. It has a number of interesting features.

Craftsman T135 18.5 HP Gas Powered Riding Lawn Mower
  • POWERFUL BRIGGS AND STRATTON GAS ENGINE WITH READY START: Powerful gas engine suitable for larger yard jobs while ready start technology provides a quick, efficient start.
  • 46-INCH CUTTING DECK WITH INCLUDED DECK WASH: Lawn tractor comes equipped with wide 46-Inch cutting deck for cutting, trimming, and clipping grass in one quick sweep. Included deck wash saves time when underside cleaning.
  • CVT TRANSMISSION: unit is equipped with CVT foot pedal transmission.
  • MOW-IN-REVERSE: Take your mower in reverse to easily maneuver in and out of trouble spots.
  • SUPPORTIVE MID-BACK SEAT: Back of the seat rests at the middle of users back for extra comfort.
  • DURABLE TURF SAVER WHEELS: 15-Inch front wheels and 20-Inch rear wheels for better clearance and easy, long-lasting maneuvering around your yard.

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We are sharing a few of them for the benefit of our readers. The model no. is T135 18.5 HP.

Main Features

  • It features the famous Briggs and Stratton gas engine and it has a read start capability. The engine is powerful for a yard of a larger size.
  • The 46-inch cutting deck comes with a deck wash. It is perfectly suitable for trimming, cutting and also for clipping of grass using an efficient one quick sweep action.
  • The hydrostatic, hand-adjustable transmission is also another interesting feature as far as this lawnmower is concerned.
  • You also can use the mower in reverse direction. This is quite useful when maneuvering in trouble spots.
  • The 15-inch front wheels are one of the best and so are the 20-inch wheels in the rear. They help in better clearance and maneuvering is easy and it can handle long-duration mowing jobs.

4. Husqvarna 48″ Riding Lawn Mower

This is a 24 HP gas riding lawn mower that is built to perform under rugged and tough conditions. It comes with a 48-inch cutting deck and there are also some other additional features that go in making is a very good buy with an assurance of longevity, durability, efficiency, and of course good value for money.

Coming from the house of Husqvarna, it is a brand that has stood the test of time. We will have a look at some of the main features for the benefit of our readers.

Main Features

  • It is gas-powered.
  • You have a reinforced cutting deck and this will ensure one of the best durability attributes. Hence, you can expect trouble-free service season after season and year after year.
  • It also has a pedal-operated transmission that is hydrostatic in function. This, according to many users offers better control and performance of the riding lawnmowers.
  • Pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission improves performance and control
  • If you want precise cut and accurate lifting of grass you have reasons to go in for this mower. The air induction mowing feature is another big takeaway.
  • Steering wheel designed for convenient, comfortable and consistent handling.
  • You also have the luxury of choosing an add-on if you need it. This certainly improves versatility.
Husqvarna TS348 (48″) 24HP Kohler Lawn Tractor
  • 24hp Kohler Engine
  • Pedal Operated Hydrostatic Transmission
  • 48-Inch, Fabricated (Welded) Steel 3-Blade Mower Deck
  • P-ZT Premium High-Back Seat
  • Not available for sale in California

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5. Husqvarna 42″ Hydrostatic Riding Lawn Mower

This is another masterpiece from Husqvarna and it comes in the 42″ deck. The mower is powered by a 19 HP gas engine. It is one of the best hydrostatic riding lawn mower.

It has a number of exciting and interesting features. We will try and have a look at a few of them for the benefit of our readers and those who are planning to buy a suitable riding lawn mower.

Husqvarna 42 Hydrostatic Riding Lawn Mower features

Main Features

  • It is one of the few riding lawn mowers that are suitable for year-round use.
  • It operates on the tried and tested air induction mowing technology.
  • You have the advantage of a chokeless start. You have to just insert the key in the slot, turn it and you ready to be on the job.
  • The fender-mounted height adjustment is a great takeaway.
  • The seat height is adjustable.
  • The steering wheel is intelligently and ergonomically designed.
  • Because of the hydrostatic transmission, you can have smooth speed whether the riding lawn mower is moving forward or reversing.
Husqvarna YTH18542 42 in 18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Riding Mower
  • 18.5 hp Briggs and Stratton Intek engine offers powerful performance
  • Foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission allows you to change speed and direction, which lets you keep both hands on the steering wheel for optimum driving control
  • Tight 16 in. turning radius allows you to mow in tighter spaces and navigate around obstacles Adjustable 13 in. mid-back seat, ergonomic steering wheel and easy step-through design provide comfort and easy operation
  • 42 in. reinforced cutting deck with air induction mowing technology and dual anti-scalp wheels
  • Reverse operating system allows the operator to mow in reverse with a simple turn of a switch

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


The above are just a few examples of some of the best riding lawn mowers as far as 2019 is concerned. We are sure that the above information would help the readers to keep in mind a few important points while on the lookout for a suitable riding lawnmower. There is no harm in looking up a few more such makes and models and then making a correct and informed buying decision.

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