Best Lawn Care Business Resources

I have been around the lawn care industry for more than 10 years. I have experience owning a lawn care company and learned from some of the biggest names in the industry. I have also work for a mower manufacturer as a sales rep for 3 years. This is a compiled list of all the best resources I have used and recommend.

Disclaimer: We have personally used each of the products below. Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means we will receive a small commission if you choose to use the links to buy. This does not raise the price any for you! Basically, just a way to say thank you to us. If you don't want to use them, that is perfectly fine also! You can find the products through Google.

String Trimmers

Check out our review of the best commercial string trimmers.

1. Husqvarna 324L

husqvarna 324L Trimmer

The Husqvarna 324L trimmer is a great, durable unit at a great price. It has a lot of power and lightweight.

2. Echo SRM-225

echo srm-225 trimmer

The Echo SRM-225 is a great trimmer at a great price. These things are a solid choice for any lawn care company.

3. Shindaiwa T262

Shindaiwa T262 Trimmer

The Shindaiwa T262 is a great trimmer with a ton of power. If you are wanting a trimmer for overgrown lawns or thick grass this is the one for you.

4. Trimmer Line

Oregon Magnum Gatorline – While trimmer line may all seem the same there are some differences. We recommend Oregon's Magnum Gatorline because it seems to hold up and last longer than other brands on the market.

oregon magnum gatorline

5. Edgers

Echo Edger – This edger is great. It has plenty of power and lightweight. The echo edger is good for regular, weekly or bi-monthly edging. It does pretty well with overgrown edges but if you're going to be dealing with these often you may get one with a little more power.

Echo Edger

Edgit – These are a great timesaver. They mount on Stihl or Echo weed eaters and act as an edger guide. The disk rotates so you can easily follow an edge. They are great so you can edge and trim all in one trip without having to go back to the truck to switch equipment.


6. Blowers

RedMax EBZ8550RH – The RedMax 8550 is the arguably the best backpack blower in the industry. It features 908 CFM and 206 MPH blowing power. We have found this to be the most powerful blower on the market. Check out our review of the best backpack blowers on the market.

redmax ebz8550 blower review

7. Opti 2 Cycle Oil

Opti 2 Oil – This is the 2 cycle oil we always used in our handheld equipment. It does a great job and it's at a great price.

opti 2 oil

8. Spreader/Sprayers

Spyker Spreader – Spyker is the leader in walk behind spreaders. They are the best in the industry and hold up for a very long time. The controls are very simple. The large tires make it easy to push and to get over curbs.

spyker spreader

9. Lawn Care Software

Jobber – This is an all-in-one tool for your business that will allow you to do everything from tracking your crews/jobs to estimates and invoices. They have great reports as well. This is my favorite overall lawn care software.

Service AutoPilot – If you have a fairly large company or want to scale your lawn business this is the software you need. It does everything from invoicing, route planning, estimates, and much more. It can be a little pricier than other software but it is hands down the best in the industry. Check out their website for more info!

YardBook – If you're just getting started or a one – two man operation this is a great lawn software to start out with. The best part is it's free! It covers all of the basics of what you'll need to run your business efficiently.

10. Shoes/Boots

Kujo Yard Shoes – These shoes are extremely comfortable and lightweight. We have found them to be the best lawn care shoes on the market. They are made to hold up for a very long time. The price can be a little high but we think they are definitely worth the investment.

kujo yard shoes

Muck Muckster II Shoes – These are our favorite shoes for spraying chemicals. They do a great job and will keep any chemicals or fertilizers off of you.

muck muckster shoe

11. Marketing Material / Yard Signs

Overnight Prints – They are the best for business cards, postcards, flyers, folders, and any other print marketing material you may need. We used them for many years and always received a quality product. There apparel is also pretty good!

Turf Signs – This is the place we always went for yard signs. These are a great way to market your business. We highly recommend them.

12. Business Website

Hosting – My favorite hosting provider is BlueHost. I have used them for years and always had a great experience. They also have a wonderful support team that answers questions quickly.

Squarespace – My favorite website builder in terms of building a website quickly and easily. It is a very simple user experience with a quick learning curve. You will be able to have a pretty good website in a hurry with Squarespace. Another good alternative is Weebly.

Webflow – This website builder is a little steeper learning curve but it makes incredible websites that are very fast. This is a new tool to build websites that I really like.

13. WordPress Themes

Thrive Themes – This has some great themes and all of the plugins you would ever need. If you aren't very skilled in WordPress this is a great way to get a website up quickly.

Divi Theme – This theme is also very good. It is so easy to customize and has a lot of different layouts. It is for everyone from beginners to professional developers. It is a great option to get a website up quickly!

If you have questions any questions about your website or how to make one feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

14. Social Media Marketing

Publer – This is my favorite social media marketing tool. It is very simple to use for scheduling posts and getting analytics for each post. Another alternative is Buffer.

Canva – A great tool for creating social media content. This can be used to create images, graphics, and other marketing material for social media.

15. Office Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 – A printer is a must have for a lawn care business. This printer has lasted me several years after couple other, not so great printers.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6978

Trailer Accessories

Trailer accessories are a vital part of running an efficient crew. It can save a lot of time having everything in a place that is easy to get to. Even saving a couple minutes per yard will add up over time and translate to making more money.

Green Touch Trimmer Rack – These are great because they lock your equipment in place so they're not moving or rattling while driving. They are also very secure to keep people from stealing them off your trailer.

green touch trimmer rack

Green Touch Three Position Trimmer Rack – This blower rack is simple and secures blowers very well. We like this one the best because we could stack two blowers on the one rack.

Jungle Jim Blower Rack

Trimmer Line Rack – This is a game changer. Having this in an easily accessible location on your trailer will save a ton of time. It is a very inexpensive addition that could save some time throughout a day.

buyers trimmer line rack

Water Cooler Rack – This rack makes getting water easier. It will save time because you won't have to move a cooler around or find it in your truck. It's easy to get to and very secure.

buyers water cooler trailer rack

Miscellaneous Tools

Trimmer Holder for Mower – If you're mowing larger properties this is a must have. It mounts on your mower to have a trimmer with you at all times. This can save a lot of time on very large yards.

jungle jim trimmer holder

Sun Hat/Face Guard– This is a must have. We use to use a sun hat and bandana before we found these. This acts as both all in one. The hat will keep the sun off of you and the attached face guard will keep the debri out of your mouth and nose.

lawn care sun hat

Cool Neck Towel – This is a must have for those long, hot summer days! Stay cool and you'll work longer and more efficiently.

Lawn Care Cool Neck Towel

Business Books

Cut That Grass and Make That Cash By Paul Jamison

Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

The E-Myth Revisited By Michael Gerber

The One-Page Marketing Plan By Allan Dib

Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits! By Greg Crabtree

Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki

Built to Last By Jim Collins

Crush it! – Gary Vaynerchuk


Listening to audiobooks is a GREAT way to learn while you work. In the lawn care industry, especially while you're still in the field, you have a lot of time either driving or running machinery. This is a perfect time to make your work environment a classroom.

We have worked in the lawn care industry for many years and have listened to countless audiobooks on Audible. Also, if you use our like to sign up you will get 2 FREE audiobooks! Even if you don't use our link you should sign up anyway! You won't regret it.

If you prefer reading books, we recommend checking out Amazon's Kindle Unlimited. It has some good titles and you get unlimited books for a low monthly cost.

Wrapping it up

That is our complete list of the best resources for a lawn care business. We have learned in this business that saving even a couple minutes can make a huge difference when compounded over time. If you're looking for a mower check out the rest of our site for reviews or join our newsletter for exclusive content!

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