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5 Best Commercial Push Mowers

Commercial push mowers are as valuable as riding lawnmowers, weedeaters, or blowers. Sometimes, a lawn service will reach a destination with a small property, and a smaller mower is needed. Look no further than this review because we not only review the top mowers; we also offer a buyer's guide to help with the decisions when it is time to purchase.  

You may find yourself asking two questions in the beginning: why should you buy or use a commercial push mower, and are they better than residential brands? Commercial push mowers are quick, easy, and more efficient in smaller areas. You will not always need the big riding mowers to do the jobs. Sometimes the big riding mowers will do more harm than good to small properties. Other times they won't fit into small gates, so you will need a push mower.

Commercial brands are built for lawn services and landscaping companies, and residential push mowers are built for homeowners who use the mowers once a week or every two weeks. Commercial mower brands are made for cutting all day. The commercial push mowers are more durable and have more horsepower, so that is the only way we can compare which one is better. 

Our Top Picks

Best Commercial Push Mower Comparison

When considering commercial push mowers for smaller areas or residential purposes, you'll find a variety of options. The key specifications of some top models are compared here to aid your decision:

SpecsFerris FW15 Toro Turfmaster HDXScag SFC30Honda HRC216HDAToro 21″ Honda (22295)
EngineHonda GXV390 389cc Kawasaki
Kohler 224 CV EnginesGXV160 Engine 4-strokeGXV160 Engine
Deck Size 32″ 30″30″21″21″
StarterRecoil startRecoil StartRecoil start Recoil start Recoil start
Speed4 mph forward, 2 mph reverseN/A4 mph2.1 mph to 4 mph4.2 mph
Cut Quality32″ Dual Blades for precision cut30″ Dual Blade30″ Dual blade deck drive system 21″ MicroCut® twin blade systemSingle blade for precision cutting
Fuel Tank.55 gallon1 gallon1 gallon0.37 gallons1 gallon
Wheels SizeDrive tires-13″ X 5-6.”N/ARear: 10.5″ x 3″ Front: 9″ x 2.259″ Nexite Wheels 9″ x 2″
Weight285 lbs173 lbs.214 lbs.117 lbs.117lbs.
Warranty2-year limited warranty with a 3-year limited engine warranty1-Year Limited Commercial Use
2-Year Limited Commercial Use Engine
2-year commercial machine warranty with 3-year deck and spindle 2-year engine warranty 1-year commercial warrantyone year for the unit, two years limited on the engine
MSRP$3,699.00$2,449 – $2,699$2,719-$2,999$1,549$1,666

Your decision will likely depend on the size of the area you are maintaining, the precision of the cut you require, and the reliability and power of the engine. Consider the Ferris FW15 if you need a broader cutting path and the convenience of both forward and reverse speeds for easy maneuverability.

For those wanting a balance between size and agility, the Toro Turfmaster HDX and Scag SFC30 offer 30″ cutting decks and 1-gallon fuel capacity. If you're handling more compact spaces and prefer a lighter machine, the Honda HRC216HDA and the Toro 21″ Honda presents a more manageable 21″ deck size and lighter frame, relieving the physical demands of the task. The warranties across the models reflect the confidence manufacturers have in their products, offering peace of mind with your investment.

Consider your specific needs, as the right mower for your commercial or residential needs will not only enhance your efficiency but also affect the longevity and quality of your lawn care service.

Ferris FW15 

Ferris FW15

This mower is a hydrostatic 32″ commercial walk behind that is easy to maneuver and control. It has a 10.2 HP Honda engine with a ground speed of 4mph forward and 2mph reverse. It has a two-year limited warranty with a three-year limited engine warranty. The mower also comes with an optional mulch kit or cloth bagger.

The FW15 is definitely one of the best commercial push mowers on the market. It has a reliable engine, Hydro-Gear transaxle, and caster front wheels.

One of my favorite things about this mower is the reverse feature. Since it has a hydro transaxle it can go in reverse. This makes it much easier to drive.

The overall build of this mower is fairly simple. It has everything you need and nothing unneeded. The only real potential downside is the price. It is definitely on the higher end compared to the other mowers on this list. That may be a deterrent for some.


Steel timed commercial-grade mower deck: Fabricated, commercial, reinforced 32″ steel deck with dual cutting blades.

Operates with one hand: Single-handed operation is comfortable to grip, and adjustable speed controls are within reach. There are four positions for the handlebars to adjust to comfort.  

Height adjustment is easy to set: The single adjustment point lever is spring-assisted and made for easy cutting height adjustment.

Variable hydrostatic drive: Able to maneuver forward and reverse, the traction is smooth for precise trimming and sloping terrain

Toro Turfmaster HDX

Toro Turfmaster HDX

Toro is famous among the commercial brand names and comes as a stand-on or a walk-behind. It is built for commercial use with heavy components and a 13-gauge steel deck. The cutting width is 30″ and provides a quality cut.

There is a new model that features the Kohler CV224 Command Pro engine. There are also models with a Kawasaki FJ180V and a Kohler CV220. Overall, the engine options are pretty good and they work well with the mower.

The transmission has been a problem with these mowers since they were first released. They were updated a few years ago to an MV702 transmission and saw some improvement. There are still a few issues but not near as many as in the past.

Overall, for the price, this is a great value for a mower if you need to add a commercial push mower to your fleet.


  • Kohler or Kawasaki engines
  • MV702 Transmission
  • T-Bar controls
  • Stell bullnose front bumper
  • Brush guard and engine guard
  • The blade brake clutch allows you to disengage the blades without the mower shutting off
  • Large fuel tank

There are different types of engines the buyer can choose from, which are as follows:

  • Kawasaki FJ180V
  • Kohler CV200 or CV224 Command Pro

Scag SFC30

Best Commercial Push Mower - Scag SFC30

The Scag SFC30 is one of the newer players to enter the 30″ push mower market. Their design is closest to the Toro Turfmaster. It also features a Kohler CV224 engine and MV 702 transmission.

We can only assume this mower will have similar transmission issues as the Toro, but only time will tell.

Scag walk-behind mowers are built with military-grade steel, welded, and fabricated. It is made to get the job done at home and for commercial use.

The mower's deck is made of 14-gauge steel and a 12-gauge spindle reinforcement plate. This is a fairly well-built deck for this size of a mower.

Overall, the Scag SFC30 is a pretty good option if you're looking for a commercial push mower. I would just make sure you aren't using it too much or you may run into some reliability issues.


Swivel Caster Front wheels: Offers added maneuverability to any landscape area.

Fine-Tuned and Simple: The height adjustment is located in a single location vs. all four corners. The adjustments are 1.5″ – 5″ with .25″ increments. 

Deck Drive System is Simple: Two-Blade Deck Drive system. The proven choice is knowing the studies showed that the perfect deck drive system leads to fewer repairs on belts and other components of the PTO.

Unmatching Performance: The cutting chamber is more prominent, keeps the cutting experience moving efficiently, and the discharge is larger than other mowers. 

Ergonomic Controls: Everything is built for comfort and efficiency. The ergonomic controls make everything easy to operate. All of the controls are in one place, on the handles area. You will find the drive engagement, blade brake engagement, throttle/ Choke, recoil start, park brake, and hour meter.

Maximum Comfort: Tool-free adjustments for the handle for height preferences. 

The versatility of 3-in-1: For the discharge chute, the 3-in-1 versatility leaves different options for an open chute, mulch plate, or bag. 

Honda HRC216HDA

Best Commercial Push Mower - hrc216hda

This Honda push mower looks like the traditional homeowner's mower, but don't let classic looks fool you. This is a commercial mower, and it has some good cutting power to back it up and put it on this list.  


Honda GXV160 engine: a reliable commercial-grade engine that has been around for a long time and performs very well

Microcut twin blades: This technology drastically improves cut quality while mulching or bagging

Hydrostatic cruise control: variable speed control with cruise control

21″ Steel deck: built to last and provide a high-quality cut

Shaft drive maintenance-free: provides power from the engine to the transmission without the need for maintenance

Front bumper: protects the deck and provides additional stability to the mower

Height of Cut: Eight cutting settings 3/4″-4″

Reinforced, heavy-duty handles

Seal ball bearings: Sealed ball bearings for all wheels

Bagger: 2.5 bushel Grass bag

Manual fuel shut-off valve: allows you to turn off the gas during the offseason

Warranty: 2-year engine warranty 1-year commercial warranty

Toro 21″ Honda (22295)

toro 21 in honda 22295

This heavy-duty mower is a self-propelled mower with a three-speed transmission ready to take on any commercial and residential tasks. It is also built with high-quality material and made to last without corrosion.

This mower will be a bit more of your budget option. Sure the deck size isn't as big as the others on this list but it is still a great, reliable mower. If you plan to use this mower only in a few backyards or you have a small residential yard this is a perfect mower for you.

Personally, I would maybe even choose this one over the Toro Turfmaster just because of the price. Of course, it depends on your circumstances and how you will use it though.


Engine: Honda GXV160 Engine with one-gallon fuel tank and dual air cleaner

Transmission: Variable 3-speed rear-wheel drive

Commercial grade wheels: the wheels are built to last a long time

21″ Deck: the deck is made of die-cast aluminum alloy… not the best but it does fine for a push mower

Height of Cut Adjustment: Cutting heights range from 1″ to 4.5″ with a 4-point adjustment

Rear Bagging System: 2.1-bushel bag with a design to easily empty and install

Steel Deck Wear Plate: replaceable wear plate to protect the deck

Buying Guide

Below is our commercial push mower buying guide. These are all of the things you should look for before purchasing your mower.

Commercial VS Residential

Commercial mowers have better warranties and build quality because they are used consistently. Residential mowers are made to work once a week to once every two weeks, so the quality is not as critical. However, the comparison will show they both serve their purpose with a lawn business or a one-time cut here and there at a residential home. Which one is better? No matter what, I would buy the commercial because it's there when you need the power, durability, and more. 

Engine Size and Cutting Power

The cutting power for all of these mowers listed below is excellent. We can say the company that puts forth these machines can become trusted.

Honda is one of the leaders in making small engines for push mowers… hints as to why they are on 4 of the 5 mowers on our list. Personally, I would go with a push mower with a Honda engine.

Push Mower Cut Quality

One of the main factors when choosing a commercial push mower is the cut quality of the machine. A good commercial push mower will have high-quality blades and a durable deck that will make cutting the lawn a breeze. Additionally, it is important to look for a machine that has enough power to handle even the most stubborn grasses.

The quality of the cut won't vary much from these commercial push mowers. They are all fairly similar since you are moving so slow while mowing and the deck size is smaller.

Fuel Tank Size

When it comes to buying a commercial push mower, you want to make sure that the one you choose has a fuel tank size that will fit your needs. Some push mowers come with small fuel tanks, while others have larger tanks. It's important to know how much fuel the tank can hold so that you don't run out of gas during your yard work.

The largest tank you will find on a commercial push mower is one gallon. This is usually a good size for commercial use. For example, the Ferris FW15 is only about a half-gallon tank. This is one of the downsides of that mower.

The fuel tank for a push mower isn't as important as a larger zero turn mower, but it could still be a factor depending on your use.

Deck Size

When it comes to commercial push mowers, it is important to consider the deck size. Many businesses have limited space for storage, so a commercial push mower that has a smaller deck size may be the best option. This type of machine is able to fit in tighter spaces and can cut down on time spent moving the mower around.

On the other hand, if space isn't much of an issue it is probably best to go with a 30″ or 32″ deck size. These will cut grass a bit quicker than a traditional 21″ push mower.

Height of cut Adjustment

The actual height of cut increments on a push mower usually isn't very important. For the most part, they are all the same. One thing to pay attention to is how the height of the deck is adjusted. I absolutely hate the 4-point height adjustment system found on many push mowers. 

There are some innovations to these adjustment systems now with one-point and two-point height adjustments. These are very convenient, especially if you have to change your height of cut frequently between jobs. 

Setting the Speed

Commercial push mowers come with different speeds to accommodate a variety of needs. Some users may want a slower speed for careful cutting, while others might prefer a faster speed for more efficient cutting. It is important to find the right speed for the job at hand.

The way you set the speed on your mower is going to be important. There are some that are easier to use than others. For instance, the Honda mowers have an incredible cruise control feature that is probably one of the easiest to use on the market.

There are also some mowers that just have more comfortable controls than others. Take the FW15 for example, it is one of the best commercial push mowers on the market, yet I think the comfort of controls is not the best.

Some of this comes down to personal preference and you'll have to try them out to see which controls you like the best.

Commercial Push Mower Wheel Size

The wheel size isn't as important on push mowers as it is larger mowers, but it can still make a difference. Most commercial push mowers are basically going to have the same small tires. These do alright and last a pretty long time. The Ferris FW15 is the only model with much larger rear tires. These larger tires will do a much better job holding hills and provide more comfort while pushing.

Commercial Push Mower Value/Price

Commercial Push Mowers typically offer a higher value than residential models, due to their heavier-duty construction and more durable engines. However, there are a variety of prices and features available on commercial push mowers, so it's important to do your research before making a purchase.

Some of the factors that can affect the price and features of a commercial push mower include the type of cutting deck, the number of blades, transmission, and the engine brand/size. Most commercial push mowers will be in the $1,500 to $4,000 range.


Which Mower Should you get?

We offered the list of the top five commercial push mowers. Answer the question which mower can only be answered by the job you seek to put the mower through. Determine these factors: 

  • Where you are cutting;
  • The size of the yard;
  • Gate openings and entrances;
  • Terrain;
  • How thick the grass is and how often you plan on cutting. 

Mulch, Bag, or Side/Rear Discharge?

This will mostly be a personal preference and depend heavily on your situation. Basically, every commercial push mower will offer mulch, bagging, and side discharge as an option. Of course, some will do different styles of cutting better than others but they will all do a pretty good job.

  • Mulch if you want to nourish the lawn as you cut
  • Bag to collect clippings, leaving a tidy finish
  • Side or rear discharge for quick mowing of tall, thick grass

Front-Wheel Drive, Rear-Wheel Drive, or All-Wheel Drive?

Most commercial push mowers will have rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive is usually found on residential push mowers.

Rear-wheel drive allows for the most traction and best driving experience. Many commercial mowers won't have all-wheel drive because they come with front caster wheels.

  • Rear-wheel drive mowers provide strong traction, optimal on uneven terrain
  • Front-wheel drive models are common for residential use, suitable for flat areas
  • All-wheel drive mowers are less typical in commercial models with front caster wheels for maneuverability


When selecting a commercial push mower, your decision should be informed by the performance and reliability of these machines. Commercial brands make a difference in lawn service. All the information is available for these top five picks of commercial push mowers. I recommend them all for your commercial needs as they are what they prove to be in the commercial market for lawn services.

The public's reviews are also there to look over as everyone enjoys these mowers over other brands. We hope this Best Commercial Push Mower review and buyer's guide helped you decide which mower to get because sometimes we are better off with more power than not enough.

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