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Where to Buy Used Lawn Mowers Near Me?

I remember when I was a teenager, I needed a mower for my new lawn care business. My only option was a used lawn mower because of my budget. In that time, I turned to Craigslist. I did a quick search, met up with a guy at the local gas station, and purchased a used John Deere lawn tractor. I was truly living the dream!

Today, there are many different options for finding used lawn mowers. Most of these are online marketplace, but you can also find some through your local lawn mower dealer.

You will have to take a few factors into consideration, and then you can research the available options near you. The key is to make sure you know which type of lawn mower you are looking for. This will determine which marketplace below is best for your situation

In this article, I will cover all the possible aspects. You will know about the marketplaces and what to look for when buying a used mower.

Find Used Mowers Near You

You can consider both online and offline options. When it comes to online, you can visit top online retailers. Check some popular websites and make a fair comparison to get a better price. You can choose your local stores as well. Let’s cover more details.

1. eBay

eBay can be the best when it comes to used lawn mowers. You can visit their website and scroll the product page to find out the one that fits your budget.

To find lawn mowers in your area, head to eBay's website. You will want to search for something like “zero turn mower” or “stand on Mower.” Whichever kind of mower you are looking for is what you should type in the search box. Then, in the top right hand corner, click “Advanced.”

Once you do that, scroll down until you see a section called “location.” This is where you can enter your zip code and the radius around the zip code you are willing to travel.

Then click the “Search” button and you will see the results nearest you. You may have to play around with the mile radius a little bit depending on where you live.

Ebay overall is a great place to find used mowers. There is security within Ebay that ensures you are getting a good product and limits the chance of fraud.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Another popular option is the Facebook Marketplace. Most of us use Facebook. You can visit this social networking site to find the most suitable used lawn mower. You can select your location and then filter out the products depending on your specific requirements.

This option will probably bring the most results. There are tons of lawn mowers sold on Facebook everyday. It will depend on which type of mower you are looking for but you will probably be able to find it.

Facebook marketplace isn't too bad about scams since you can see a person's profile before meeting them but it still isn't perfect. I would say it is much better than Craigslist in terms of safety.

3. Lawn Site Marketplace

If you have been in the lawn care industry for any amount of time you have probably heard of LawnSite. This is a longtime trusted forum for everything related to lawn care. The members will respond to you quickly with their experience.

lawn site marketplace

The forum is also great for purchasing used lawn mowers. Most of these will be commercial mowers and other equipment. If you are a homeowner looking for a lawn mower you would probably have better luck on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, or Craigslist.

4. OfferUp

OfferUp is another marketplace to sell and buy used items. It is primarily a phone App but there is also a website. Visit the website/app and select your location. After this, you can tap the home and garden category. You can choose any of the available models. Use the search bar to find a particular model.

offerup marketplace

OfferUp is a modern version of Craigslist. You will probably find a better selection and much better user experience on their app. It is a very simple interface that I have grown to really like.

5. Craigslist

If you've used the internet for awhile you have probably used Craigslist at some point. You can use Craigslist to buy both new and used lawn mowers. You can easily find a used lawn mower and meet the seller in person.

To do this, go to Craigslist, click “For Sale” then type in your search term. Something like “zero turn mower” or “push lawn mower” will probably work well.

Overall, Craigslist isn't a terrible way to find a used mower but it can be a little sketchy to some users. There aren't user profiles like on Facebook and OfferUp so the site has many more scams. Beware of these and never pay for something before seeing it in person.

6. Local Dealer

Don't for get about your local dealer! You can usually talk to your local dealer if you want a used lawn mower. They usually have some used equipment for sale or can use their networks to find a used lawn mower of your choice.

If you aren't sure who your local dealer is I would recommend using Google to find one close to you. You can do this by searching “lawn mower dealer” + “your city” in Google.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Used Lawn Mower

You will have to consider a few factors while purchasing used lawn mowers. The condition and the price of the lawn mower are key considerations. Let’s cover more details.

The Overall Condition

You will have to check the overall condition of the lawn mower. Even if it is looking fine, you will have to check all the parts that include wheels, handles, engine, and working condition.

Make sure you start the mower to make sure that it is in running condition. If it doesn't start or struggles to start, do NOT buy it. If you are buying a mower with a transmission or self propelled you will want to make sure it drives well. Listen for any weird sounds or jerky movements while driving it.

Overall, make sure you test whichever mower you want to buy and confirm it is in good, working condition.

The Engine

You should go with popular and branded engines. By doing so, you can avoid replacement costs in the future. The leading brands are repairable, and that will minimize the replacement expenses. These brands include Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, and Kawasaki.

There are many mower brands that will have an engine branded as their own. An example is if a Craftsman or Toro mower had an engine branded as Craftsman or Toro. These engines are usually made in China and not of the highest quality.

Unless you are buying a very cheap mower I would stay away from these type of engines.

The Seller

When it comes to the seller, you will have to choose a reliable and reputed name. Many of the marketplaces above will have ratings and reviews for the sellers. Make sure you pay attention to these and only choose to buy from a seller with a good rating.

If anything seems weird during your transaction I wouldn't go thru with it. Usually when buy used things online, if it seems suspicious, it usually is.


You should narrow down your choice depending on your budget. You are going to spend less on used lawn mowers. The price will vary depending on the features and models.

The best way to tell if you're getting a good deal is looking at the price of a new mower and then factoring in the age and condition of the used one. Keep in mind that lawn mowers are much like cars, but worse, when it comes to depreciating.

Things to Check When Purchasing a Used Lawn Mower

  • Oil: Check the oil to make sure that it is fresh and clean. If it is old or very dark do NOT buy the mower. You only want to buy a used mower that has been well maintained.
  • Air Filter: The air filter should not be dirty. This can indicate that the mower was not maintained well.
  • Blades: Check the blades for any chips or bends. If there are major bends in any of the blades it could indicate they have hit something very hard with the mower. This adds a lot of stress to the spindle and could even crack them.

Wrapping It Up

Now you are armed with all the information to buy a used mower. Make sure you always check the overall condition of a used lawn mower to get a lasting result.

What do you think?

Have you purchased a used mower before? Where did you buy it from and how was your experience? Leave us a comment below!

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