Best Zero Turn Mower Under $3000

Are you looking for a zero turn mower to keep your grass clean and tidy? Zero turn mowers may be expensive, but they are worth the price as a mower will save your time if you have a pretty big lawn. Zero turn mowers are so convenient to use that one doesn't feel like doing any work while using it. You will be excited to know that you will find some best zero turn mowers under $3000 in this article.

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SpecCub Cadet ZT1Toro SS4200Husqvarna Z254Ariens IKON EdgeBad Boy MZ MagnumTroy-Bilt V42John Deere Z345M
Cut Width42″, 46″, 50″, 54″42″54″34″, 42″, or 52″48″ or 54″42″42″
EngineKawasaki, Kohler, cub cadetToroB & SKohler, B&S, or KawasakiKohler or KawasakiTroy-BiltIntek
Drive SystemHydro-Gear EZTHydro-Gear EZTHydro-Gear EZTHydro-Gear EZTHydro-Gear EZTHydro-Gear EZTHydro-Gear EZT
Speed7 mph7 mph6.5 mph6 mph6 mph7 mph7 mph
Fuel Capacity3.5 gal.3 gal.3.5 gal.2 gal.5 gal.3.5 gal2.1 gal.
Warranty3-year residential3-year residential3-year residential2-year or 150 hours4-year residential3-year warranty2-year or 120 hours
Price$2,699 – $3,099$2,699$2,799$2,399 – $2,899$3,399 – $3,999$2,599$2,799

1.Cub Cadet ZT1

This Cub Cadet ZT1 mower is best known for its ability to move on hills and combating obstacles. For the ease in maintenance, it was made with an open frame and removable floor pan.


  • It has a deck width of 50”.
  • 23 hp twin engine
  • 3.5 gallon capacity of fuel tank
  • Forward and reverse speed of 7 and 3.5 mph respectively.
  • It has brakes which most other mowers lack.

2.Toro SS4200

The Toro SS420 is a solid residential mower for the average size yard. It is powered by a 452 cc engine. It has a steel deck that features 42” cutting width. It has a dual hydrostatic transmission. It provides you with a 18” taller seat making it comfortable working for hours.


  • 3 gallon fuel tank capacity.
  • Dual wrap around leaves as steering control.
  • Cutting width 42”.
  • 29% better bag fill for better productivity.
  • Automatic parking brakes.

3. Husqvarna Z254

The Husqvarna Z254 lawn mower weighs 542 lbs. It has a cutting width of 54 inches. It has a power output of 24 hp. The Z254 has the capacity of tidying up your grass on 2.8 acres per hour.

husqvarna z254 review


  • Its air induction moving technology helps in drawing air from the top and bottom of the deck. This helps in the excellent cutting of the grass.
  • You don't have to worry about its maintenance as it is offering maintenance-free transmission.
  • To provide strength on the mower's leading edge, the stamped cutting deck is provided support with flat-stock steel.
  • Starting the mower is made easy with its ready to start feature. You don't have to provide any input to start the mower.

4. Ariens IKON Edge

It is a 42″ deck made of 11-gauge steel. Edge 42 Kohler is operated by foot. It has a large seat making it comfortable to work for hours. Its cutting width is 42 inches with a maximum cutting height of 4.5 inches.

ariens edge 52 review


  • Foot-operated deck
  • The product weighs 497 lbs.
  • It gives 660 cc displacement.
  • It has a brush that rotates at all angles.
  • It cuts at 7 positions having cutting heights of 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

5. Bad Boy MZ Magnum 54

You will never get such a powerful, best-performing mower at such a great price. It comes with two engine options that are 726 and 725 ccs. It weighs 671 to 696 lbs having an overall height of 46″ or 76″.

bad boy magnum mz reveiew


  • It has a manual lift that is assisted by foot. It also has an optional electric lift.
  • It carries 5 gallons of fuel; unleaded gasoline.
  • It cuts the grass from 1.5″ to 4.5″. Also, it has a deck height control system.
  • MZ magnum has ground speed up to 6 mph.
  • It has a rear storage basket and comes with a hitch kit.

6. Mustang 42 Zero Turn Mower

Mustang 42 works on a powerful 20 hp twin engine. It has a super heavy-duty frame. Mustang 42 helps you mow your lawn in almost no time.

troy-bilt Mustand z42 review


  • It has twin blades with 8 deck positions, electric button control, and side discharge cutting mode.
  • It has an 18″ high-back comfortable seat.
  • It has 7 mph forward, and 2.5 mph reverse speed.
  • It offers a 42″ cutting width.
  • Mustang 42 has a fuel tank of 2.8 gallons capacity.
  • For protection, it has a heavy-duty frame and rear bumper.

7. John Deere Z345R

John Deere Z345R comes with floor mats for extra protection. It has hydrostatic transmission, with a 22 hp twin engine. It has an adjustable seat, making you comfortable in any situation.

john deere ztrack z345r review


  • 7 mph forward speed.
  • Height of the seat is 18 inches with armrests.
  • 42” cutting width.
  • Fuel tank capacity is 2.1 gallon.
  • 12 voltage battery.
  • Single lever for speed control.

Buying Guide

Are you going to buy a zero turn mower but do not know what features to look for? This buying guide will help you by providing five essential features you should look for in a zero turn mower.

Size of the cutting deck

The deck comes in two sizes, wide and narrow. You should keep in mind the place on which you will be using the mower. Wide decks are suitable for open areas, while narrow ones are best if your yard has obstacles like trees and bushes. Choose the deck according to the space you're going to mow on.


A zero turn mower requires a powerful motor to drive it as it has large cutting decks. Small engines will not be able to withstand such high cutting decks. They will burn out quickly or may not perform efficiently.

It is better to buy a mower with an engine of 25 hp; anything less than that will not do the job and will be a waste of time and money.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Hydrostatic transmission mowers are preferred because they use hydraulic fluids. The benefit of this is, mowers do not burn out easily. They withstand the harshest conditions and extended use. Another advantage of hydrostatic transmission models is, they do not require servicing as much as regular models do.

Mowing Speed

Speed of your mower matters if you have a big lawn. A typical zero turn mower runs 3-4 miles per hour. However, some mowers run up to 5-8 mph. It totally depends upon you which one to buy. High-speed mowers definitely cost more than low-speed ones.

Gas Tank Capacity

While running a mower on your lawn, you definitely don't want to stop the mower to refuel it. This is highly inconvenient. It is necessary to buy a mower with a tank capacity that would at least complete one round about your yard without the need of refilling the tank.

Considering this, an 8-gallon tank will be enough to move around a 4-acres yard. A mower with a 10-gallon tank capacity will be needed for a yard of 5 or more acres.

It is also necessary to check if there is any debris in the fuel tank before filling it. Do not store the machine for a long time with fuel in it.


What is the best zero turn mower for the money?

Husqvarna Z254 is what we prefer. It is because this mower is suitable for large lawns and is budget-friendly. Not only that, it is fit for uneven land. It provides you the ease of discarding sliced grass without any mess. Also, it is made up of high-grade steel, which makes it durable.

How to lift a zero turn mower?

A lawn mower can be jacked up using a car jack. For that, you simply have to:

  1. Take the lawnmower to the open space.
  2. Slide the jack underneath the mower.
  3. Lay down to see the jack guard; if there is one, place the hydraulic guard to the guard's center.
  4. Bend the handle of the jack; this way, the mower will lift up. Continue to do so until the mower reaches the desired position.

It is recommended to use a mower lift when lifting a zero turn mower. We have written an extensive review of the best lawn mower lifts.

Do zero turn mowers have brakes?

The direction and speed of the mower are controlled using the steering handle. Therefore, mowers do not have brakes generally.

Is a zero turn mower worth it?

A zero turn mower is worth it if you have a large yard or a landscape. It is best known for the time it saves. Also, they provide excellent performance and last longer.

How to drive a zero turn mower?

To move a zero turn mower, hold the steering and push it forward with equal force from your left and right hand, just like you push a cart. To reverse it, pull the steering towards yourself with equal pressure from your left and right hand. To move left, you need to push harder on the right side. Similarly, to move right, you need to push harder on the left side.

When is the best time to buy a lawnmower?

The best time to purchase a lawnmower is at the end of the mowing season. This is usually at the end of summer. During these times, mowers are on sale, and you can make the most out of it. The months of August and September are best for buying a lawnmower.

Should I get a zero turn mower or a tractor riding mower?

Lawnmowers offer better cutting quality and work faster than a mowing tractor. Also, a zero turn mower offers a better turning radius than a tractor. Zero turn mowers are best for any type of yard.

Which zero turn mower under 3000 has the best warranty?

Husqvarna Z245 is outmatched in terms of warranty as well. It offers 3 years of warranty in case of personal and household use.

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While investing in a zero turn mower, you should keep certain things on your mind. What is the purpose of buying it? Where will you use it? What's your budget and so on. The aforementioned zero turn mowers are all under $3000 for big yards. Select the best one according to your needs, and you are good to go for spending on the best mower for your yard.

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