Best Honda Self Propelled Mowers

Best Honda Self Propelled Mowers [Reviewed] – Buying Guide

One of the most popular lawn mower brands out there, Honda, never fails to make best-in-class equipment when it comes to making life easier for their users. Although, there's a huge range of lawn mowers available in the markets, HRX217k5vka, HRX217VKA, and HRN216VKA are three highly acclaimed and preferred choices for the best Honda Self Propelled Mowers among homeowners and professional landscapers.

Here's a detailed Honda self propelled mower review that takes you through the features of each mower. Plus a thorough comparison between the three. It's all you need to gain a deeper insight into these lawn mowers and decide which variant to go for.


The self-propelled 4-in-1 lawn mower, Honda HRX217K5VKA comes with an incredible performance, while being efficient in plains as well as slightly hilly terrains. The rear-wheel drive of the mower maneuvers the power of a four-stroke Honda GCV190 engine. Plus, the 5-setting automatic transmission makes the mower work as smoothly up and across inclined yards as it does on flat lawns.

Best Honda Self Propelled Mowers differences

The HRX217K5VKA model come with a GVC190 engine, while the HRN216VKA has a GCV170 engine. The HRX217VKA model, however, has a GVC200 engine. These mowers come with Select Drive lets you rotate a speed dial and adjust the speed to your pace of walking, going up to 4 miles per hour. 

Honda HRN216VKA features GVC170 engine that is not only fuel-efficient and powerful, but also easy-starting. These engines are well-known for years of reliable performance. The mower starts up electrically with a self-charging battery. It comes with an easily adjustable Smart Drive to choose the speeds by rotating the control and altering between 5 different positions. The variable speeds range from 0 to 4 mph.

Honda hrr216vla engine


Some of the chief features that make HRX217k5CKA, HRX217VKA, and HRN216VKA stand out from other similar lawn mowers out there is a twin-blade MicroCut system, their self-propelled nature, and variable speed function. The electric starting, engines with an auto-choke system, and clip directors with variable positions are more than remarkable.

While the hrx models come with 4-in-1 Versamow systems with clip director and strong Nexite decks, the hrr216vla sports a 3-in-1 system to offer various grass cutting options, while coming with a steel deck that makes it stand out from the rest.


Whether using the electric or pull options, each of the three mowers is easy to start as well as almost effortless to assemble. The fact that these mowers are self-propelled, makes them convenient for the young and old alike. In fact, those with arthritic conditions won't have any trouble in operating these mowers.

Honda Lawn Mower Comfort

The variable drive system on the HRX217k5vka, HRX217VKA as well as HRN216VKA makes controlling speeds oh so comfortable, operating it with your thumb in the middle of the handlebar. Even the thumb controls are adjustable to different angles to suit different hand sizes and pushing styles. 

The handle on the hrx217k5vka is perfect for users over 6 feet. But they can also be easily adjusted to 3 different positions to suit the user's height.

All the three variants feature an easy fold quick release handle with a quick-release connection at the base. This lets the users fold it down to move or store with ease. 

Cut Quality

The twin-blade microcut system on the three lawn mowers makes them highly efficient, resulting an extraordinary cutting quality.

Honda HRX217k5vka power

The hrx217k5vka comes with one single lever to raise or lower the cutting heights, wherein each wheel gets an aggravatingly small individual lever. But, this hardly disturbs the all-round performance of the mower. With HRX217VKA, you can oscillate between seven cutting heights, ranging from three-fourths of an inch to 4 inches.

Both the HRX models are equipped with the 4-in-1 Versamow System that allows you to choose from mulching, discharging, bagging, or shredding the leaves. It even lets you go for a combination of mulching and bagging. The system allows you to adjust the clip director to 10 different positions to mulch some of the grass, while bagging some. 

Speaking of HRN216VKA, you can change between 7 cutting heights, ranging from one inch to 4 inches to suit your lawn conditions. The 3-in-1 Slide the Clip director can switch between mulching, bagging or discharging with a single touch. 

The HRN model comes with a 1.9 bushel grass bag that's easy to empty and saves a lot of time, while the HRX variants come with a 2.5 bushel bag. 

Build Quality

Weighing approximately 90 pound, the hrr216vla variant weighs slightly less than the hrx models that go for about 96 pound each.

The heavy duty moving deck on the hrr216vla is highly rugged and rust-free, thereby making it super strong, while the Nexite deck on the hrx models proves to be equally efficient in terms of the build quality.

The large clipping collectors on the three mowers can store loads of highly mulched grass, saving a great deal of time for the user in changing it out too often if choosing to bag.


In an instant, one can figure out that all the three variants discussed here are not only sturdy, but also equally pleasing in their designs. The walk-behind lawn mowers are just right for homeowners with medium to large gardens.

On top of the functionality, each of the mowers are compact in terms of their design, featuring rightly sized storage equipment behind them.

Best Honda Self Propelled Mowers


There's no doubt in the fact that Honda’s designs and performance make sure your lawn gets years of incredible manicuring. While the HRX models are extremely impact-resistant and durable with their 21-inch Nexite deck, the hrr216vla proves to be very durable and smooth with its large 8 inch wheels with rear ball bearings. 


The HRN216VKA is equipped with an efficient flywheel brake safety system that rapidly stops the engines and blades from releasing the handle. Plus, the fuel valve shuts off when the user needs to store, move or perform any maintenance. The hrx217k5vka comes with an amazing instant emergency shutoff.


Honda Self Propelled Mowers features

– The most significant difference between the three mowers is the engines. The HRX217K5VKA mowers feature Honda’s GCV190 engine while the HRX217VKA features a GCV200 engine Versamow system, and the HRN216VKA variant comes with GCV170. A 5 millimeter wider bore makes the GCV190 stand out, leading to an extra 30cc and 1 horsepower. However, the 2 engines are nearly identical and perform extremely well.

– Speaking of the material of the cutting deck, all the mowers come with mowing decks that are 21” in diameter. Both HRX models feature “Nexite” composite which is stronger against corrosions, dents or rust.

– The HRN coming with Smart Drive Speed Control differentiates it from Select Drive on the two HRX models that control hydro-static transmission on the mower, which is a bit advantageous. However, it definitely isn't a deal-breaker for most users.

– The Nexite deck comes with a lifetime warranty, along with a 5-year warranty for HRX217k5VKA and HRX217VKA. In the case of HRN216VKA, you can rest easy with a mower warranty for 3 full years.


Taking a close look at the best Honda self-propelled mowers review and each of the features of the three super-efficient lawn mowers, it won't be an overstatement that all these Honda lawn mowers, i.e. HRX217VKA, HRX217k5VKA, and HRN216VKA come with amazingly powerful engines, superior cut qualities, comfort levels that can make them stand out from the rest, as well as the ability to last for years and years.

The self-charging lawn mowers come with Honda's great engines that are certified to meet 50-state EPA and CARB emission levels, while being highly user-friendly in terms of their design, functionality and maintenance. Although, the mowers may differ from each other slightly, the performances are all-in-all, the same.

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