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Wright Stander B Review

Wright has done it again with the new Wright Stander B. They have created a new category in the stand on mower market. The Stander B is an entry level commercial stand on mower.

So, who is this mower for? If you're in need of a smaller deck, but only need one for a few yards the 32″ or 36″ model could be for you. If you are mowing a couple days a week or a part time landscaper the 48″ or 52″ models may be for you.

These mowers are not made for everyday, all day use. However, they still appear to be well built machines. Engine, transaxles, and deck build are all entry-mid level commercial grade.

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We don't have a mower to compare the Stander B to. Wright has somewhat made a new category for stand ons with this mower. No other company has really made an entry level commercial type of stand on mower yet.

Let's be clear that this is not intended to be a full blown commercial mower so we will not treat it as one. It is more comparable to most competitors mid-level zero turn mowers.


The Wright Stander B mower has a Kawasaki 18.5 HP FS600E (32″ and 36″ models) or 22 HP FS651E (48″ and 52″ models) engine. These engine options are a step below the FX and FT Kawasaki engines. They are still adequate power for this machine.

The Stander B features the Hydro-Gear ZT3100 transaxles that allows the mower to move at speeds up to 7 miles per hour forward and 3 miles per hour in reverse.


The Wright Stander B mower comes equipped with several features to improve your experience. One of the most functional features it has is a floating deck design. This means you can easily choose the length you want to cut your grass at.

The mower includes an easy-access service area, a rubber chute that guides grass clippings away from you, and a storage container that can hold your phone, a water bottle, or any other items that you may need to store.

Other Features:

  • 32″, 36″, 48″, or 52″ 7 or 11 Gauge floating Aero Core deck
  • 2in to 5in cut Height with easy hand adjustment
  • Aluminum Spindles
  • 20in rear tire diameter
  • Electric start
  • 5 gallon fuel tank
  • 7 MPH forward and 3 MPH reverse

Cut Quality

This mower comes equipped with the Aero Core deck that Wright is known for and on most mowers throughout their lineup.

It has durable metal blades that provide sharp, straight, even cuts at multiple height levels (two to five inches.) Depending on the model you purchase, the blades can be either 16.5 inches long or 18 inches long.

Finally, the mower is equipped with a quick cut system that will allow you to quickly change the height of cut. Overall, this is mower provides a quality cut for well maintained areas.


This mower is made from quality metal and other materials such as rubber that will hold up against regular wear and tear for a lawnmower.

It is meant to last over a more extended period of time with reasonable use. If this mower is used as it's supposed to it will hold up for a long time. It could be another story if you plan to use this mower full time.


This mower allows you to stand comfortably as you move around a lawn. This mower has decent foot room, a nice padding, and Wright typical steering capabilities to make mowing your lawn as comfortable as possible.

These are smaller than a typical stand on mower so the platform may be a little small for some operators. Our thought is the mower probably won't be used for extended periods of time so this won't be much of a problem.


The main body of the mower is a bright yellow with black details. The pairing of colors is very complimentary of each other, but some people may not enjoy the bright yellow color.

The design is sleek and classic. It is the regular Wright type of look. The unit is very compact and actually looks pretty small in person.


This mower comes with several features to increase safety. All of the safety features are pretty standard across the industry and the same throughout the Wright lineup.

Stand ons in general are pretty safe machines as they are easy to step off if need be. This mower is no different, it is an easy mower to control and remain safe on.

Our Rating

Performance:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Cut Quality:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Durability:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)
Comfort:3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)
Price:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Overall:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)


The Wright Stander B mower comes in four different models that vary in price from $6,500 to $6,800. Their starter fleet pricing ranges from $5,720 to $5,984. This mower in the mid $5,000 range is a great price point and easily $2-3,000 less than almost every other stand on in the industry.

This does come with a little less mower than more expensive stand on mowers in the industry but it's a bit of a specialty mower. It is a value mower at a great price point for certain

Wrapping It Up

The Wright Stander B is an excellent option for a back up, specialty, or part time stand on mower. It is durable, good quality, and less expensive than other stand ons.

We think this may be a new trendstarter for the commercial mower industry. If this mower has success we anticipate that other manufactures will follow suit to this entry commercial stand on mower.

What Do You Think?

Have you used this mower? What are your thoughts? If you haven't, what are your thoughts on an entry level commercial stand on unit? We think there may be some great applications for it. Let's hear your thoughts in the comments!

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2 Replies to “Wright Stander B Review

  1. I have a 52″ Wright Stander x, With a little over 200 hours it smokes with what I am assuming is a bad head gasket. The vibration from the engine has caused bolts holding the muffler to loosen and fall out. The service after the sale is at the least horrible to nonexistent. I’ve been on the repair waiting list for 2 months now. Regretting my purchase.

  2. Gas tank isn’t big enough and clumsy way to fill tank. Have to always keep an eye out on how much gas is in tank which is hard to see.

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