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How To Mow A Lawn Professionally?

Having a lawn in your backyard or in front of your house can be an excellent addition to outdoor aesthetic. As much as having a lawn can be beneficial for the environment, exterior beauty and for outdoor entertainment and living, it must be maintained properly. A properly maintained lawn looks great and one of the integral parts of lawn maintenance is mowing.

You need to mow your lawn frequently to maintains its health and prevent weeds. But the main question is – how to mow the lawn professionally and efficiently?

Steps to mow the lawn professionally

If you want to mow the lawn on your own and want a professional result, you are at the right place. Here are the essential steps that you have to follow in order to mow your lawn in the most effective way:

Step 1: Setup the lawnmower

The first thing that you have to do is to ensure that the lawnmower is properly set up. Based on the types of grass you have in your lawn, you can determine the height to cut. You have to set up the lawnmower to its correct height so that you can get the right height of your grass in the lawn after you cut it. If you are picky about the height, you can research more about the height that can be perfect for your lawn.

Step 2: Determine the cutting style

How To Mow A Lawn Professionally - cutting the grass

There are different styles of cutting your grass. Whether you want horizontal stripes or vertical ones, it is completely your choice. You need to first determine which style is ideal for you. This is what makes a zero turn mower so great. It is much easier to stripe a lawn when you can make zero turns. This can still be accomplished with a riding mower but it is much slower. It is better to mow in a circle with a riding mower.

The above patterns are the difference between back and forth mowing and circular mowing. The mowing pattern on the left is the one easiest to do with the zero turn mower. This also produces great stripes that most people are looking for.

Step 3: Clean the lawn properly

Before you start the mowing, it is important to clean the lawn properly. Remove any debris that is in your lawn. Presence of the debris not only disrupts the mowing but it can also damage the lawn mower. Cleaning the lawn completely will give you clear lawn for seamless mowing.

This will include removing all things like pine cones, dog toys, sticks, etc. This can make a mess in your yard and it's much more difficult to clean up after a mower has been over it.

Step 4: Alternate the directions while mowing

When you are mowing your lawn, make sure to go back and forth after 2 passes in any direction. You must alternate the mowing direction every time you mow the lawn as this is very important. If you don’t follow this step, then you can cause extreme damages and wears to your lawn.

No one wants to have ruts or other indentions in their lawns from mowing the same direction every time. If this happens, it is very difficult and expensive to fix.

Step 5: Clean up after mowing

Once the mowing is completely done, you have to clean up the lawn again. This will ensure that any grasses that you have cut are not lying here and there. Cleaning the lawn after mowing gives the final touch and it will look professionally done.

How To Mow A Lawn Professionally - clean lawn

Tips for mowing the lawn professionally

Mowing your lawn is not as easy as you may think. It needs regular practice to master the art in the right way. But here are some great tips that can be extremely helpful for you:

  • You must maintain a constant speed of the mower when you are mowing the grass as this will achieve better cut
  • Try to maintain a steady speed while mowing and don’t go too fast as you can skip some of the area or even run into something
  • Don’t cut the grass too short and try to keep them at least 3 inches i.e. 8 cm tall as that is the standard size and it looks good
  • Mow the lawn early in the morning before it is too hot to be outside but make sure that the morning dew has dried off
  • Don’t mow while you are in hurry but take your time to mow it properly. Otherwise you will likely to miss out some parts or do it wrong
How To Mow A Lawn Professionally - mowing weeds

Wrapping It Up

These steps and some of these tips can help you to mow your law in the best possible way. If you are mowing the lawn for the first time, you may not get a professional result in the first try. But don’t worry as regular mowing can help you to improve your skills.

If you want the best outcome, it is always better to contact a professional law mowing service as they are experts with years of experience. They can definitely provide you with the best result.

What Do You Think?

I hope you learned a thing or two on how to mow a lawn professionally! Use these tips for your lawn care business.

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