honda snow blower review

Honda Snow Blower Reviews

If you are looking for the right Honda snow blower that meets your specific needs and requirements, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will review three different series of Honda's snow blower line up.

Honda Snow Blower Line up

The Honda snow blower lineup comprises three different series, including HS, HSS, and HSM. Each of the models in each series has a different set of features that we will take a look at.

The HS series is a single-stage snow blower and the smallest offered by Honda. It is suitable for homes because it is smaller in size with snow removing capacity of around 1800 lbs. per minute. 

The HSS series has a powerful engine and is definitely a top tier snow blower. It has all the bells and whistles needed for residential and commercial snow blowing.

Finally, the HSM is a two-stage workhorse and could meet both commercial and domestic users' needs. It packs a punch and has a snow blowing capacity of 3000 lbs. per minute and is a hybrid version.

Let's take a more in-depth look into each of these great snow blowers.

EngineHonda GC190Honda GX270Honda iGX390
TransmissionManual, auger-assistedhydrostatic, Infinitely variableElectric, infinitely variable
Max Discharge Distance33 ft52 ft62 ft
Max Discharge Capacity1800 lb./min1900 lb./min3000 lb./min
Fuel Capacity.29 gal.1.3 gal.1.51 gal.
Electric starterElectric/RecoilElectric/RecoilElectric/Recoil
Warranty2-year residential; 3 months commercial3-year residential and commercial3-year residential and commercial
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Honda HS Series

The HS series snow blower is a 20″, single-stage snow blower. It is a high-end piece of equipment for a single-stage machine. This snow blower packs enough power for most jobs and is fuel-efficient. 

There are three models within the Honda HS series. This includes HS720AM, HS720AA, and HS720AS. There is only a slight difference between each of the models. Still, some of the additional features are well worth the investment.

honda hs720 snow blower

The Honda HS series is a good value for money purchase for most homeowner's snow blowing needs. Here are some essential features that are worth mention:


  • Easy to start with a powerful engine that is also fuel-efficient
  • Auger-assisted drive
  • It comes with a powerful 4 stroke engine—no mixing of oil and gas.
  • High snow removing capacity of around 1800 lb. per minute.
  • Throws snow up to 33 feet.
  • Built from a rigid material to withstand demanding weather conditions.
  • Offers a reasonably large clearing width of around 20 feet and a height of 12 feet.
  • Easy transportation is possible because of large-sized wheels.
  • Easy to use with controls with an on and off switch that is operator friendly.
  • Large-sized tank cap that is glove-friendly
  • Not too difficult to maintain
  • Easily maneuverable and lightweight
  • Also has a unique auto decompression that helps in easy starting of the snow blower during winters.


The HS series snow blower features the Honda GC 190 engine. This is a well known and tested engine that has proven to hold up well in residential applications. This engine should have plenty of power for most light to medium-duty jobs.

This engine has a recoil starting system on the HS720AM and HS720AA. If you want an electric start feature, you will need to upgrade to the HS720AS. We feel the electric start feature should be offered on every model as it is relatively standard across the industry.

This snow blower does not have a drivetrain of any kind. The auger does, however, assist in propelling the machine forward. It definitely isn't as good as a hydrostatic transmission, but this snow blower was easy to maneuver because it's lightweight.


The machines are reasonably powerful and are capable of throwing snow up to a distance of 33 feet. It also can handle around 1800 lbs. of snow per second, and this is compared to some of the best in the industry.

It is quite powerful and can be used for clearing snow on roads, homes, gardens, and backyards.

It is also reasonably good with wet snow and has been known to lift snow right from the pavement's bottom.

honda hs720 review


This is a crucial point to be kept in mind when choosing any snow blower. The body of the machine is made from high-quality metal that is resistant to rust and corrosion. 

Many reviews talk positively about the durability of this model of the snow blower. If it is adequately maintained, you can expect a life span of around 15 to 20 years. On the whole, the Honda HS series will give you good value for the money.


The HS snow blower is a reasonably comfortable machine to use. It is a relatively light machine that is easy to maneuver through snow. The remote chute rotation on the HS720AA and HS720AS is a great feature that definitely adds to the comfort of operating this snow blower. 

Overall, for a smaller single-stage snow blower, these are comfortable and easy to use snow blowers. They will definitely get the job done and not leave you exhausted.


The snow blower comes in a red finish, and the overall looks are quite impressive. It has been designed keeping in mind aesthetics and ease of use. For residential grade snow blowers, they have a tough and durable look. Especially compared to others in the industry.


Honda HSS Series

This powerful snow blowing machine that comes packed with several features and functionalities. It is the first step into Honda's commercial snow blowers. These machines are made for moving a lot of snow and quickly.

The HSS series has two subsections within it. For each model, there is an AT/ATD and AW/AWD. The only difference between these two is the AT/ATD has a track drive, and the AW/AWD has a wheel drive. 

Most would say the wheel drive models are a bit easy to turn and maneuver around obstacles. The track drive will be better at keeping traction in various terrains such as slopes, rough, or uneven ground.

You may be wondering about the difference between AT and ATD or AW and AWD. The only difference is if it has a “D,” it will have an electric start. Otherwise, it will only be a recoil start engine.

Honda HSS928 review

Below we will dive into a bit more of the specifics of each machine.


  • Starts quickly because of the powerful GX Engine of Honda.
  • Dependable electric start (only ATD and AWD models). Does not require plug in.
  • Has one of the most powerful throwing distances of around 49 feet.
  • Clearing capacity of 1500 lb/min (24″ model), 1900 lb/min (28″ model), and 2750 lb/min (32″ model)
  • Available in 24″, 28″, and 32″ clearing width
  • It runs on traction drive technology. This ensures a solid grip even when the surfaces or snowy and icy.
  • It also has a variable height control facility. This helps quite a bit in improving the clearing ability of many notches.
  • HSS series also offers hydrostatic drive options. This ensures that the users will be able to pick the right speed. All this can be done with the help of a single lever control.
  • Adjusting and showing distance and direction is easy, thanks to the unique electric joystick.
  • It is possible to control the vehicle even when the engine is off. This is possible because of the unique fingertip steering.
  • Ice-breaking capability
  • Controls are user-friendly and convenient.
  • Pneumatic gas strut
  • Versatile auger protection system.
  • 3-year commercial warranty


There are three different Honda engine options for the HSS series snow blowers. The HSS724 machine features a Honda GX200 engine. The HSS928 is equipped with the Honda GX270. Finally, the HSS1332 has a Honda GX390 on it. You can the breakdown of this below.

EngineHonda GX200Honda GX270Honda GX390
Fuel Capacity.82 gal1.3 gal1.5 gal

The HSS snow blower has an infinitely variable hydrostatic transmission. These are remarkably smooth compared to other snow blowers in the industry. Many reviews stand behind these machines in terms are how they drive and handle. 

These snow blowers are large, durable machines. You will immediately feel the power of the engine and transmission when you use this snow blower. They have a ton of energy.

This is recoil start on ever HSS snowblower. The ATD and AWD also have an electric start for the engine. This can be very convenient for getting the snow blower started.


It is an extremely powerful snow blower with a throwing strength of an impressive 49 feet.

Further, you will be impressed by its capacity to handle around 1500 – 2750 lbs. of snow per minute, depending on the model. This, again, is considered to be one of the most powerful machines in its category.

Auger overload protection systems help to prevent overloading, and this could lead to improved performance.

It can dig deep into snow and ice, and the robust and stable tires help make this possible.

honda hs724 review


This is an extremely durable snow blower. It comes with a dry weight of 231 lbs. to 298 lbs. depending on the model. If you can maintain the machine properly, it can be good enough for at least two decades. It also comes with a 3 year residential and commercial warranty.

Many reviews stand behind the durability of this snow blower. They are proven to hold up and last a very long time. These are even made to hold up in commercial settings.


There are a few things that are worth mentioning as far as comfort-related aspects are concerned. Whether it is the fingertip steering or electric joystick control, or the other ergonomic designed control systems, it certainly is comfortable in more ways than one.

These snow blowers are very comfortable to operate. They don't have tons are bells and whistles. They simply have the necessities to increase comfort, but it is an absolute workhouse… that's what really matters.


The snow blower's design and overall appearance look quite impressive, and it will be an excellent addition to your home or commercial fleet. It has been ergonomically designed and looks very sleek.


Honda HSM Series 

If you want to buy arguably one of the best snow blowers on the market, this is the machine. This snow blower features modern hybrid technology, tons of power, and amazing controlling. This model HSM1336i is packed with several new features and we are listing down the most important ones over the next few lines.

Honda HSM1336i review


  • Hybrid technology ensures smoother go and more powerful throw.
  • Honda iGX390 Engine
  • Capable of a massive clearing of up to 3000 lb. per minute.
  • You can choose between automatic, semi-automatic, or manual modes of operation.
  • Auger housing combined with power tilt and powerlifting.
  • Works seamlessly and will not clog even if the snow is heavy.
  • You can control the snow throwing more efficiently.
  • The auger and impeller can be operated quite easily.
  • Easy to operate with some of the best on-board diagnostics.
  • Track drive ensures high-quality traction and safety, even in thick snow and ice.
  • Capable of breaking thick ice and deeply embedded snow
  • Reliable electric start
  • Fantastic clearing width of 36 inches and has a 22.6-inch clearing height.


The HSM1336i is equipped with the Honda iGX390 engine. This engine is intelligent and very powerful. This engine is plenty big enough because it is only powering the auger and impeller on this snow blower. 

The Honda HSM snow blower has an electric drive mechanism. That is correct; the track drive system of this machine is powered electrically. This allows the snow blower to not only save fuel but proven an incredibly smooth operation.

We tested this snow blower, and it was truly incredible. It handles so well… we was actually very surprised by this.


This snow blower can handle 3000 lbs. of snow per minute, making it one of the most powerful machines on the market.

It has a discharge distance of 62 feet. This snow blower really throws snow a long way.

Capable of handling thickened and toughened ice, and it literally cuts through it.


It comes with a 3-year warranty both for commercial as well as residential use. Therefore, you can be sure that it will be a highly durable snow blower. If you can ensure proper and regular maintenance, you can be sure that it will be a part of your home or workplace or factor for at least 20 years if not more.

This is a relatively new technology, but it still has excellent reviews so far in durability. There doesn't seem to be many issues with this snow blower. 


The comfort of this snow blower is excellent. It has smooth operations and all the little features that will make easy work of moving snow. The biggest thing when looking at the comfort of this snow blower is definitely the electric drivetrain. It really makes this snow blower great.


True to the manufacturer's tradition, we are quite impressed with the overall aesthetics, appearance, dimensions, and weight. It comes with a dry weight of around 540 lbs. and has a total size of 69.3 x 36.2 x 52.8 inches.

It is a tremendous looking snow blower with a sleek, modern style design. The track system also gives the machine a tough look.


Check price at Honda's website and find your local dealer here.

Which is The Best?

We are sure that each of the above three models of Snow Blowers is unique in their own ways. However, we would easily say that the HS720AS is the clear winner among the HS series. Within the HSS series, we think the HSS724AWD is the best overall value. 

Overall, it will depend a little on your intended use. If you are a homeowner with a reasonably small driveway, I would go with the HS series. If you are a commercial person or have a huge driveway and sidewalks, you may want to step up to the HSS series. 

When choosing a snow blower, you must take the time to choose the best snow blower for your specific situation. There is nothing worse than having an underpowered blower when you have a lot of work to be done.

Wrapping it up

The Honda snow blower lineup from top to bottom is definitely one of the best in the industry. Of course, they are known for their great small engines, but their end products are also quality. 

They stand behind their products, and their warranties back this up. These snow blowers will be a great choice as long as you have an excellent servicing dealer near you. 

What do you think?

Have you used a Honda snow blower? Let us know in the comments which one you have and how you like it!

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  1. I have the HS928 with power shoot. Best at everything BUT don’t buy one. The skids are pathetic and they don’t care. They catch and will take you off your feet. After years of adjusting and trying to overcome this problem it is no better. Unless you have a narrow flat smooth driveway DON’t buy this machine. It will hurt you. If your driveway is like described here, you don’t need this machine. Honda designed the perfect snow blower accept it is dangerous and not worth the risk. You would think after the years their engineers would come up with better skids. Well you can buy them in after market sales but why buy after you have already doubled the price of many other snow blowers just to buy this thing.

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