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Greenworks Stand On Mower Review

Greenworks Commercial was founded 20 years ago by the design engineer, Yin Chen, a Chinese businessman with his US headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina.

The company employs more than 5,000 people around the world, over 400 of whom are engineers. Over 200 of these employees are located in the USA. They have become the leader in battery-powered outdoor equipment.

A Greenworks Stand on mower review would not be complete without mentioning the company’s innovative product offering.

There is now a range of hand-held, walk-behind, and ride-on equipment for both commercial landscapers and DIY home garden users.

Greenworks Stand on Summary

Greenworks carry a range of electrically powered stand-on zero-turn mowers as well as push- and self-propelled lawn mowers. These are powered by their innovative 82-volt engine with 82-volt lithium-ion battery packs offering up to 5 hours of continuous run time.

The range consists of both 48-inch and 52-inch machines that provide cuts of 10, 12, and 14 acres per charge.

Each blade has its own electric motor, which means there’s no lag time. In heavier grass, it doesn’t get bogged down.

There are also two motors providing power to each drive wheel for a total of five motors on the unit.

The deck is clean so grass cuttings blow off and the welds are nicely gusseted, providing strong attachment points. The frame is made of square tubing with a high-quality painted finish that withstands wear and tears very well.

A nice touch is the front-end protected grease zerks with little round pockets that prevent them from being damaged.

The mowers come with Turf Master tires. These wheels provide the mower with plenty of grips.

The operators' comfort has been well accommodated with a vinyl-covered thigh pad providing good lateral support. The switches are large, well-positioned, and easy to access and the LCD provides excellent visual feedback on battery usage and consumption, speed, and how many hours there are on the unit.

Low-speed operation is excellent with no lag, even when negotiating heavier growth.

The low sound volume is one of the most noticeable features when operating electric mowers. In areas that have noise limits, these stand-on mowers allow you to start work earlier and avoid the problems associated with operating machinery that is normally very noisy.

Additionally, there are no exhaust smells to annoy the neighbors.

Maintenance is reduced, as there are no belts to change, no messy oil changes nor the cost of replacing spark plugs.

Charging is easy and hooking the mower up to the mains supply is easy with the standard electrical cord and fitting provided.

The mowers are very responsive to operator inputs, making maneuvering a real pleasure. This also means that the time taken to complete jobs is shorter.

Well-located attachment points make securing the mower a pleasure and make moving the equipment from one side to the other much easier.

Greenworks Stand On Comparison Table

SpecsGZ 48”/52”PZ 48”/52”H2 CZ 48”/52”
Deck48″ or 52″48″ or 52″
Acres on a single charge10 acres12 acres14 acres
Warranty 5 Years / 2,000 Hours 5 Years / 2,000 Hours 5 Years / 2,000 Hours

The Stand on Mower Line-up

GZ48S 82-Volt 48″ Stand-On Zero-Turn Mower

Greenworks Stand On Mower Review - gz48s

The GZ48S has a fabricated steel deck constructed of 8-gauge for both the top and sides with 8-gauge motor reinforcement. The 1/2″ steel leading edge contributes to a solid, long-lasting deck.

It’s important that the operator receives real-time feedback. This is accomplished with digital dash controls that are easily accessible and provide a high level of functionality.

To reduce operator fatigue, an ergonomically designed thigh pad and body cushion provide excellent support.

The mower has 17 cutting positions that allow the operator to effectively adjust the blade height for all types of terrain.

An 82V 13.8kw battery and 15A charger ensure that the recharge times are kept to a minimum.

GZ52S 82-Volt 52″ Stand-On Zero-Turn Mower

Greenworks Stand On Mower Review - gz52s

The GZ52S has a slightly wider cutting width at 52-inches.

It also has a fabricated steel deck made up of an 8-gauge top and sides with 8-gauge motor reinforcement and a 1/2″ steel leading edge.

Operators will enjoy the ergonomically designed seating with excellent lateral support.

The controls are easy to access and operators get to enjoy detailed feedback in real-time.

The GZ52S has 18 different cutting positions for just about every type of ground cover and terrain.

The 1500 watt, 15A charger feeds the 82-volt lithium-ion battery which provides power to the 13.8kw motor.

PZ 48S 48” Professional Stand-On Zero-Turn Mower

PZ stand on 48

Manufactured to the same exacting standard, the PZ48S has a 4-inch cutting width. It is designed to cut up to 12 acres per charge.

It boasts an 8-gauge fabricated steel deck and comes with an electric take-off for both powered and non-powered attachments.

Both the lithium-ion battery and the mower have a 5-year or 2,000-hour warranty.

PZ 52S 52” Professional Stand-On Zero-Turn Mower

Greenworks Stand On Mower Review - PZ52s

The PZ52S is designed to cut up to 12 acres per charge and has a fabricated steel deck of 8-gauge steel.

It comes with a 5-year or 2,000-hour warranty.

H3 CZ 48S 82-Volt 48″ Commercial Stand-On Zero Turn Mower

H2 CZ 48

The CZ48S can clear 14 acres on a single charge, which takes about 9½ using the 22-amp charger. Should you use the 80 amp fast-charger, then recharging is completed in a little over 2½ hours.

The machine boasts a 48-inch cutting width facilitated by a 3-blade direct-drive mowing deck. The deck is fabricated from 8-gauge steel for both strength and durability.

Owners get to enjoy a 5-year or 2,000-hour warranty that covers the mower and the battery.

CZ 52S 82-Volt 52″ Commercial Stand-On Zero Turn Mower

Greenworks CZ52s

The CZ52S is fitted with a 16kWh battery which allows the operator to clear up to 14 acres on a single charge.

Charging takes a little over 2½ hours when using the 80-amp fast charger or 9½ hours on the 22-amp charger.

The 3-blade direct-drive mowing deck provides a 52-inch cutting width and is constructed of 8-gauge steel.

A 5-year or 2,000-hour warranty comes standard for both the battery and mower.

Key Features and Specifications

Battery Life

The main feature of these lawn mowers is their 82-volt lithium-ion battery. It provides around 6 hours of continuous use, which is more than enough for both commercial and home DIY use.

Noise Levels

The stand-on mowers come with two 1.5Kw motors for the drive wheels and three 1.5Kw brushless blade motors. That keeps noise levels to an absolute minimum of <92dB.


With 5 direct-drive motors, the Greenworks stand-on mowers do not require belt changes, engine maintenance, oil changes or replace spark plugs. These provide significant ongoing cost savings.


The 8mph maximum forward speed means you don’t waste time moving around locations while at the job site. This cuts down on completion times.

As for blade speed, it's adjustable, with an eco-mode that reduces the normal operating blade speed to maximize battery life.

GZ 48”/52” Stand on mower

48” =

52” =

The mowers are constructed with an 8-gauge fabricated deck with a ½-inch leading edge. The operator has digital dashboard controls for real-time feedback. The ergonomic thigh and body pad provide operators with comfort and support for greater safety, productivity, and comfort.

You can expect an 82V Lithium-ion, 13.8kw Battery with a 15A, 1500 Watt charger.

The mower has a cut height of 1½-inches to 5-inches, which is adequate for most conditions. The 1.8kw battery provides up to 6 hours of work time.

There are 17 cutting positions that provide excellent cut quality, reducing lines and stripping as well as avoiding clumping and getting bogged down.

This model is aimed at commercial users who value robust construction and low maintenance costs.

Landscapers are particularly impressed with the mower’s responsiveness and build quality. They are surprised at the power available and the machine’s ability to negotiate different conditions without lagging or bogging down.

You can expect to pay $12,999.99 for this model.


Excellent cut quality

Excellent control response

Easy-to-use, familiar controls

The compact design makes it easy to fit in a trailer


Long battery charging

High initial investment.

PZ 48”/52” Stand on mower

48” =

52” =

These mowers are also equipped with 82V Lithium-ion, providing 13kws. Charging is facilitated by a 15A, 1500-watt charger which will take about 8 hours to recharge the battery. The fast charger will accomplish the task in about 2½ hours.

You can expect to complete up to 12 acres on a single charge, depending on the condition of the grass and whether it is wet or not.

All switches, displays, and brushless motors are IPX5 waterproof, allowing you to operate the mower in the rain and in very wet conditions.

This model is aimed at commercial users and landscapers who use their mowers daily and require sturdy, robust equipment that will not let them down.

You can expect to pay $15,000 for this model.


Low noise levels

Extended battery life

Electric take off

5-year warranty



Fast charger required for quicker charging

H2 CZ 48”/52” Stand on mower


52” =

These mowers are equipped with 82V Lithium-ion, providing 16kws. This provides power to complete up to 14 acres depending on the conditions. The 80-amp fast charger will recharge the battery in 2.6 hours.

The professional right-hand locking deck lift makes changing deck height easy for the operator. The range comes with a 3-blade direct-drive mowing deck constructed with 8 gauge steel. This provides a long-lasting, high-performance mowing platform.

Cut quality is excellent, with high blade-tip speeds ensuring an even cut. Engaging eco-mode extends the battery life without sacrificing cutting quality and the ability to handle thicker vegetation.

The high-quality construction with attention to detail ensures that the mower enjoys a long work life.

You can expect to pay $17,999 for this model.


Quieter, more durable motor

Fast battery charging is available

Compact, lightweight design

Excellent cut quality


More expensive than conventionally powered mowers

GZ vs PZ vs CZ

Greenworks Stand On

The GZ mowers are aimed at both commercial users as well as property owners with larger lawns. Professional landscapers and large property owners are the PZ range’s target market. Commercial users and landscaping professionals will find that the CZ range is perfectly matched to their needs.

The GZ range battery has a useful working capacity of up to 10 acres before it requires a recharge, while the PZ and CZ ranges are able to handle up to 14 acres before the battery is depleted.

Are electric stand on mowers worth it?

Yes, electric stand on mowers are definitely worth the slightly higher initial cost. Electric equipment with higher run times that are comparable to petrol engine equipment is a disruptive technology.  The lower noise levels, lack of high maintenance moving parts, low emissions, and ever-improving technology all make this a worthwhile investment.

Wrapping It Up

The benefits of a Greenworks stand on mower extend to a lower noise signature, reduced running costs compared to conventional mowers, and improved handling and cutting.

While the price gap between renewable energy-based products and fossil-fuel-based products continues to diminish, there is still a sizable gap. In time, this gap will close and this ground-breaking technology will be as common as the gas-guzzling equipment that is now in use.

What do you think?

What do you think of the Greenworks stand on mower lineup? Do you have any favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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