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Fiskars Reel Mower Review

Since the 1600s Fiskars has been the brand people have been turning to again and again for superior gardening tools of every type. Fiskars also has one-of-a-kind lines of cooking, sewing and crafting, and fixing and building products.

Ready to step up to easy, smile-inducing maintenance and management in and around your home? Well, that has been Fiskars' reason for being there from the very start of the company more than 350 years ago!

As for Fiskars' unique collection of Reel Mowers, you’ll discover some of the sleekest, highest quality, state-of-the-art mowers you probably have ever seen — or experienced using! Fiskars Reel Mowers require no cords, and no gas, and no need for blade-sharpening care. What’s more, Fiskars Reel Mowers are designed to cut grass cleanly (as if you cut each blade of grass by hand with a scissor!) while eliminating loud noises and dizzying gas exhaust.

Environment-friendly Fiskars Reel Mowers have reinvented home property grass cutting!


Take a peek at the line of cordless, no gas or oil, quiet reel mowers that protect the environment. Each of Fiskars reel mowers is distinctive and state-of-the-art:

SpecsStaySharp™ Reel MowerStaySharp™ Plus Reel MowerStaySharp™ Max Reel Mower
Cutting Power50% more75% moreTwice of standard reel mowers
Cutting Width17″17″18″
WarrantyLimited two-year warrantyLimited two-year warrantyLimited 3-year warranty
  • StaySharp™ Reel Mower: Eye-opening technology combined with unsurpassed ergonomics for exceptional grass-cutting results. This Reel Mower stars Fiskars InertiaDrive(TM) Reel, which provides 50% more cutting power than ordinary reel mowers. The StaySharp™ Reel Mower requires no blade sharpening and features a 30% easier to push technology
  • StaySharp™ Plus Reel Mower: Welcome to best-in-class cutting performance, featuring 75% more cutting power than standard reel mowers. The StaySharp™ Plus Reel Mower utilizes a unique grass discharge shoot that throws clippings forward and away from your feet. This Reel Mower is 40% easier to push than other push mowers, so you can get more grass-cutting done with much less effort
  • StaySharp™ Max Reel Mower: Fiskar’s InertiaDrive™, StaySharp™ Cutting System, and VersaCut™ Technology are all included here, making this Reel Mower one of the brand’s finest push mowers for quiet, powerful grass-cutting in a snap. Inset wheels give you super-close edge cuts and prevent uncut strips beneath the wheels. One-touch handle height adjustment enhances comfort and control while mowing and the reversible grass chute directs clippings forward, backward or downward, making the mowing of tough patches a simple, mess-free pleasure. The StaySharp™ Max Reel Mower is an incredible 60% easier to push mower


Fiskars reel mowers include convenient height adjustment and the reduction of blade wear-and-tear for improved grass-cutting power and a longer-lasting, easier to care for machine. Created for easier pushing due to special InertiaDrive™ technology, Fiskars Reel Mower products all feature unique ergonomics that make them between 30-60% easier to push than other Reel-type lawnmowers. It has been said that, compared to similar reel mower brands, Fiskars’ grass-cutting system abilities could use an improvement when it comes to working with taller grass.


Fiskars Reel Mower Review - StaySharp™ Plus wheels

Fiskars Reel Mower feature:

  • A cleaner cut without the need for gas, oil, batteries, or electrical cords
  • Quiet, environmentally friendly grass-cutting
  • Easily adjustable cutting height
  • Grass “snipping” for improved health of lawns (unlike rotary mowers that shred and tear grass)
  • Easier to push and handle due to specially designed InertiaDrive
  • Easy assembly
  • Exclusive features such as InertiaDrive™, StaySharp™ Cutting System, and VersaCut™ Technology that ensure optimal cutting power with minimal effort

Cut Quality

fiskars reel mower cut quality

For the best cut quality of grass, ensure you regularly mow your lawn so that grass and weeds don’t get too high. Do you mow your lawn on a regular basis? If so, a Fiskars Reel Mower will seamlessly cut your lawn in a single pass.

Reel Mowers from any brand or company are not built to cut grass that has grown very high. That said, if you tend to let too much time pass between lawn manicures, then any type of Reel Mower is not right for you.

However, if you care for your lawn on a fairly regular basis, a Fiskars Reel Mower will provide the cut quality you want and need! The height adjustment feature on Fiskars quality mowers is completely unique in that it allows you to set the grass-cutting from 1” up to 4”.

Cutting quality is superior due to the just-right positioning of each mower’s five-blade reel, as well as the wheels of the mowers, which are inset and let the blades utilize every inch of a Fiskars mower’s width. Since a Fiskars Reel Mower enables the machine’s blades to use every inch of the mower’s width, no uncut strips of grass are left along the mowers’ cutting path.


You’ll find that Fiskars Reel Mowers, with their dependable wide-cut paths and sturdy inset wheels, are of durable construction. What’s more, unlike most other reel mowers, Fiskars blades and the stationary reel of its special StaySharp™ Cutting System are designed not to make contact. This extends the sharpness of the blades for a consistently easy mowing job.


Fiskars Reel Mower Review - staysharp reel

A more advanced technology and special ergonomics make Fiskar Reel Mowers between 30-60% easier to push than other reel-type lawnmowers. Further, each Reel Mower is equipped with a specially designed discharge shoot made to throw all of the grass clippings forward, keeping uncomfortable and messy debris away from your feet.

A simple and convenient lever handles just-for-you height adjustment with one easy touch.


With its very modern looking and aesthetically pleasing design, Fiskars Reel Mowers don’t have to be hidden in the shed (though they should be protected from the elements to extend the life of the metal pieces and the all-important mower blades).

Build Quality

fiskars build quality

Fiskars Reel Mowers all feature a built-in plastic cover; the quality cover makes sure that the grass clippings are propelled away from you. Handles are constructed of metal that is comfortably covered in soft foam. An exclusive chain belt system makes the reels revolve, which is safer – and more complex — than competing mowers.

Pros / Cons

Fiskars Reel Mowers are an eco-friendly way to keep your lawn greener and healthier, all season long.


  • Chain-based Inertia Drive reel
  • Full 18-inch cutting path
  • Sturdy inset wheels
  • Reversible grass chute designed to keep debris away from your feet
  • One-touch cutting height adjustment that is between one and four inches
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Easy to push


  • Quite heavier than other similar machines, requiring more physical effort to handle and to make turns
  • Lawn debris such as twigs thicker that are thicker than a match may interfere with the mowing process: While the thin twigs indeed snap beneath the spinning blades, thicker branches can stop the blades from spinning
  • The Reel Mower works better for small lawns and also works better on even ground

Our Rating

Performance:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Cut Quality:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Durability:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Comfort:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Price:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Overall:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


Fiskars Reel Mowers are fairly priced and lower than most gas or battery push mowers. This can be expected since they don't have an engine or motor of any kind. The price will vary depending on which model you choose.

Wrapping It Up

Consumers enjoy the quiet, quality, feature-filled mowing of the Fiskars Reel Mowers line of products. Specially designed features ensure optimum cutting power with minimal effort. Users also enjoy the freedom from oil, gas, cords, and battery maintenance!

Fiskars Reel Mower also includes accessories such as a grass catcher for hooking onto the front of the machine to catch clipping, as well as a superior blade sharpening kit meant to care for your mowing blades and, even after years of use, keep the blades in just-like-new condition.

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