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5 Best Commercial Robotic Lawn Mowers

The task of mowing lawns is slowly beginning to change. Robotic lawn mowers have become quite popular among some homeowners. The next phase of this will be lawn care companies and municipalities switching to commercial robotic lawn mowers.

Which the current labor shortage within the lawn care industry, that seems to only get worse, many companies are looking for ways to still complete their work. Automation is going to be a huge part of fixing this problem.

Commercial robotic lawn mowers are amazing in terms of convenience of use, ease of operation, and the silence in which they work. They have made big advancements of the last few years and are only getting better.

To help you find the right commercial lawn mower, we have put together a very concise list of the best commercial robotic lawn mowers available in the market. You will certainly be pleased by the variety of functions these products come with. 

Commercial Robotic Lawn Mowers Comparison

Here are the 5 best commercial robotic lawn mowers for you to choose from: 

SpecsHusqvarna 450XHEvatech TREXTRX-52-ProEcho TM-2000Stihl iMow 632
Max Yard Size1.25 acren/a1000 ft range of operation6 acres1 acre
Charging SystemAutomaticHybridHydro-Gear ZT-5400 TransmissionsSelf-charging via charging stationAutomatic
Battery TypeLi-Ionn/an/aLithium Ion, 25.6 VoltsLithium-Ion, 29 volt
Battery Life270 min2 gal. (gas)13 gal. (gas)2 hours150 min
Cutting System3 pivoting razor blades2 x 22″ cutting blades7ga Brush Mulching5 floating headsdouble-sided steel blade
ConnectivityCellular, BluetoothFutaba 6J radio controllerRemote Controller SmartboxControl Panel/Manual Controller
GPS Theft TrackingYesNoNoYesYes
Warranty2 years1 year2 years2 years3 years
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

1. Husqvarna Automower 450XH

Commercial Robotic Lawn Mowers - Husqvanra

Strong, reliable, and quiet, the Husqvanra Automower 450XH is a premium lawn mower that is one of the best in the market. It offers an unusually high capacity for cutting and work for many hours at a time without the need to recharge. 

The Husqvanra automower slips away at the grass a little at a time, but frequently. The mulching mower leaves your lawn picture-perfect all the time and it is fertilized quite naturally by the little mulched bits of grass. The new high-cut model keeps the grass up to 3.6 inches high, which is the perfect height for your lawn. Its strong performance capacity makes it ideal for very large lawns or gardens up to 1.25 acres.

The machine uses very little energy and is powered with electricity. There no fumes or emissions and very low sound levels due to which you can use it in the day or at night very comfortably.

The GPS tracking and navigation feature is extremely efficient and makes your work so simple. Additional features include safety sensors that make the automower stop, reverse and go in a different direction if it encounters an obstacle or object. The machine comes with an app that gives you nearly full control over it through your mobile phone.

In case you are concerned about the safety of your automower, you need not worry. It comes with a unique pin code and theft alarm that will keep your lawn mower secure. Additionally, it keeps it safe while in use. The amazing automower has a rubber front bumper and LED headlights. 

2. Evatech TREX

Commercial Robotic Lawn Mowers - TREX

User-friendly and exceptionally competent, the Evatech TREX is an outstanding robotic remote control lawn mower that is designed to work on slopes. It is reliable, simple, and strong, and comes with a wide range of functions. 

The Evatech TREX is made in the United States and is protected by US patents. The Terrestrial Robotic Explorer or TREX is eco-friendly and delivers huge quantities of hybrid power. The robotic mower uses proprietary and patented clean propulsion technology by Evatech. 

Being a remote-controlled lawn mower ensures that the work environment is safer for its operator and there is a reduced possibility of injury. The TREX has complete remote control functions for controlling the start, stop, motion control, and blade deployment functions. 

It is perfect for working efficiently on dangerous and steep slopes like the sides of hills, highways, or river banks. The battery has an extended life and will help you reach inaccessible locations such as steep slopes with complete ease. 

The TREX can manage most tasks independently. It is beyond doubt one of the most dependable, fast, and strong premium robotic lawn mowers, that will give you excellent value for money. This combination of simplicity, intelligence, and strength makes the Evatech TREX the best slope mower out there. This outstanding product did not just come up overnight but is instead the outcome of several years of evolution and innumerable hours of experimentation. 

3. TRX-52-PRO

Commercial Robotic Lawn Mowers - remotemowers

The TRX-52-PRO Remote Control Slope Mower is another fantastic machine that comes with a lot of strength and outstanding performance. It is designed to work on steep slopes and hills up to 50 degrees with perfect precision. 

This slope mower does not cause erosion and has a firm grip on challenging terrains. It has a heavy-duty track system with 9-inch iron core rubber tracks that can last a lifetime even with extensive use. The speed is adjustable and can go up to a maximum of 8 miles per hour. 

In addition to its efficient performance, it is very easy to service and maintain. This is because of the top-of-the-line components and excellent craftsmanship. 

You can use your TRX-52-PRO slopemower for heavy commercial use on slopes, such as pond banks or highways, or in harsh rugged conditions. With its 29HP Yamaha and hydro-gear transmissions, this machine can work all day and maintain its operations continuously. Its 30-gallon fuel tank will give you extended hours of work. 

Its digital control will allow you to maneuver your 52-PRO precisely where you want it to be. You can also add attachments for tasks such as snow removal. It even works equally efficiently in reverse. 

The manufacturer provides a one-year limited warranty and very good after-sales services too, which is quite an added advantage. If you have issues with a part, the replacement will be shipped to you along with instructions on how to replace it. 

4. Echo Robotics Mower (TM-1000 and TM-2000)

The Echo Robotics Mower TM-1000 and TM-2000 are two outstanding turf mowers that offer great strength, efficiency, and ease of use. While they come with some differences, their efficiency and performance are equally good. 

TM-2000 Turf Mower

Commercial Robotic Lawn Mowers - TM-2000-1

With this machine, you can cover very large areas of land, up to 5 acres. This coverage may vary based on the layout and quality of the landscape. 

The wide mowing width of the TM2000 is 40.7 inches, which is way better than other products in this range. You can adjust the mowing height in the 0.78 to 3.9-inch range. Its efficiency is enhanced due to the 3 replaceable and retractable blades per cutting head. It works at an amazing 2.2 miles per hour which is very competitive for a product in this range. 

The self-charging battery will ensure that your mowing and lawn care activities carry on for very long. While you may need a break, your turf mower will continue working.

Because your turf mower is a large investment, you can ensure that it continues working for very long. All you need to do is make sure that you maintain proper maintenance and cleaning of your machine. And the TM2000 has very simple care and maintenance requirements so it won’t require much effort on your part.

The TM2000 has a simple user interface and you can manage the remote control and monitoring activities with your phone. So, not only does your turf mower do all the heavy lifting, you can all rest assured that it will remain safe. The ultrasonic sensor will ensure that it does not run into any trouble. This is a high-tech turf mower that provides outstanding services with such simplicity. 

TM-1000 Turf Mower

TM-1000-2 (1)

The TM-1000 Echo Robotics Turf Mower offers equally good performance with some minor differences. This is also a heavy-duty turf mower and a somewhat scaled-down version of its big brother, the TM-2000.

This machine is more suitable if your land area spans approximately 3 acres. It works at an outstanding speed of 2.7 kilometers per hour, with a mowing width of 24.9 inches. You can adjust the mowing height to suit your requirements in a range between 0.8 to 3.9 inches. With the 3 replaceable and retractable 2-inch blades for a cutting head, your machine will not miss a blade of grass. DOWNLOAD

5. Stihl iMow RMI 632 PC-L 


If you are looking for a lawn mower that will make your lawn look simply perfect, while leaving you more time to enjoy it, the Stihl iMow RMI 632 PC-L lawn mower is the perfect lawn care product for you. 

Your RMI 632 PC-L is suitable for use on land up to one acre or a variety of terrain. It works very efficiently on slopes up to 24 degrees. The cutting height is adjustable within the 0.8 and 2.4-inch range. 

As a homeowner or professional, you will get the performance and technology you need to make the best use of your time outdoors. This commercial robotic lawn mower is equipped with smart technology and delivers a variety of smart features that you can manage from your phone. You can set and update schedules for mowing, monitor performance and service issues using the app and web portal.

The Stihl iMow comes with the option to opt for professional installation services so that the configuration is optimal. Additionally, the product is designed and built for a stress-free performance as it requires very little maintenance and care. This is because of the high-performance 185-watt brushless Stihl battery that requires no oil, fuel, or maintenance. 

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a robotic lawn mower requires understanding several features you can take advantage of in your garden.

Like many other garden tools, a good lawn mower should have the capability to make your gardening activities much more manageable.

Since there are so many products to choose from, we can simplify things by listing all the essentials in this buying guide.

Garden Layout Compatibility

Right off the bat, the most crucial consideration falls on your garden layout. Garden layout simply refers to garden size, zoning and boundaries, sloping terrain, and untraversable corridors.

Garden Size

Robot mowers come in various shapes, sizes, and battery capacities. With those varying features comes varying operational coverages.

Of course, larger robot mowers with bigger batteries and sizeable cutting systems can cover a wider garden area over an extended period of operation.

While average robot mowers can clear up 300 sqm of lawn area, high-end industrial mowers can work lawns thousands of square meters large.

Unlike human-operated mowers, robot mowers can handle multiple lawn-clearing trips, but their functionality will depend on battery capacity, operational speed, and efficiency. As such, correct robot mower sizing will vastly depend on the size of your garden.

Sloping Terrain

Each robot mower has a maximum tilting capacity for working on sloped terrain. While some machines can only handle slopes of up to 30 degrees, better-designed equipment can tilt to mow 45 or even 60-degree slopes.

Robot mowers with lower centers of gravity are more capable of handling steeper slopes.

However, the laws of physics can also limit steeper slope handling because they have altering effects on the power of system motors.

It all depends on a machine’s reliability when it comes to maximum slope operational capacities.

Zoning and Boundaries

It is also crucial to consider your garden’s zoning and boundaries.

Are its fences set so a robot mower can detect when and where to stop, turn, and change direction? If your garden has too many separate fenced zones, you will have to physically carry your robot mower to set it to work in different zones.

Nevertheless, boundaries and obstacles are also crucial for protecting several garden elements. For example, flowerbeds and tree saplings cannot withstand the cutting power of many robot mowers.

The trick is to choose a robot mower with better detection features to protect your essential garden plants.

Of course, each robot mower also has its boundary-setting requirements. If you don’t like setting up the typical robot mower perimeter wires, you might as well pick a more sophisticated machine.

Untraversable Corridors

In addition to multiple garden zones, you must consider untraversable corridors.

Your garden may have several elevations, which means it could have stairs that a robot mower cannot traverse. It could also have narrow paths on which the robot mower’s entire body cannot fit.

If such is the case, carrying your robot mower across obstructions can also be a deal breaker. If you have too many garden zones, boundaries, and untraversable paths, you might as well consider having a smaller robot mower. With a more manageable machine, you can easily work between several zones.

Integrated Sensors

A robot mower can have different sensors: GPS, grass length sensors, obstacle trackers, collision sensors, and battery capacity sensors.

The more of these sensors a robot mower has, the quicker it can handle tasks more efficiently.

Built-in GPS trackers can help a robot mower decide which parts of a lawn to cut or avoid cutting. On the other hand, grass length sensors enable the machine to cut grass evenly.

Obstacle trackers and collision sensors keep important elements of your garden safe from cutting. They also help protect the device from unnecessary damage.

Finally, battery sensors help the robot mower decide when to return to its charging station for a power refill. It will also be up to the other trackers to allow the mower to find its way back to its power source.

Integrated Cutting Systems

Aside from the different kinds of sensors, robot mowers can also have varying cutting systems or a combination of types. The most common variants include pivoting blades and fixed blades.

Fixed blades spin around a fixed axis and are highly efficient for cutting grass. However, they produce much louder sounds, offer lesser energy efficiency, and are less safe than pivoting blades.

Pivoting blades provide better energy efficiency and far less noise and seldom get stuck like a fixed blade. Moreover, they have better safety features. A disadvantage of pivoting blades is that they are not as efficient in cutting as fixed blades.

Ease of Operation

For every garden tool you choose, ease of operation should be an essential consideration. Since a robot mower can do almost all of its work independently, you can look for features that facilitate more straightforward functionality.

Some robot mowers feature a smartphone app enabling users to change settings, functions, and general operations remotely.

Commercial Robotic Lawn Mower FAQs

1. How often should I run my robot lawn mower?

Unlike classic self-propelled mowers that we normally use once a week, robot mowers are better off working tirelessly in shorter intervals. Since most robot mowers only cut off grass blade tips, it is important to keep mowing regularly.

However, the frequency of mowing your lawn depends on the season. Grass begins to grow when stimulated by the warmth and humidity of spring. During this time, it makes sense to run your robot mower daily.

While you can set up shorter mowing intervals during the summer, you can store your robot mower during the winter.

2. What are the disadvantages of a robotic mower?

Not all robot mowers are created equal. Depending on the model, disadvantages may include complex boundary wire installation, minimal slope tolerances, and complex maintenance procedures.

Of course, devices that do not have these disadvantages could also carry an expensive initial purchase price.

3. How often do you need to change the blades on a robot mower?

Blade replacement requirements also vary per model. High-quality blades remain sharper for longer and therefore require infrequent replacement.

Generally, well-maintained lawns require regular blade replacement on robot mowers that run round-the-clock. As such, it would be better to have an extra set of blades that you can sharpen and replace.

4. Do robot mowers work in the rain?

If you have had some experience with several types of hand mowers, you would know that wet grass can be very stubborn. Many robot mowers cannot cut well in wet conditions, and some even have a rain sensor to help you decide whether to cut wet grass.

5. Can robot mowers be stolen?

Since robot mowers work on their own on vast lawns, and they’re quite pricey, it’s very easy to lose them to theft. The good thing with some models is that they come with one or more anti-theft security features.

Wrapping it up

Instead of the traditional once-a-week mowing routine for your lawn, use your commercial robotic lawn mower regularly for a few hours. Not only will you save time and effort, but your lawn will also be healthier. 

What do you think?

Do you already have a commercial robotic lawn mower? Let us know in the comments!

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Images are from Stihl, Echo Robotics, Remote Mowers, and Husqvanra.

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