best commercial lawn mower blades

Best Commercial Lawn Mower Blades

There are only two things that can be used to characterize a good lawn mower, and these are its cutting ability and its motor power. The blade of a lawn mower ultimately determines the quality of cut you will have. Without a quality blade, it doesn't really matter the design of the deck.

One of the most important parts of a commercial mower blade is its sharpness. The goal is to find the most durable blade that remains sharp for the longest period of time… even in rough conditions.

We tested tons of different blades to make this list. We have narrowed it down to the top 5 commercial mower blades.

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How to Choose Commercial Lawn Mower Blades

Blade’s length:  

One of the first things to check is the length of your blade. Keep in mind that there is no strict procedure to follow, so longer blades do not guarantee anything. The blade has to fit within your lawnmower's model. The majority of blades fall within the sizes of 16.75 inches and 22 inches long. Some mowers can even facilitate blades between 21 or 22 inches also. You can make your selection based on the model.

Type of material: 

The type of material the blade is made of is a decision that can be made independently of the mower's style. Lower metal will help you minimize prices, but not turf. Please bear in mind that your lawn mower blade is something of a maintenance investment and will affect the mower's life. Strong stainless steel is mostly the safest choice. Often, look at the powder coat (or other protection coat) done on the blade so it doesn’t rust.

Size of Deck:

The final thing you should take into consideration is the size of the deck for the blade. Almost all push mowers have a deck size within the range of 16 – 30 inches. Riding mowers have larger deck sizes as well.

Aside from these factors, there are a whole lot of other factors for consideration. However, these are the most important things to consider before making up your mind to purchase a lawnmower blade:

Review of the Best Commercial Lawn Mower Blades

Below you will find some of the best commercial mower blades on the market. We have tested each of these in many different environments, and they all have their pros/cons. At the end of the day, any of the blades below will do a great job.

Ballard Razor and Ripper Blades

commercial lawn mower blades

Ballard Inc has introduced commercial mower blades recently, and they seem to be great. There are two different types, the Ripper and Razor blades. These come in many different sizes for almost every commercial brand. There is also a matching X-blade kit for all of their blades.

The best way to use these blades is by installing an X-blade kit with ripper blades (mulching) on top and Razor blades (standard) on the bottom. This provides an incredible cut.

This setup even works great with a chute blocker. It is the ideal way to cut in nearly any mowing environment.

Disclaimer: Please make sure you read the product disclaimers for the X-blades on Ballard Inc's website. Use this setup at your own risk.

Razor Blades

The Ballard Razor Blades are your standard commercial mowing blade. They are made of Rockwell 45 steel and have a very long life. These blades stay sharp for a long time and provide an amazing cut.

Ripper Blades

These are Ballard's signature mulching blades. They are relatively new, but we gave them a test run, and they are really great. They are made of hardened steel and coated with a silver non-stick powder coat finish.

These blades get a great job in many different types of grass. We even tried them on wet grass, and they did well.

Hi-Rise Blades

Last year, Ballard introduced hi-rise or high-lift blades. These are great for side discharging and routinely maintained yards. These allow for improved airflow and grass discharge.

One thing to note, it is not recommended to use Ballard’s X blade setup with these blades.

Gold Blades

Ballard’s gold blades are new this year and possibly the best blade on the market. They are coated with carbide and tungsten, which allows the blade to last 3 to 4 times longer than a normal mower blade.

They are a hybrid blade which means they are a mix between high lift and mulching blades.


  • Affordable: Cost-effective choice without compromising on quality.
  • Long-lasting sharpness: Reducing the frequency of blade replacements.
  • High-quality cut: Ensuring a professional finish.
  • X-blade compatibility: Increases cutting efficiency with the right setup.
  • Ease of ordering: Simplify your purchase process.


  • Relatively New: As newer products, their long-term performance across all conditions is still being established.

Use code LAWNGROWTH at Ballard Inc. for 10% off your entire order

Oregon G6 Gator Blades

oregon gator blades review

This is among the most common mulching mower blades on the market. These lawn mower blades are made with natural and authentic material to make them usable for a long time. So you're not going to have any trouble using your lawn mower with this robust blade.

These blades provide an incredible mulching ability, with a circular center hole for mounting, and is constructed with a solid steel design. It would also ensure that the blades last a long time and give you high-quality performance at all times on your lawn. It makes cutting easier without the specific need to sharpen the blade before using it.

The Oregon Gator blades are trusted by many commercial lawn care companies. They are proven to last a long time and give a great cut quality.

Oregon also has high-lift blades that are great for side discharge and bagging. These blades do a great job of lifting grass and dispersing it evenly.


  • Durability: You can expect a long lifespan from these blades due to their solid steel construction that is resistant to rust
  • Mulching Capability: They offer excellent mulching performance, which means you can maintain your lawn with fewer clippings left behind.
  • Maintenance: The design allows for easier cutting, often not requiring pre-use sharpening.
  • Professional Preference: Many lawn care professionals rely on these blades for consistent and high-quality cuts.


  • Durability: You can expect a long lifespan from these blades due to their solid steel construction that is resistant to rust.

Rotary Copperhead Blades

rotary commercial blades review

Rotary is a lawn mower parts distributor and carries many different types/brands of commercial mower blades. While searching for the best commercial lawn mower blade with the best high lift blades, this product definitely stood out. They also have some great mulching blades available.

Rotary is a great place to get blades for most commercial users because they have universal blades and manufacture blades. You will be able to find out about any blades you need from them. The only problem is they don't sell online at this time so you will have to buy through your local dealer.

The Copperhead mower blades are Rotary's own branding and logo that they use for most of their blades. These are manufactured by Rotary and sold through their dealer base.

By offering outstanding efficiency, improved alignment, and a high degree of durability for day-to-day mowing, this may be the best potential choice for any user of this particular mower model. It provides a wide cutting area with a sharp blade that increases your mowing speed and performance.

The commercial blades made by Rotary are definitely premium blade that is trusted by many in the industry. They are a household name that has been around a long time.


  • Excellent finishing material
  • Premium, high carbon steel
  • Treated with rust inhibitor
  • Great lift
  • Stay sharp


  • Time guarantee limited
  • Expensive

USA Mower Blades

usa mower blades review

The USA mower blades are pre-sharpened and provide a quick, smooth cut that requires no sharpening before usage. It helps you get back to mowing the lawn as easily and safely as possible to maximize grass trimming efficiency.

In contrast, the high lift blade configuration makes it possible to recycle grass seed for fast drainage into a lawnmower carry bag. These lawnmower blades have a strong transmission capacity that lets the lawn tractor span a wide grass area at a high rate and efficiency level.

The USA Mower blade has an extremely high average cutting area, a great choice for larger lawn tractors, helping you to cut wide grass fields easily at high speeds. Yet you can still get a high degree of versatility, allowing lawnmower blades a great choice for many users. The blade has a high cutting power and wide area; therefore, it would provide quick, high-speed cutting for bigger lawns.


  • Cost-Effective: You'll find these blades are competitively priced, providing you with value for your money.
  • Long-Lasting Sharpness: They maintain their sharp edge for extended periods, reducing the frequency of blade sharpening.
  • Durability: These blades are crafted for longevity, able to withstand numerous mowing sessions.
  • Efficient Grass Dispersal: The design ensures effective spreading of grass clippings, enhancing the cleanliness of your mowing job.


  • Average Cutting Speed: While you can cover a wide area, the actual speed of cutting is standard compared to some other blades on the market.

Manufacture Blades

commercial manufacture blades

Most commercial mower manufacturers make their own blades. These are good replacements because they fit your mower perfectly. They match the recommended specs and usually have a little better warranty than aftermarket blades.

These lawn mower blades can vary greatly in size and specs. Almost all manufacturers will use some type of steel. Who has the best is a very difficult question.

If you are going to use a bagger or mulch kit that is many by the people who made your mower it may be a good idea to keep the factory blades. Not always, but most of the time, this will do just as good, if not better, than aftermarket blades.

Warranty may be another reason to keep the factory blades. Primarily if you use something like X-blade… this will most likely void your mower's warranty if you still have one.


  • Durability and Fit: You can expect a seamless match with the original specifications of your mower, ensuring durable blades that are pre-sharpened for immediate use.
  • Quality of Cut: These blades are crafted from high-quality steel, which can contribute to a cleaner and more efficient cutting ability, especially when paired with brand-specific baggers or mulch kits.
  • Warranty Benefits: Using factory blades may preserve your mower's warranty, providing peace of mind and potential cost-savings on future services or replacements.


  • Inconsistent Sharpness: While typically reliable, there can be instances where factory blades are not as sharp, affecting efficiency and the quality of the cut.
  • Design Limitations: Some factory blades have a basic toothed design, which might not be as effective compared to specialized aftermarket options designed for specific mowing conditions.

Best Commercial Mower Blades

Top Pick

Our top pick for the best commercial mower blades at the best price is the new blades offered by Ballard Equipment. Their Razor and Ripper blades come at a great price for very high-quality blades. They also have the new hi-rise and gold blades that are also incredible!

Be sure to use our code “LAWNGROWTH” for 10% off your entire order at Ballard Inc.

Premium Choice

Our premium choice is the Oregon G6 gator blades. These blades come at a pretty high price, but they are incredibly durable and offer a great cut. They have been used and trusted in the industry for a long time.

Value Choice

If you are on a budget, then we recommend the USA Mower blades. However, you don't have to worry about sacrificing quality for the price because most users are pleased with their purchase.


X-Blade Adapters

x-blade review

What's better than one blade? Two blades! The X-Blade adapter allows you to put two blades on each spindle. The adapter is key to doing this so you don't over-torque the blade… which can cause the blades to become stuck.

  • Installation: Streamlined
  • Benefits: Improved cutting, reduced clumping
  • Maintenance Tip: Lower RPMs for PTO operation

Many people are skeptical of this setup, but it works really great. The only thing you really need to do is make sure you engage/disengage the PTO at lower RPMs to ensure you don't put extra stress on your clutch.

Use code LAWNGROWTH at Ballard Inc. for 10% off your entire order

Blade Assist

blade assist ballard

A blade assist is a nifty tool that helps sharpen your blades. It will ensure you get the perfect edge every time. If you are a lawn care professional and use a bench grinder, this is a must-have.

Use code LAWNGROWTH at Ballard Inc. for 10% off your entire order

Blade Sharpening Tools

bench grinder review

Sharpening with the acclaimed DeWalt 8-inch bench grinder means quick, consistent edges. For more precision and balance in your blades, see our recommended products.

Blade Sharpening Tools
✅ Bench Grinder
🛒 Balanced Blade
🛠️ Hand Grinder

Mower Blade Accessories Video


How often to sharpen commercial mower blades?

In most cases, you should sharpen your about every 20-25 hours. This usually comes out to about once per week for most full-time crews. If you aren't full-time, it is best to just sharpen blades based on the hour meter.

This will sometimes vary depending on which type of terrain you are mowing. For example, if you are mowing sandy areas your blades will probably need to be sharpened a bit sooner.

It usually isn't too hard to know when your blades need to be sharpened. If you begin to notice some uncut grass, it is probably time to sharpen your blades.

How often to replace mower blades on a commercial mower?

This will greatly vary based on terrain and application. There are too many variables to give an exact time frame. It is however very important to inspect your blades frequently. You should check for dents, worn areas, bent, or other damaged areas on your blades.

If any of these are present, it is a good idea to change your blades. If you hit a lot of rocks or other debris is it likely for some of these to be present. It is important to use good judgment and change your blades when you're worn out. If you aren't sure, you can always go to your local mower dealer and get their opinion.

How to sharpen commercial mower blades?

The best way to sharpen commercial mower blades is by removing them and sharpening them with a bench grinder, like the one shown above. This will give the most precise sharpening and accurate edge each time. It is very important to have balanced blades when you sharpen them.

If you want to go another route, you can check out our article on sharpening blades without removing them.

Where to buy commercial mower blades online?

The best place to buy blades online is either Ballard or Amazon. They will both have the best pricing and quality of blades. You will have to do some searching on Amazon for your blades. This is one of the things that makes Ballard equipment stand out. They make it easy to find the blades specific to your mower.

Wrapping it up

There you have it, the best commercial mower blades in 2023. A lot of times, for larger companies, it will come down to price and longevity. We have taken these into account and given our best recommendations based on that.

What do you think?

Do you use any of the blades above? Let us know in the comments below which you've used and which is your favorite.

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