sunday lawn care review

Sunday Lawn Care Review

Lawn care can often seem like a complex chore filled with calculations and hands-on mixing of fertilizers. This is where Sunday Lawn Care steps in — a service tailored for the average homeowner seeking a straightforward approach to lawn maintenance. Their system is crafted to eliminate the guesswork usually involved in lawn fertilization by providing an easy ‘spray and go' solution that doesn't require prior knowledge of mixing or applying fertilizers.

The effectiveness of a product that promises both convenience and results is always subject to scrutiny. Like many, you may be curious about whether Sunday Lawn Care lives up to its claims. Here, we explore the practicality and performance of Sunday Lawn Care's products to see if they truly deliver on their promise of a hassle-free lawn care experience.

Sunday Company

Sunday Lawn Care is a newcomer to the lawn care industry. Founded by two brothers from Colorado, the company takes a light-hearted and friendly approach, both in their marketing and in their lawn care strategies. Unlike many other companies that focus on the benefits of their products without addressing any environmental concerns, Sunday puts the spotlight on the positive environmental benefits of using their products. They present themselves as an eco, pet, and kid-friendly alternative to the traditional, toxic fertilizer products you probably already use. 

With Sunday, you're choosing a lawn care company that prioritizes the health of your yard and the environment. Their eco-conscious products offer a safer option for your family and pets, all while maintaining a lush, green lawn.

Sunday Lawn Care Program

Consistent with their branding techniques, Sunday invites you to get started and makes beginning the program a breeze. To start, you simply need to navigate to their website and enter your home address (or the address of the property you plan on treating) under the “let's start with your lawn” header.

Once you click “see your lawn plan”, Sunday will begin to gather relevant information for your property, like the square footage to treat, weather patterns, temperature patterns, and approximate soil test results. This presents some helpful graphs that give you an idea of when the peak growth season begins and ends at your property.

From here, you’ll need to click on “see custom lawn plan”, which will take you to a short series of questions for you to answer about your lawn. After that, they’ll pull up a plan for your lawn that shows you the products they’ll send out right away, along with the pricing. My plan was listed as $169, with a reduced price of $149. Since there wasn’t a reason for us to receive a discount, we’ll assume that this discount is offered to everyone, and the $169 quote is simply there to make it seem like you’re saving money. Still, $149 isn’t a high price for a year of treatment, so we were pretty happy with this quote.

When you start a new plan—along with the recommended initial products—you will receive a starter tools kit and a soil test kit. The starter tools kit includes a starter booklet (which contains some helpful grass tips), an instruction plan, a spade (for use with the soil test), a spray attachment for your garden hose, and a straw for use with the spray attachment. The soil test is so you can manually test your soil, and then send the results back using a prepaid shipping label to Sunday to get more specific results for your lawn (which will affect the products they send you moving forward). This is all included in your first box, with no extra cost to you.

Sunday Lawn Care's product lineup is quite diverse, ensuring that every aspect of lawn maintenance is covered. Your plan will likely involve a selection of the following:

  • Fall Fortify: A blend rich in iron and calcium
  • Grass Machine: A mix fortified with iron, nitrogen, and seaweed extract
  • Green Out: A potassium and micronutrient-focused solution
  • Iron Booster: Targeted iron and potassium supplementation

The program also takes into account the seasons and specific requirements of your lawn to sustain, fortify, and invigorate your grass throughout the year.

Keep in mind that recommended application dates will accompany all plans, which can be crucial if you're reliant on well water or have water usage considerations. This helps you plan ahead for applications to maximize the effectiveness of each treatment while being mindful of resources.

Through using Sunday's products, you're expected to address common lawn issues such as bare spots or patchiness and promote vigorous grass growth without the guesswork. Add-ons are available to further tailor maintenance to your yard's specific needs, whether that be aeration to improve soil structure or seed blends to fill in gaps and enhance your lawn's overall texture.

Ensuring your lawn is a lush, grassy powerhouse or a well-tended landscape dotted with shrubs and trees is achievable with Sunday Lawn Care's streamlined, smart lawn care plan, which simplifies yet personalizes lawn care. The use of satellite imagery to analyze your yard and soil analysis for precision supplement delivery speaks to the innovative approach of the Sunday program.

Overall, engaging in Sunday Lawn Care's program could mean a more resilient, robust lawn capable of withstanding varying climate conditions and achieving the aesthetically pleasing and healthy yard you aspire to maintain.

How Much Does It Cost?

Annual Subscription Pricing

Lawn SizeStandard RatePromotional Rate
  • Affordable Pricing: The cost-effective nature of the plan suits various budgets, starting as low as $119.
  • No Surprise Fees: Pay once for the entire year without additional monthly charges.
  • Guarantee: While it's unclear if separate guarantees such as money-back or replacement are offered, the annual plan itself functions as a commitment to your lawn’s care.
  • Price Comparison: The pricing aligns with industry standards and is generally more economical than professional services.

Remember, your investment secures a full year's treatment, ensuring your lawn stays healthy and lush.

Is Sunday lawn care safe?

Yes, Sunday products are safe to use since they only use natural ingredients. One of the most significant differences between Sunday and other similar companies is they don't use chemical-laced products. This can make a big difference in keeping your family and pets safe. It can also help in preserving the environment.

Reason's they're safe:

  • Utilizes natural ingredients
  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • Designed with family and pet safety in mind
  • Contributes to environmental preservation
  • Offers natural pest control options without conventional herbicides

Is Sunday lawn care organic?

Yes, Sunday uses organic fertilizers and weed control products.

  • Ingredients: Organic
  • Lawn care kit: DIY-friendly
  • Natural ingredients: Seaweed, molasses
  • Soil amendments: Lime, sand
  • Enhancers: Seaweed extract, humic acid

Does Sunday Lawn Care Work?

Sunday products are a very effective product that has comparable results to most commercial offerings. The lawn plans they offer will provide great results of promoting a healthy, green lawn and discouraging weed growth.

I've had a great experience using their products. I have seen very good results with my lawn. Compared to other competitors at your local big box stores, Sunday is definitely a step up. I have used tons of different products over the years and you won't be these plans and products for the quality and price.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficacy: Delivers results comparable to commercial brands.
  • Weed Suppression: Targets common weeds like dandelions effectively.
  • Quality: Superior to many options found at local retailers.

Product Highlights:

  • Dandelion Doom: Targets pervasive weeds without harming grass.
  • Weed Warrior: A comprehensive weed control solution.
  • Weed Killers: Well-formulated products to maintain weed-free lawns.

What Are People Saying About It?

  • Lawn Care Service: Customers generally appreciate the positive results experienced with Sunday Lawn Care, but emphasize that improvements do not happen overnight.
  • Customer Reviews: Many homeowners share that patience is key, with Sunday Lawn Care reviews indicating it may take up to a year for significant changes.
  • Location & Service Area: Availability across various states is a plus, and the adaptability to different lawns is highly valued.
  • Customer Service & Support: The full refund policy speaks volumes about the company's confidence in their service and product line.
Lawn Care AspectUser Feedback
Service over timeGenerally positive
Instant resultsNot adequate
Company confidenceHigh
Refund PolicyFull, no questions asked
Expectation ManagementCrucial for satisfaction
  • Better Business Bureau: While not explicitly mentioned, companies confident in their customer support often hold good standings with the BBB.

Remember, your experience with any lawn care program, including Sunday's offerings, should be based on realistic expectations of gradual improvement, not immediate transformation.

Is It Worth Trying?

If you’re in the market for an easy-to-use, relatively hands-off approach to lawn care that’s friendly to the environment, then Sunday Lawn Care is definitely a great choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for instant results and don’t really care about the environmental impact, then you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

For those of you who are interested in taking an eco-friendly approach to your ongoing lawn care, click here to learn more about Sunday Lawn Care.

Reasons to try Sunday:

  • Subscription Service: Sunday Lawn Care offers a convenient subscription service, catering to eco-conscious individuals.
  • Lawn Care Tools: No need to purchase additional tools; package includes necessary application tools.
  • Hose-End Sprayer: Simplifies the application process with a provided hose-end sprayer.
  • Garden Hose Compatibility: Easily attach to your existing garden hose for quick use.
  • Subscription Box: Regularly scheduled shipments tailored to your lawn's needs.
  • Lawn Care Subscription Service: Supports environmentally friendly lawn maintenance.
  • Scheduling: Automated delivery aligns with your lawn care schedule for optimal results.

Your choice should align with your environmental values and patience for results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Sunday lawn products compare to Scotts for lawn maintenance?

  • Product Range: Sunday offers a subscription-based model that provides a customized lawn care plan tailored to your lawn’s needs, while Scotts provides a wide range of off-the-shelf products.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Sunday emphasizes environmentally-friendly products, whereas Scotts offers both conventional and organic options.
  • Ease of Use: Both brands offer user-friendly lawn care solutions but Sunday’s direct-to-door deliveries add convenience.

What is the difference in effectiveness between Sunday Lawn Care and TruGreen?

  • Service Model: TruGreen provides professional lawn care services, while Sunday Lawn Care offers DIY lawn care products.
  • Customization: Sunday uses soil tests to tailor products to your lawn's exact needs; TruGreen assesses your lawn in person.
  • Control: With Sunday, you have more control over when and how products are applied, compared to the scheduled service visits from TruGreen.

Can Sunday grass seed improve lawn vitality better than traditional seeds?

  • Seed Quality: Sunday claims their grass seeds are selected for their high-performance and suitability to your local climate, which can potentially lead to better vitality over generic seeds.
  • Tailored Solutions: Because Sunday's products are customized, you may experience better results than with one-size-fits-all seed mixes.

Is Sunday lawn care's pest control as efficient as their fertilizers?

  • Integrated Approach: Sunday’s pest control solutions are designed to work in concert with their fertilizers for holistic lawn health.
  • Safety and Efficiency: While effective, they prioritize safety, with non-toxic ingredients that target pests without harming your lawn.

Are the ingredients in Sunday lawn care products safe for pets and family?

  • Certifications: Sunday’s products are usually non-toxic and meet EPA’s safer choice standards.
  • Transparency: Ingredient lists are provided for all products, ensuring that you know what’s being used on your lawn.

How often should Sunday fertilizer be applied for optimal lawn health?

  • Custom Schedule: Your custom lawn care plan will suggest an optimal application schedule, typically ranging from 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Fertilizer application frequencies will adjust for seasonal needs—less in the winter and more during active growth periods.

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