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Toro 6000 Series Zero Turn Review

This Toro 6000 series review aims to highlight the reasons why you should consider their premium range of 12 professional zero-turn lawn mowers for your business.

Toro has been innovating ride-on lawnmowers and other landscaping and agricultural equipment for more than 108 years. The skill, knowledge, and experience acquired over that time, are evident in every piece of equipment that they produce.

The company is well aware, that for their customers, improved performance, productivity, and efficiency can make the difference between success and failure. The 6000 Series definitely delivers these.

Whether you’re responsible for the greens and fairways of an award-winning golf estate or the owner-operator of a commercial contracting company, these heavy-duty mowers provide better speed, improved durability, and class-winning comfort.

Toro Series Mower Comparison

The twelve Toro 6000 series models are split into 2 deck sizes.

Mower6000 Series 60″6000 Series 72″
Deck7-gauge 60″ (152 cm) TURBO FORCE® w/bull-nose bumper80-Grade 7-Gauge 72″ (183 cm) TURBO FORCE® w/bull-nose bumper
Engine31 HP* Kawasaki® FX 999cc31 HP* Kawasaki® FX 999cc
Speed11.5 mph forward (18.5 km/h)11.5 mph forward (18.5 km/h)
Weight1,254 lbs (568.8 kg)1,334 lbs (605.1 kg)
Height of Cut1.0″ – 5.5″ (2.5 cm x 14 cm)1.0″ – 5.5″ (2.5 cm x 14 cm)
Hydraulic FluidPremium syntheticPremium synthetic

2 Deck Sizes

You get to choose between the 60-inch (152 cm) or 72-inch (183 cm) deck. The 7-Gauge steel turbo force deck is fully welded and houses 9-inch, commercially greaseable cast-iron spindles.

These decks are a little stronger than the ordinary 10-gauge commercial steel found on similar mowers. The trade-off is they are also a good amount heavier than these counterpart decks.


Toro 6000 Series Zero Turn Review - deluxe comfort seat

Comfort Built In

Comfort is engineered into the design with the deluxe suspension seat, featuring an air ride seat, thick cushions with large bolsters, and 3-D isolators. This is the same setup as you’ll find in the super-successful 5000 series.

The seat is adjustable for weight, which allows the operator to fine-tune the suspension to their precise requirements.

It goes without saying that the ergonomics on the Z Master 6000 Series mowers are comparable with the best in the world.

Efficient Design

Toro 6000 Series Zero Turn Review - Toro 60'

The heavy-duty rubber discharge chute vents to the side. An adjustable baffle allows the operator to maximize efficiency no matter the turf conditions. Mulching grass, weeds, and twigs are tackled with ease.

Should you wish to change from side-discharge to bagging, an E-Z Vac accessory kit is available. When combined with the “dump-from-the-seat” system, the operator can dump any debris while seated at the controls.

On larger jobs, accomplishing this in seconds can save a considerable amount of time overall. Twin and triple bagger systems are other optional systems available to improve productivity even further. A grease fitting on top of the outer spindle is easily accessible under the utility cover, making it a cinch to maintain.

Operators will appreciate the ergonomically designed control panel, containing a digital hour meter, throttle controls, and choke as well as the Power Take Off (PTO) switch. All fall easily to hand with a conveniently positioned, small covered storage compartment to the side.

Lighting Kit

A lighting kit for the 6000 series, extends operating times and improves operator safety when moving between jobs.

A Range of Specialist Blades

Toro 6000 Series Zero Turn Review - turbo force

The range of additional blades that can be alternated to take into account different regional and seasonal changes provides a competitive edge to any contractor who wishes to reduce their time on the job.

Operators can achieve excellent quality cuts by matching blades, power, and height adjustments for just about any condition.

Mulching System Kits

A 38% decrease in cutting times compared to bagging, is achieved by fitting a mulching kit. The system available for the Toro 6000 series is custom designed and works flawlessly.


The 60-inch and 72-inch deck mowers are fitted with 24/12/12 drive tires that provide maximum grip and stability without damaging the turf.

The caster tires are flat-free, semi-pneumatic 13/6½/6, providing exceptional directional stability across the range.

Perfectly Matched Engine Power

Toro 6000 72 deck

The 6000 series is fitted with the following power plants, designed for your particular requirements:

  • 60” Decks
    • 37 HP Vanguard EFI 993cc, 31 HP Kawasaki FX 999cc Anchor
    • 26.5 HP Kohler EFI 747cc
    • 31 HP Kawasaki FX921v 999cc
    • 29.5 HP Kawasaki FX850V EFI 852cc with Horizon Technology Engine
    • 38 HP Kohler Command Pro EFI 999cc with Horizon Technology Engine
  • 72” Decks
    • 31 HP Kawasaki FX 999cc
    • 31 HP Kawasaki FX921v 999cc
    • 26.5HP Kohler EFI
    • 38 HP Kohler Command Pro EFI 999cc with Horizon Technology.

The engines fitted with the Horizon Technology intelligence system allow the operator to choose performance modes for greater fuel efficiency and improved productivity.

The predefined modes are:

  • Low Mode: Designed for wet conditions where thick, wet grass can become problematic, it reduces deck packing and clumping associated with these challenging conditions.
  • Efficient Mode: This is the standard mode for ideal conditions and allows the operator to enjoy maximum performance while reducing fuel consumption and excessive noise and wear on the machinery. 
  • Max Mode: This mode allows the operator to select maximum power and is designed to extract the most power and efficiency from the system in extreme conditions.

The Horizon Technology system tracks critical performance information and displays it for the operator. It also acts as a fail-safe in the event of engine problems such as low oil pressure or excessive temperatures. When the system senses that the engine has exceeded any predefined safety parameters, it shuts down, allowing the operator time to diagnose and fix any problems before they cause catastrophic damage to any components.

Hydraulic Drive System

Well-tested and proven commercial hydraulic components in the ZT 5400 drive system utilize pumps and wheel motors with a 1- and 3/8-inch shaft on the wheel motors.


With an increased ground speed of 10mph (52” & 60”) and 11.5 mph on the 72” machines, the integrated Rollover Protection System (ROPS), ensures that the operator is protected at all times from accidental rollovers and tip-overs.

A seat belt and rollover bar are fitted as standard equipment.

An Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Toro 6000 Series Zero Turn Review - operation control

The 6000 series is designed for rugged use and includes well-thought-out design features that make for a good-looking and durable machine.

The compact design minimizes storage and transporting requirements and allows access to areas that may not be accessible to less well-designed competitors.

Our Rating

You can expect to pay in the region of $20 000 for one of the 6000 series machines. Naturally, the optional extras can add significantly to this figure, but the resulting improvements in performance and productivity make it a worthwhile investment.

Wrapping it Up

The Toro 6000 Series ride-on mowers are a definite step up in design and technology over previous models.

From the improved, ergonomically designed seating and suspension to the engine management and monitoring systems, the 6000 series achieves a balance of performance, reliability, and quality.

What do you think?

What do you think of the Toro 6000 series? Which deck are you liking so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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Images are from Toro.

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