when to rake grass in the spring

When Should You Rake Your Lawn in the Spring: Know the Best Practice

To take proper care of your lawn, you can’t help but rake it occasionally. There will be a gathering of thatch on the ground, and ultimately, it will hinder the normal growth of your plants. Especially in winter, the leaves fall off and get accumulated on the surface. That’s why every homeowner must rake in the winter.

Apart from winter, should you rake your lawn in the spring? You should keep raking in the spring as well. But unfortunately, most home owners are not mindful enough in raking in the spring. In this article, we will cover the necessity of raking in the spring.

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When Should I Rake My Lawn?

Whether it’s spring or winter, you have to go for raking the ground whenever there are plenty of leaves, straws, rocks, or other debris. To have the best outcome, you must wait until the soil becomes dry and warm. Also, it’s crucial to start walking up from dormancy prior to starting rake up. In this winter, you don’t need to obey specific rules to go for rake. But in the spring, you have to be mindful enough to accomplish your job with great satisfaction.

Yard maintenance in spring with a fresh heap of grass clippings and a rake leaning on a green plastic bin for composting organic waste on a neat lawn with wrought iron fence above a lake

Especially in the spring, your lawn starts to turn green; so, you have to wait until the ground has thawed and the snow has melted away. Furthermore, to prepare your garden for raking in the spring, you have to leave the lawn rake in the storage for a few weeks in the spring.

Should You Rake Your Lawn In The Spring?

If you ask if you should rake your lawn in the spring, the answer will be affirmative. Almost all professional farmers or gardeners never forget to rake their lawns in the spring. Like winter, raking in the spring bring much favor for the plants. There are huge thatch, rocks, debris, and other particles on the ground in the spring. These always hamper the regular activity of plants and slow down their growth of the plants. Hence, raking is the only way to get rid of all these obstacles.

With energetic raking in the spring, you can remove weeds, waste the thatch layer, and gather unnecessary stones. Moreover, you can damage the shallow grassroots that emerge, especially in the spring, through raking. To perform your raking properly, you must reach out to sharp tines on a metal or bamboo rake.

How To Use A Rake?

As a sensible lawn owner, you must know how to use a rake. You can’t ever think of having an expected outcome if you keep raking randomly. So, try to rake for acorns, never as a hobby.

Manage a quality rake:

As you’re going to rake your lawn, a quality rake is essential to you. Without having an efficient rake, you can’t reach your goal in cleaning your land. You can build a rake through bamboo or purchase a metal rake from the market to perform your job.

To have better comfort and performance, you should always look for a rake with an ergonomic handle. A rake with a handle will aid you most to reduce strain on your back while during the raking period. Also, never forget to choose a lightweight rake to work for long hours.

Keep your body well-positioned:

After managing a quality rake, now it’s time to prepare yourself for staring raking. To have a successful raking session, you have to position your body properly. You have to place your hand exactly when you hold the rake. It’s crucial to grasp the rake with both hands to make it easy to rake.

Also, you have to change the hand position often as long as you rake. Furthermore, you must keep your knees bent, but not too far. Always try to move backward and keep the leaves backward for having the best performance.

Transport your leaves with the rake:

Now it’s time to raking your leaves with a rake to save time and energy. So, before staring racking, it’s crucial to lay out a tarp on the ground smoothly. Always try to rake one area of your yard as long as the tarp is not full of leaves.

Always drag the tarp to your mail pile to make the whole process easy and manageable. If you rake the leaves directly into a bag, it will be more comfortable. You need to transform the bag into the disposal area.

Stomp your leaves:

Whenever you have raked your leaves onto the tarp or a bag, you have to stomp them as soon as possible. In this case, you have to put one foot into the leaf bag simply.

You can use a container to store all the raked leaves, stones, or other particles. But you have to stop on your pile now and those to accomplish the job with great perfection.

Keep raking until the lawn is fully cleaned:

You have to carry on raking strip by strip to remove all the leaves, stones, or other debris. If you leave a single leaf on the ground, it will cost your plants terribly whenever the soil is muddy.

Also, you should try to sweep all the torn leaf to make your garden thoroughly clean. If you become senseless in raking the ground perfectly, you will have a poor outcome in the long run.

Final Thought

Your plants will grow soon whenever you are careful enough on those. Should you rake your lawn in the spring? As a professional farmer, your answer should be quite positive. However, we’ve given all the necessary information about why you need to rake and how to rake properly. You should implement this knowledge practically into your ground to be a successful farmer.

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