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Kubota Z700 Series Zero Turn Mower Review

One of the zero turn mower series worth talking about right now is the Kubota Z700. Coming with as much as six options in this series, Kubota has promised this being the best thing to happen to the commercial lawn mower industry.

That said, let’s see what’s going on with the Z723, Z724, Z725, Z726, Z751, and Z781 – and see if they are worth it at all.

Kubota mower Z700 series


Being a series in its own rights, it would be poor to compare the Z700 with a single mower. That is why we will pick the Scag Turf Tiger II as the closest thing they have to a rival.

Like the Kubota Z700, Scag Tiger II also comes in three cutting deck sizes. The overall build of each machine is very similar… like tanks. They are heavy and durable machines. The Kubota Z700 does seem to have a few more bells and whistle than the Scag Turf Tiger.

Some of the features below are only offered on Kubota's mowers. Take the foot parking brake for example… not many, if any of the competitors have this feature. These small additions can make the difference in your decision given that it may save a few seconds here and there.

Kubota Z700 Series Zero Turn Mower

Still, either of these brands will give the other a run for its money.


Kubota really went back to the drawing board for this one. Some of the latest additions that we find impressive are:

New mower deck

Under each and every one of the Z700 units are new mower decks which Kubota swears by. You would believe so too if you considered having a 6-inch-deep deck, coupled with anti-scalp rollers for a clean cut anytime

Kubota Z700 mower deck

Ease of control

The new control panel is so ergonomic, making it easy for you to reach almost anything in the blink of an eye

Kubota Z700 mower control panel

Parking brake

Now, you don’t need to engage the parking brake with your hands anymore. This hands-free approach makes it easier to focus on every other thing while using your foot to maneuver it as need be

Kubota Z700 mower park brake

Wide Platform

Operators of different heights will find the provided legroom in the units very welcome. Now, you have all the space to work comfortably.

Kubota Z700 mower wide platform

Ease of maintenance

Kubota makes access to vital components of the engine easier via an open engine compartment design. That, and the easy battery access too.

Kubota Z700 mower ease of maintenance

Foldable ROPS

Safety of the operator is ensured at all times with the addition of a Rollover Protection System

Kubota Z700 mower foldable ROPS

Adjustable Pedals

All the pedals and levers can be adjusted (raised or lowered) to meet the height of the operator. Thus, you don’t have to reach too far or cramp your legs to operate the foot pedals.

Kubota Z700 mower adjustable pedals


Due to the differences in cutting width and power requirements, there are different power ratings for the Z700 units:

  • Z723 – Kohler 22.5hp engine, 11.2mph maximum forward and 5.6mph maximum reverse speed
  • Z724 – Kawasaki 23.5hp engine or Kohler 23.5hp engine, 11.2mph maximum forward and 5.6mph maximum reverse speed
  • Z725 – Kohler 25 hp engine, 11.2mph maximum forward and 5.6mph maximum reverse speed
  • Z726 – Kohler 25.5hp engine, 11.2mph maximum forward and 5.6mph maximum reverse speed
  • Z751 – Kawasaki 25.5hp engine, 11.2mph maximum forward and 5.6mph maximum reverse speed
  • Z781 – Kawasaki 29.5hp engine, 11.2mph maximum forward and 5.6mph maximum reverse speed
Kubota Z700 mower engine

Cut Quality

Across the Z700 mowers, you get to pick from cutting deck widths of 48, 54 and 60 inches. Of course, your choice will be dependent on the kind of turf you need to handle, and how you’d like it to come out after working.

Likewise, the mower you pick will also determine your choice of engine. For some of the units in this category, you get to pick more than one engine type.

Kubota Z700 mower cut quality


Kubota didn’t make a unit that they claimed would be the darling of professionals without thinking about its durability.

Besides the use of premium steel material on the exterior to make sure the mower stands well against abuse of any kind, unobstructed access to the engine area – as well as vital parts of it – makes it possible to service the unit better. Routine maintenance is made even easier with the addition of a lift kit attachment which, in its own rights, serves like a built-in jack.

Kubota Z700 mower durability


A lot of thought went into the comfort of the operator. Some of the considerations are a wider legroom to reduce cramping in the leg on long operations.

A padded, fully-adjustable sitting area is also included for added comfort. Rounding up the setup is a cup holder which helps to keep the operators hydrated throughout the process.


Kubota maintains the same low center of gravity on all of their Z700 units, helping to improve stability. Working with that is the roll-over protective structure (ROPS) system in place to ensure the unit stays on the ground at all time. Lest we forget, the seatbelt comes retractable too!

One key feature of this mower is how low the center of gravity is. The engine, fuel tanks, and machine overall sit extremely low. This can be very good for mowing on hills.

Wrap Up

There is rarely anything you are looking for in your dream mower that you would not find in this series. Besides the obvious productivity and high durability, maintenance and serviceability are also high with this unit.

Completed with stunning ergonomics to suit operators of different shapes and sizes, Kubota did make good on their initial promise with this series.

Kubota Z700 series mower

If you would like more information or specifications on this mower check it out on Kubota's website. What are your thoughts on this mower? We'd love to hear them in the comments below!

2 Replies to “Kubota Z700 Series Zero Turn Mower Review

  1. Trust me , it is no tank. This is my 4th commercial turn mower of my small business. I have used Bush hog and Husqvarna. I have a 2009/10 Husqvarna that out performs my 2013 z700 Kubota that sets in waiting for an engine to be built. You will have issues with all the switches on the right console because of the water mud and other gunk the rear tires shed on them. The front no flat tires are soft and crack , adding the grass catcher expedites the cracking and adds more stress on the front tire folk yoke . My folk came out. Deck and drive belts come off often. I have babied this machine for 780hr used manly on city lawns with the mulch kit installed.

  2. I have had the z724 for 3 years and I am on my 4th discharge shoot. Kubota missed the mark on this one. Poorly designed to have a hard plastic discharge shoot that does not give. It starts to crack at the hinge and before you know it, completely broken. So if you don’t mind spending an extra $50, at least every season on this part you are good. Mow with it off you say. I currently am, but not by choice. The shoot is on backorder! There must be a lot of people having the same problem that it is backordered! If you mow with it off, be prepared to be showered in grass as well as the extra time to wash the mower which is covered in grass too! Ok, you think I am too hard on it and bad mower. Could be true, except I had another mower for 13 years and never had to buy a discharge shoot for that one. Same 6 acres of mowing.

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