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Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn Review

Scag tiger cat 2 is a powerful mower capable of handling more than 24 acres per day. It comes with a Velocity Plus cutter deck to ensure the grass is professionally manicured. But what I enjoy most about the mower is the adjustable suspension system. No matter the terrain, Scag Tiger II gives a smooth ride.


After a quick comparison of Scag Tiger 2 and Ferris F160, I noted a slight difference in speed. To keep productivity at maximum, the Scag Tiger provides a forward speed of 12MPH and reverse speed of 5MPH.

On the other hand, Ferris F160 has a forward ground speed of 10mph and a reverse speed of 5mph. Another notable difference is the cutting width. For Scag Tiger II, I can choose 48, 52, or 61” cutting deck while Ferris F160 allows for cutting width of 48″ and 52”.

Since I have used both mowers, I also noted that Scag Tiger comes with dual tanks of 9.5 gallons. However, Ferris F160 mower is fitted with a 21-liter fuel tank to keep me productive all day.

MowerScag Tiger Cat 2Ferris F160Toro 3000
Engine:22 hp Kawasaki FX, 25 hp Kawasaki FT, 25 hp Kohler EFI, or 32 hp Vanguard24 hp Kawasaki FX or 28 hp Vanguard EFI20.5 hp, 24.5 hp, or 25.5 hp Kawasaki FX OR 25 hp Kohler Command Pro
Deck Size:48″, 52″, and 61″48″ & 52″48″, 52″, 60″, and 72″
Transmission:12cc pumps and 16cc parker wheel motorsHydro-Gear ZT-4400 Transaxles12cc pumps and 16cc Parker wheel motors
Seat Type:Suspension SeatSuspension SeatSuspension Seat
Fuel Capacity:9.5 Gallons11 Gallons8 Gallons
Speed:12 mph forward10 mph forward8.5-10 mph forward
Warranty:2 yr unlimited hours or 3 yr 500 hours2 yr unlimited hours or 4 yr 500 hours2 yr unlimited or 5 yr 1200 hours
Price*:$8,499 – $9,499$7,899 – $8,399$8,999 – $10,999

* prices only an estimate that may vary based upon a particular dealer.

Scag Line up Comparison

You may be wondering where the Scag Tiger Cat 2 fits within the Scag lineup of mowers. Below is a comparison between the Scag Patriot, Tiger Cat 2, and Turf Tiger 2.

MowerTurf Tiger 2Tiger Cat 2Scag Patriot
Engine:31hp Vanguard, Kawasaki FD851D, 35hp Vanguard, 37hp Vanguard EFI22 hp Kawasaki FX, 25 hp Kawasaki FT, 25 hp Kohler EFI, or 32 hp Vanguard22 hp Kawasaki FX691, 23 hp Kohler Command Pro, and 26 hp Vanguard 810
Deck Size:52″, 61″, and 72″48″, 52″, and 61″52″ and 61″
Transmission:16cc pumps and 16cc Parker wheel motors12cc pumps and 16cc parker wheel motors52″: Hydro-Gear ZT3100
61″: Hydro-Gear ZT3400
Seat Type:Suspension SeatSuspension SeatSuspension Seat
Fuel Capacity:12 Gallons9.5 Gallons6.5 Gallons
Speed:12 mph12 mph52″: 8.5 mph
61″: 10 mph
Warranty:2-year unlimited hours or 3-year 500 hours2 yr unlimited hours or 3 yr 500 hours2 yr unlimited hours or 3 yr 500 hours
Price*:$14,000 – $16,139$8,499 – $9,499$7,199 – $8,219


Scag Tiger Cat 2 comes with a handful of engine options. The first model is powered by a Kohler EFI injected air-cooled engine that generated 25HP. This engine option is only available in 52-inch cutting deck models.

The second engine option is a Kawasaki engine. This featured across all models with 48 (FX), 52 (FT), 61-inch (FT) cutting decks. The Kawasaki engine options are a bit interesting. The FT series a fairly new engine type by Kawasaki. We would have preferred to see FX engines but maybe the FT engines will be just as good.

kawasaki FT730V engine

There is a 61″ cut model that offers a 32 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine. This is a strong engine, however, it is a carbureted engine. Most of the industry is turning to EFI engines but there are still some customers that may prefer carburated.


Drive system

The Tiger Cat 2 is equipped with 12 cc pumps and high torque Parker wheel motors. If you're more familiar with Transaxles or maybe comparing to another mower… this set up is going to be closely related to the ZT-3400 Hydro-Gear transaxles.

Normally, independent pump and wheel motor machines are known to be a little jerkier than mowers with transaxles. However, it is best for you to demo each one for yourself!

Suspension Seat

What I like most about the suspension system is that it adjusts to my body weight. Apart from that, the seat is padded and comes with adjustable armrests. It also allows for both forward and rear adjustment which comes in handy when I ride the mower on rough terrain.

scag tiger cat 2 suspension seat

Split steel pulleys

This model is equipped with strong pulleys to ensure a long life. And because it’s lightweight, it reduces wear on the cutter drive system. These will outperform most other types of pulleys on the market.

Tapered roller bearings

They are fitted in the front caster wheels to reduce maintenance. Since the bearings are of high-quality, they can handle a large load than the standard bearings.

Drive tires

This is arguably the best mower that comes with all-terrain tires. What I like most about the 24-inch tires is that they are solid enough to support the weight of the mower. Also, they provide enough stability and curb climbing traction.


The braking system for this model is in the foot area. I operate them without having to take my hands off the steering wheel. This is definitely a convenient feature and somewhat of a unique feature. More and more manufacturers are turning to this method of brake but it's still not very popular.

Instrument Panel

This interesting control panel has most of your standard features, ignition, throttle, and PTO engagement. It also features Scag's “Tiger Eye” technology. This tracks your machine and gives all of the maintenance notifications and other cool information.

scag tiger cat mower panel


Scag tiger cat II excels when it comes to durability. I find the fully-welded tubular steel frame to provide years of reliable service. The aluminized engine exhaust increases performance, back pressure, and lasts longer than the conventional steel construction.

Overall, this mower is built to stand up to tough conditions. Tons of grass can be cut with this machine and it is made to take on rough terrain.


This mower has a wide center of gravity, so I enjoy a comfortable ride on uneven ground. Besides that, the torsion-spring suspension system allows me to adjust the weight accordingly. The seat can also be adjusted and modified to suit my back.

Overall, I think the mower is fairly comfortable… nothing too special. I'd say it is very comparable to any other mower with a suspension seat on the market.


While Scag is without a doubt of the most durable mowers in the industry. The aesthetics of the mower can sometimes be questionable. Obviously this is mainly up to personal preference so don't bash me for my opinion.

With that being said, I think this mower is only decent looking. Compared to many of the other brands I just don't think it is as eye-catching. I still don't think this takes away from the mower's durable build and amazing quality of cut… I'd take performance over looks any day.

Built quality

The build quality of Scag mowers, in general, is one of the best. They are frequently referred to as “tanks.” The Scag Tiger Cat 2 is no exception… it is a quality built machine that will last a long time.

You may be wondering how the Scag Tiger Cat 2 stacks up against its more expensive friends in the Scag line up? Well, yes, the Scag Turf Tiger 2 and Cheetah 2 are probably going to hold up a bit longer and provide more productivity.

Choosing the correct grade of mower is all about your intended use. There are a million different circumstances. In general, the Scag Tiger Cat 2 is made for a homeowner with larger acreage, a part-time lawn care owner, or a lawn care owner just getting started that's on a budget.

Cut quality

The Scag tiger cat 2 is built with three cutting deck models – 48, 52, and 61. Each of the sizes is the Velocity Plus deck. If you've ever been around Scag mowers before you'll know they provide one of the best cuts in the industry.

The slope nose design of their decks allows grass to stand up before being cut. The airflow and suction of the deck are incredibly good. If you're never cut with a Velocity deck I would highly recommend it.

scag velocity deck


This model comes with a PTO clutch safety switch, parking brake safety circuit, and seat activated engine kill. Furthermore, it’s equipped with high-quality electrical components for added convenience. Other safety features include a foldable rollover protection system (ROPS) and retractable seat belts.

Our rating

Performance:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Cut Quality:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Durability:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Comfort:3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)
Price:3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)
Overall:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)


As mention above, the price for this unit is around $8,499 – $9,499 depending on deck and engine options. This is a pretty good price for this grade mower. It is competitive with the rest of the industry.

Wrapping it up

Scag tiger cat 2 is a compact zero-turn mower designed to do mowing jobs quickly and conveniently. But this is not just like any other mower. It gives total control and maneuvers well in tight corners. And the good thing with this unit is that it comes with unmatched comfort. The refined deck and specially-designed engine give better operational efficiency.

What do you think?

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Images are from Scag Mowers.

5 Replies to “Scag Tiger Cat 2 Zero Turn Review

  1. I have never own a Scag mower before, but I have a friend that have one. He has a Lawn care service and He is always talking about how good his Scag Tiger cat II is when it come to a quality cut and how it is well built. He love that Mower so much. Now He got me looking at buying a Scag Patriot 52″ cutting deck with the Hurricane Plus Mulching System, with the Kawasaki FX691 engine. He said that this is a great mower for what I am going to do. What do you think. I am a home owner and I also do a little cutting on the side. I do like the Scag Patriot.

    1. We are looking at a new Patriot or Tiger cat II 61
      We have a 2003 (48 inch) Scag cub
      This unit has performed well, just replacing some idler pulleys along with blades
      The Kawasaki engine has been flawless, not even a carb issue

  2. At age 64 we just purchased our first New mower after dealing with junk mowers all of our life, a New 2020 Scag Tiger Cat 2 powered by a FX 730V EFI 26hp, WOW!! After the first 20 hours I have crawled all over it, greased it, changed the oil and filter, sharpened and balanced blades, etc. I’m absolutely thrilled with performance and quality! I never dreamed just mowing the lawn could be so much fun! Thank you – Scag

  3. I bought a 2020 Tiger Cat 2 and it started leaking fuel from the carbon canister after only 2.7 hours. The dealer said to only fill the machine with fuel just above the 2/3 level, not to the full level. I had it filled to about an inch below the white sleeve inside the tank but apparently still allowed fuel to saturate the carbon canister. Hope this helps others from an early repair. I am frustrated and a little disappointed with my new mowers so far. Thought they wouldn’t be this temperamental. Maybe just a fluke. Mechanic did say he has never seen a canister leak fuel before.

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