Husqvarna Z500 Series Zero Turn Review

Husqvarna Z500 Series Zero Turn Review

If you are planning to invest in a good lawn mower, then you should spend a few minutes going through this article. Though there are many brands and models in the market, Husqvarna Z500 series is worth being looked at closely. Read this Husqvarna Z500 Series Zero Turn review and find out.

Husqvarna Z500 Series Zero Turn Review

These new series are suitable for lawn care professionals who are never willing to compromise on quality. There are a number of features that set this series apart from many such brands and models in the market today. They have the latest design features and are focused on durability, cut quality and productivity. The z500 series also provides total comfort, apart from offering superior traction and high ground speeds.

All these go a long way in ensuring the best in mowing efficiency. Easy serviceability is also another reason why it could be a good buy. It has a total of eleven products, four under the z500 models and seven under the Z500x models.

The models falling under this series are unique and they come with 2 inch x 3 inch tubular steel frames and are weld-reinforced. Yes, they are also covered by the 5 year commercial warranty of Husqvarna.

Husqvarna Z500 Series Warranty

In this Husqvarna Z500 Series Zero Turn review, we will be comparing two model Husqvarna Z560 with the Husqvarna Z560x and try and let our readers know as to which is the better choice. We will compare the two models on some major attributes and characteristics such as power, features, cut quality, durability, aesthetics, build quality, safety and finally a rough estimate of the price will also be given.


Let us get started with the power. The Husqvarna Z560 has a Yamaha 27.5 hp engine for its power output.

On the other hand, the Husqvarna Z560x works on the 31 HP Kawasaki engine for its power requirements.

Hence, as far as power output is concerned the Z560x scores because of its high horse power capacity.

Some Important Features

Premium Suspension Seat


Suspension seat: The seats are heavily cushioned and they have been designed to provide whole day comfort for those operating the mower. Hence it is quite obvious that the users will get the best possible comfort even under very tough and demanding situations.

Husqvarna Z500 Series z560 Suspension seat


The seats of the Z560x are almost the same as Z560 and users can be sure to get all-day comfort. The dial by weight full suspension seat that is a part of all Z500 series is what makes it quite different from many other such models in the market.

Automatic Parking Brake

Both the Z560 and Z560x have a unique and technologically advanced parking brake system. The patent for the same is pending. The braking system automatically the steering levers and also deactivates is as and when the levers are moved inward or outward.

Husqvarna Z500 Series Automatic parking brake

Large Fuel Capacity

Both the models have a reasonably large fuel capacity of around 12 gallons. This is perfect suited for all-day mowing.

Husqvarna Z500 Series Large Fuel Capacity

LED Fuel Gauge

Additionally, both the Z560 and Z560x feature LED fuel gauge indicator. This lets the users know how much fuel is left and the users are also warned when the levels are two low.

Husqvarna Z500 Series LED Fuel Gauge

As far as the speed is concerned the Z560x has a maximum forward speed of 12 mph compared to Z560 that offers a maximum forward speed of 10 MPH.

Cutting Decks

Husqvarna Z500 Series cutting deck

Here is a comparison of some other major features as far as the cutting decks are concerned.

  • Cutting deck type: z560 is 10-gauge fabricated while 7 gauge fabricated.
  • Cutting deck material is steel for both the models.
  • Maximum and minimum cutting heights are – Z560 – 5 inches and 1 inch while in case of Z560x it is the same.
  • As far as the length, height and weight are concerned, the z560x has a length of 81 inches, height of 45 inches and weight of 1309 lbs. On other hand, in case of z560 is it 81 inches 46 inches and the weight are 1250 lbs.

Cut Quality

Cut quality is an important attribute while choosing mowers. The z560 is excellent in this respect and it comes with a 3-in-one cutting system. It is perfectly suited for even the toughest of terrain and does not put any strain on the user.

Husqvarna Z500 Series cut quality

The z560x is also quite good and it can make short work of tall grass. It can also easily handle tough terrains and it does not cause too much of strain on the back even when used for long periods of time.

Hence, it would be not wrong to mention that in terms of cut quality both the Z560 and Z560x are on the same levels.


As is the case with all lawn mowers of Husqvarna, both the Z560 and Z560x models have been built to last. This is because both the models are equipped with one-piece steel that is suited for heavy-duty use. The steel is also powder coated and therefore has better capacity to withstand corrosion and rusting. This results in longer life. Both the models are equipped with premium blades that are designed for superior cutting. The special design features and the high quality material that is used for make the blades are also important points to be considered. The blades and the body of the mowers have been designed to offer long life even when they are used in the toughest of conditions. The ball bearing wheels helps the mowers to move easily even after they have been used for many years.

Comfort of Mowing

When it comes to comfort of mowing, there are enough reasons to believe that both the models (Z560 and Z560x) are equally good. This is because or ergonomically and intelligently designed seats. The suspension is also very strong and it has the capacity to withstand the shock that is generated when the mowers have to be moved along rough and uneven surfaces.


In terms of looks and appearances and overall aesthetics, there is again nothing much to differentiate between the two. However for a few customers the Z560x might score a few points extra because of the special design features as far as the body is concerned.


Build Quality

As a customer you can be sure that both the models (Z560 and Z560x) have the best of build qualities. This is in line with the overall philosophy of Husqvarna. Whether it is the quality steel metal that is used, the ergonomic design features or the ease of operation, we can be sure that both the models offer excellent value for money.

Safety Features

As mentioned above, both the models have inbuilt safety features in it. While there are quite a few of them, the biggest takeaway is the fact that the mowers have inbuilt auto-stop mechanism which ensure that it does not race away when the customer is struggling in tough terrains and mowing environments. Further, the blades are placed quite safely reducing the risk of accidents quite significantly.


The Z560 is priced roughly at $8,999 while the Z560x has a price tag or around $9,912. The higher price is perhaps because of some extra features and higher speed.

Summing Up: Husqvarna Z500 Series Zero Turn Review

When we take into account the various features, functions, specifications and customer feedbacks and reviews, there are many positives for both the Z560 and Z560x models. Both have been built using the best of design technology and the customers can expect years of happy, comfortable and safe mowing.

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