ferris isx800 zero turn mower

Ferris ISX800 Zero Turn Mower Review

Ferris has always been sporting a great line of suspension zero turn mowers. Actually, it has now been 20 years since Ferris first introduced their suspension lawn mower. To keep up with the needs of the markets and serve professionals better though, they have introduced a new Ferris ISX800 zero turn unit.

As always, the aesthetics of Ferris’ offerings will always stand out. What makes this one very unique are the new considerations in terms of performance, ease of use and comfort. Planning to feature an all new forefront suspension system, Ferris made sure this would be one machine to beat in the future.

Today, we will be looking at the Ferris ISX800 Zero Turn Mower under different headings to help you make a better buying decision, should you be interested in getting one.


We would compare the new Ferris ISX800 zero turn mower with a much older Toro Titan HD for a variety of reasons. The first is because both promise to be the best in their class while also being in the same category of zero turn mowers.

However, a huge difference is seen when we go to the suspension of each unit. The Ferris ISX800 has a full independent front suspension. The Toro Titan HD on the other hand has a suspension platform. Obviously, Ferris wins on this vital feature of the mowers.

Otherwise, both of these mowers are pretty similar as far as power, deck, and durability. Each of those are considered entry level commercial zero turns.


Ferris has made this new unit in such a way that the operator gets to choose which engine is running under the hood. They can decide to want the Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf engine or go the way of Kawasaki engines.

The former engine will be able to clock as much as 27HP while in operation. Such speed will be managed over a two, 810cc cylinders with a V-twin engine setup. That is combined with the electric starting model and rounded off with the Hydro-Gear ZT3400 transaxles for better durability and performance.

To finish up, these mowers will be able to top out at an operational speed of 10mph.


  • Powered by operator’s choice engines (Briggs &Stratton or Kawasaki)
  • Comes with Hydro gear ZT-3400 for high performance
  • Mower can move at speeds of 10mph
  • Comes with a Forefront Suspension System (pending patent)
  • Two-belt iCD cutting system reduces belt dislodging
  • 500 Hours operational warranty on each unit
  • Features 52 inch and 61 inch cutting decks
  • Premium mid-back seat for comfort

The engine supplied by Briggs & Stratton also packs a 5-step dust and particle filtration system.

A double wishbone suspension allows for the movement of the mower deck in line with the independent front wheels.That provides for a smoother ride and better cut along the ride.

This mower also features a double belt deck system, meaning an extended life when compared to single belt deck systems. There is also a 3 year or 300 hour warranty on deck belts. This is a rare warranty found in the industry.

Cut Quality

The whole purpose of a mower is to cut grass. That's why I believe it is the most important part of anymore. The Ferris ISX800 doesn't disappoint in the quality of cut department. This mower has the ICD cutting deck similar to the ISX3300.

This deck features a two belt system that takes more strain of the belts and prolongs the life of the deck and spindles. The ISX800 deck belts even come with a 3-year or 300 hour warranty. This is almost unheard of, but Ferris stands behind this.

Overall, I think the ISX800 has a very good cut quality and can be used in many different applications. You definitely won't be disappointed in this decks mowing ability.


A lot of thought has gone into the design of the Ferris ISX800 zero turn mower to ensure it lasts for long. For one, the double belt drive system ensures you don’t have to fret as much as you would with a single belt.

Furthermore, a Hydro Gear ZT-3400 is thrown into the mix for even better durability. This engine addition also comes fully serviceable in the case you’d like to check it out.

To back up the claim of extreme durability, each unit comes with a warranty protection for unlimited hours over the first two years of operation or a 4 year, 500-hour warrant… whichever comes first.


Ferris mowers have always been about the convenience of operators. This year, that was taken a notch further with the introduction of the Forefront Suspension system.

The new addition ensures the front caster bearings remain vertical throughout the travel, no matter the gradient of the field. There is also a premium, mid-back seat worked into the machine for operator comfort. It doesn’t matter if you are working for short or longer hours at once.

There is a seat-activated engine kill and PTO clutch safety switch with the neural and parking brake safety circuits too. All these combines to make the new Ferris unit a comfort to behold


More than the comfort, aesthetics is not also left behind on the ISX800 Zero Turn mower. Like most mowers, a generous splash of red around black and white touches makes the unit a beauty to behold from afar.

The large drive tires make for a better overall build while still contributing to a better traction. All that is rounded off with a thoughtful use of space to ensure superior engine placement and operator positioning.


The operator’s seat has a 180-degree Roll Over Protection Structure with a retractable seat belt. This is the bestway to keep the operator in place during the time of operation. The mower also comes with a seat-activated engine switch which keeps the mower in operation only as long as there is an operator on it.


This mower is at an amazing price. It has a lot of features and a very well built mower for such a low price range.

Mower Video

Our Rating

Performance:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Cut Quality:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Durability:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Comfort:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Price:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Overall:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


People who have used a Ferris mower before could already have a soft spot for this one. If you are one of them, let us know in the comments if you're going to get this mower.

For those who are getting their first mowers or first Ferris mower, is this the one for you?

5 Replies to “Ferris ISX800 Zero Turn Mower Review

  1. I got a Farris 800z today… mowed my new lawn 1.9 acres in 1 hour. The neighbors said it sound like a plane going by… my kids said dad you were flying… I was cutting about 5-6 inches off… no problem. This is a machine… the ride was like riding in a Cadillac… and yes the yard is not flat but has many bumps….

  2. You’ll never be sorry buying or using a Ferris. I used several different mowers from different manufacturers mowing for a large commercial landscaping company and the Ferris was hands-down my favorite. Ferris are absolutely solid, top-performing commercial riding mowers.

  3. “If you are one of them, lets (sic) know if you would be interested in this one, and why.”

    who does the editing of these blogs? Oy vey!

    1. Thanks for catching the error… I never claimed to be an English major. Only claimed to know a thing or two about mowers.

  4. Just bought the Ferris 800 with 61 inch deck, caster wheels great on front, but none on back, have noticed sum scalping when going straight over a dip or in old days a Terrance row, can anything be done, little diasappointed.

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