ferris isx3300 review

Ferris ISX3300 Zero Turn Mower Review

The ISX3300 zero turn mower is the newest mower added to the Ferris lineup. It was introduced at the 2019 GIE show alongside the ISX2200 (smaller version.) This mower features the all-new suspension technology that has been named Forefront Suspension.

If you follow Ferris you may remember this suspension was introduced last year on the ISX800. This suspension allows for vertical moving shocks, similar to UTVs. This keeps the deck from diving down when you stop quickly and keeps the front tires in contact with the ground better.

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The new Ferris ISX3300 Zero Turn Mower is here and out on the market. This mower is comparable to the Scag Turf Tiger II as far as power and cut quality. Both units are top of the line commercial and the best in each of their respective lineups.

Ferris ISX3300 VS IS3200 Comparison

ISX3300 Suspension
IS3200 Suspension

The big question everyone is asking since the release of the ISX3300 is “How does it compare to the Ferris IS3200… how is it different?”

The BIG difference is definitely the suspension. For the slightly higher cost, it's probably worth upgrading solely for that. This mower will ride better, hold hills better, and have a better cut quality than the IS3200.

There are also some smaller upgrades like the back bumper and ROPS. The back bumper has a more modern look and appears to protect the engine a bit more. The ROPS is a new design that has rubber stops to avoid any rattling.

The only possible downside of the ISX3300 is there isn't a Kawasaki engine option. So if you're a die-hard Kawasaki fan you'll have to get an IS3200 this year. We would assume there will be more engine options in future years.

Below is a simple charge showing the differences between the two mowers with the 61 inch deck and 37 hp Vanguard with oil guard engine.

Engine:37 hp Vanguard with oil guard37 hp Vanguard with oil guard
Deck:61″ or 72″61″ or 72″
Suspension:Forefront SuspensionIndependent Suspension


The ISX 3300 runs on a 37- horsepower strong engine from Vanguard Big Block EFI with the oil guard system. The engine comes in the variants with a 61- or 72-inch two-belt, ICD cutting deck.

I am very happy with the oil guard system. Now you only have to change the oil every 500 hours instead of every 100 hours. Saves me time and money. The engine is among the most powerful in the market and uses the same engine as the most powerful engine option of the Scag Turf Tiger II (but without oil guard).

The ISX3300 is equipped with the dual, commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Powertrain® transaxles drive system. This is the largest and strongest transaxle of Hydro-Gear®.

You can feel the power when you drive this machine. It can reach a speed of up to 12 mph forward and 5 mph going backward. This mower is also extremely smooth and has a very responsive feel to the way it drives.


  • Forefront suspension system – The suspension makes sure that the front caster bearing stays in a vertical position for an easy ride and a more even cut of the grass.
  • Rear bumper – got a redesign for more ground clearance. The redesign provides more protection to the engine compared to the old design.
  • Premium Suspension seat – it's equipped with armrests and an adjustable headrest. The chair can recline and the lumbar is adjustable for comfort and support for the lower back. I have to say that they did an excellent job with the comfort of the seat.
  • New ROPS Bar – this provides a rattle-free ride.
  • 11 Gallon Fuel Tank – This mower still features 2 large fuel tanks for all-day mowing.
ferris isx3300 rear bumper

Cut Quality

Overall, the cut quality of the machine is very good! It has improved cut quality over the IS3200 and may even pass the Scag Turf Tiger II now. I would love to see this machine and Scag side by side mowing soon (we may have to make this happen).

With a pedal, the cut length is easily adjustable between 1.5 to 5 inches. With increments of just a quarter-inch at a time. You will have full control over the length of the grass.

The deck altogether has not changed from the previous IS3200. Everything about the deck appears to be the same. The main difference in the quality of the cut is going to come in the way the deck is hung and the way the new suspension works.


The new design increases the durability of the engine. The durability of the ISX3300 is improved compared to previous models. Suspension on any mower seems to absorb more impact and makes sense that the mower would last longer.

There is also a 5-year warranty for the coil-over-shocks and all suspension related parts for unlimited hours of work. The engineers trust the durability of the ISX3300 and I share their perspective. The Ferris ISX3300 is an investment for the long term.


The IS3200 thrived here and the ISX3300 thrives even more. This is what the Ferris brand is known for… the most comfortable mower on the market! I think they have gone above and beyond with this new mower.

The suspension seat is very comfortable and easily adjustable to fit your body. It even has a headrest, I'm not sure how much it actually helps, but it at least looks cool.

I would be willing to say that there isn't another mower in the industry that has the level of comfort that this mower has. It feels like you're just gliding over bumps while mowing. It's actually pretty crazy!

ferris isx3300 suspension


I understand when it comes to aesthetics personal taste is different for everyone. The overall look is similar to the IS3200 with a few added features mentioned above.

The new design of the rear bumper in combination with the rear wheels looks great on the machine. It is an awesome looking mower that would look great on any trailer.

Build quality

The built quality is exactly what I would expect from the top of the line 2020 model Ferris mower. The built quality is excellent. This Ferris brand has built a name for themselves over many years and has done it again with this great mower.


With the excellent suspension, driving the mower is as stable as it can be.

The mower comes with several safety features for a safe experience. The seat activated engine kill, clutch safety switch, neutral and parking brake safety circuit, and adjustable twin steering controls all add to the overall safety of this machine.

ferris isx3300 mower

Our Rating

Performance:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Cut Quality:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Durability:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Comfort:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Price:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Overall:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


The price of the new mower is around $14,699 (61″) to $15,249 (72″). This is competitive in terms of other mowers with similar specs. Which most of the other mowers in this price range do not offer full suspension… only suspension seat.

For more specifics on pricing visit the Ferris dealer locator to find your nearest dealer!

Wrapping it up

All in all the Ferris ISX3300 is an excellent mower built for the full commercial landscaper. It is one of the top mowers in the industry and definitely worth checking out if you are in the market for a large zero-turn mower.

What do you think?

Have you used the ISX3300? What are your thoughts on it? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

9 Replies to “Ferris ISX3300 Zero Turn Mower Review

  1. My first zero turn was a Dixon. Bought it in 89. Loved it for 13 years and it totally bit the dust. My next one was a scag turf tiger,61 inch. Started having to spend money on it at around 14 years. My wife and I both have equal amounts of yard to mow, so instead of one waiting for the other to finish, I bought another scag turf tiger, 72 inch. Now the first scag is at a point, 18 years, to where it needs a lot of work, probably close to $2000. I would rather put that toward a new one. The scag dealer that I was using closed up and retired,so I am trying to decide what type I want. This ferris sounds good since I have a very rough yard. any suggestions would be appreciated. Sorry , I didn’t mean to write a book.

  2. Please compare Hulstler Super z hyper drive 60 inch rear discharge with tweel tires to Ferris ISX3300 with tweel tires and 61 inch mower deck for quality of cut, smooth and responsive and comfort . Thank you. Mike


    1. Yes same problem with my new 61 in Ferris 3300 if one of the front wheels is say 2 in higher the opposite side of the deck cuts about 3/4 of an inch lower. Makes a ugly strip. The ride can’t be beat but I’m not a fan of the floating deck. Just hanging the deck with chains would have been better let the rollers lift the deck when needed. The operator needs to float the deck needs to stay in contact with the ground.

  4. My 2005 Dixon Kodiak 50″ is still in service. 2.6 acres here. 7 zerk points, cast iron greasable spindles, Kawasaki FH601V with Fleetguard dual filtration, replaced outer with a K&N years ago. Wix 51394 oil filters.
    Process of elimination on the new one, we’re down to Scag, Ferris, Bobcat & Hustler.
    We’re considering going semipro on lawncare. <15/week dependent on acreage.
    I do all of my own maintenance, for now. Choose a dealer within driving distance.
    TALK to the dealers and look around. We talked with a guy today "we provide trailer service to and from". That's a serious benefit if all you want to do is mow your own yard. If you find one you love, and another dealer offers above, tell them so. Today was the first I have EVER heard of that.
    Good luck in choosing your next ZTR.
    I'd probably go Kawasaki EFI, cant get specs on B&S Vanguard EFI's oil filter (595390) micron ratings.
    Ferris rides better than anyone else making ZTR's.

  5. I have been a Commercial Landscape Contractor for 35+ years have owned over 50+ commercial
    machines. since 1999 I have sworn By my Scag Turf Tiger ( since owning Toro out front deck mowers
    in 1990’s 220D, 320D etc..) when I semi-retired down south to our 12 acres only made sense to
    bring my top scag with me That scag now has 3900 hrs after 21 years she has been exceptional
    to say the least on her 2nd motor with that awesome Kawaski! Its now time to take it easy on the
    bumps and re-tool. So I demoed 4 of the top mowers again in my Area & again I still loved
    Scag but my scoring placed Ferris much higher on my grading sheets. So we decided
    to Buy our First Ferris ISX 3300! spoke to several guys that are loyal Scag lovers and they too
    felt the same & graded The Ferris ISX-3300 best Large ZTR mower they ever drove. Scag still
    builds a Great Unit, but again Ferris now builds the Best as of 2021..Scag will have to go back
    and redesign with “Creature comforts” in mind because that is what sets them apart. No apology
    for the Text book here!! if your spending 14k you want a real review not a sentence…LOL

    1. Have you tried the new SCAG Cheetah II? I am debating between the isx3300 and the Cheetah II. Both about $16k out the door, leaning towards the isx3300 becasue it has a slightly larger 40hp vs the 37 hp on the SCAG.
      Any input or thoughts would be appreciated.

  6. Any thoughts about what is better regarding a zero turn mower having either being air cooled or liquid cooled?? I’m not sure if the Ferris ISX 3300 is air cooled or liquid cooled, does anyone know. We have had a Kubota ZD326 for 13 years; the only trouble we have had is that the 3 of the 4 tires have gone flat over time so I had tubes put in–no problems since then, but yesterday, the other rear tire blew resulting in a large side wall hole, which I replaced, tire size is 26 x 12 x 12 on the Kubota. For now, it seems the Ferris ISX 3300 is the way to go. I had also thought about the Wright Zero Turns also.

    1. Ferris and wright will have air cooled engines. Most liquid cooled engines will be diesel… I do think Kawasaki has a liquid cooled gas engine though.

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