cub cadet snow blower review

Cub Cadet Snow Blower Review

Cub Cadet has been one of the most trusted names in the outdoor power equipment industry for over 60 years. Their line of snow blowers is specified to work for both residential and commercial use. The Cub Cadet X Series® boasts a range of snow blowers that take the cake on high-performance delivery in any snow condition.

Whether it be wet, powdery, or even packed snow, the X series is more than capable of taking it out and throwing it out.

Cub Cadet Snow Blower Overview

This article will be looking into three models of Cub Cadet blowers taken from the X Series Trac line up. Here they are as follows:

Cub Cadet 1X Series Snow Blower

cub cadet 1x review
  • Powerful Cub Cadet Engine
  • Up to 6 in. of snow removal
  • Push button Electric start
  • Manual Chute adjustment
  • 3-year residential warranty
  • 1-year commercial warranty

Cub Cadet 2X Series Snow Blower

cub cadet 2x review
  • Powerful Cub Cadet Engine
  • 2-Stage Design
  • Up to 12 in. of snow removal
  • Push button Electric start
  • Heavy-Duty Gear Box
  • Trigger-Control Power Steering
  • 3-year residential warranty
  • 1-year commercial warranty

Cub Cadet 3X Series Snow Blower

cub cadet 3x series review
  • Powerful Cub Cadet Engine
  • 3-Stage Design
  • Up to 23 in. of snow removal
  • Push button Electric start
  • Heavy-Duty Gear Box
  • Trigger-Control Power Steering
  • 3-year residential warranty
  • 1-year commercial warranty

What are Single, Two, and Three Stage Snow Blowers?

Single Stage Units

Cub Cadet's single-stage snow blowers can handle light snow up to around 6 inches and are equipped with auger blades that send snow directly to the discharge chute.

In a single-stage snow blower, there is a single auger that does all of the work. Its job is to pick up the snow and discharge it. This prevents it from being as efficient as two-stage and three-stage snow blowers.

Two-Stage Units

A two-stage snow blower contains an impeller and serrated augers that can Though and wet snow. Unlike a single-stage snow blower, on a two-stage machine, the auger sucks up the snow, but then the impeller's job is to discharge the snow. This allows the snow blower to pick up and discharge more snow at quicker speeds.

Three-Stage Units

A three-stage snow blower is a relatively new concept. It is the same as a two-stage, but it has an additional auger known as an accelerator. These are best for heavily packed snow or ice and wet/heavy snow.

The Main Similarities and Differences of All Three X-Series Models

Similar Features of 1X®, 2X®, 3X®:

All Models Can Clear Snow Quickly and With Ease.

They Have Durable and Powerful Engines That has Reliable Starting Capability.

Starting up isn't a problem with any of our Cub Cadet engines. They all feature Intellipower™ technology. It provides added power whenever and wherever it is needed the most.

Push-Button Electric Start

Available on all three models, a convenient and reliable way to start up your engine straight from the cold.

Led Headlights

The LED headlights are great for better visibility when pushing to clear a path on dark mornings and low light. It also serves as an early warning device, especially on foggy days.

The Difference Among the Three Models

Trigger Control Power Steering exists for 2X® and 3X® Models.

Both have the capability for better control and effortless maneuverability using triggers on the handlebars.

3 Stage System for 3X®

The first of its kind, this 3rd level snow blower system was just recently included. The 3X performs bigger, better, faster snow and ice, and even slush clearing.

Cool Blue™ Skid Shoes for 2X® and 3X® Models

These are innovative attachments by Cub Cadets that are made to improve the blower's glide factor over surfaces. They help prevent rust on driveways, garage floors, and sidewalks.

Cub Cadet Snow Blower Lineup

1X Single Stage Snow Blower

The 1X snow blower is perfect for the homeowner with relatively mild snowfall and average-sized driveway/sidewalks. This machine is made for up to 6-inches of snowfall. It can handle some wet and heavy snow but not very much. 

We tested this snow blower. It is comparable to other single-stage snow blowers on the market at a reasonable price point. The overall value of the machine is pretty good.

1X 21″ HP1X 21″ LHP
Engine179cc OHV Engine208cc OHV Engine
TransmissionManual, auger-assistedManual, auger-assisted
Max Snow Height6 inches6 inches
Fuel Capacity.5 gal..5 gal.
Starter TypeElectric/RecoilElectric/Recoil
Warranty3-year residential; 1-year commercial3-year residential; 1-year commercial
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Main Features:

• Powerful Engine with Electric Start

The ratio of power compared to its engine's size is so big that the user would be surprised about how powerful the Cub Cadet ®OHV engine is. Plug it into a 110V outlet, push the button, and it's ready to roll.

• Remote Chute Control

This snow blower features a convenient single-handed remote control on the chute's pitch and direction where the user will be throwing snow. Hence, less effort is needed in directing and redirecting chute disposal.

• Dependable Auger System

Made out of high-impact rubber and hardened steel, 1X ®'s auger is both lightweight and sturdy. Strong and is easy to drive.

More Features:

– LED headlights

– 21 inches clearing width

– Can handle 6 inches of snowfall

– Can cover up to an 8-car driveway

– Includes a 3-year limited residential warranty and a 1-year commercial warranty

cub cadet 1x snow blower


• Engine type- OHV model 670-JUB

• Engine size/displacement-208cc

• Manual, Auger Assist drivetrain

• Manual Steering


• Best for light snow and can clear up to 6 inches

• It is not recommended for a lot of wet snow or packed snow.

cub cadet 1x review


• Durable engine critical components made of steel with some minimal plastic components.

• Chute is made out of sturdy material and can withstand high-impact


• Handles have adjustable gullwing

• Remote lever located in operator position for pitch control


• Body color is yellow while the handles and peripherals are black.

• Overall, it looks attractive and, at the same time, road safe since, as an OHV engine, it seems bright and visible when taken outside. The contrast between black and yellow makes for good visibility.


The price of this snow blower is right in line with other similar models within the industry. Cub Cadet in general is usually priced fairly well and caters to the residential customer so this product is no different.

2X HP Two-Stage Snow Blower

The Cub Cadet 2X series has a vast lineup that will have a perfect fit for any person's situation. There are four different variations of the 2X series. Each variation comes in various sizes. 

The four variations include the regular 2X, 2X HP, 2X MAX, 2X EFI, and 2X TRAC. The table below shows the differences between each one.

Engine357cc OHV Engine357cc OHV Engine357cc OHV Engine w/ IntelliPower357cc OHV Engine
DrivetrainTrigger-Controlled Power SteeringTrigger-Controlled Power SteeringTrigger-Controlled Power SteeringTrigger-Controlled Power Steering
Width26″, 28″, 30″30″30″26″ and 30″
Hand GripsStandardHeatedHeatedHeated
Wheels16″ Tires16″ Tires16″ TiresTrac
Max Snow Height12 inches23 inches23 inches23 inches
Fuel Capacity1.25 gal.1.25 gal.1.25 gal.1.25 gal.
Starter TypeElectric / RecoilElectric / RecoilElectric / RecoilElectric / Recoil
Warranty3-year residential; 1-year commercial3-year residential; 1-year commercial3-year residential; 1-year commercial3-year residential; 1-year commercial
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Main Features:

• 4-Cycle Cub Cadet Engine

With a big, sturdy, and powerful engine, the 2X® produces extra power as needed. It is built to handle heavy snowfall as it boasts of a 21-inch intake and 26-inch clearing width. It can handle large amounts of snow in less time and with even less effort by the user.

There is also a new EFI with IntelliPower option. This will allow for much easier starting without a need to prime the engine. It will also maintain the power necessary for moving through thick, wet snow.

efi intellipower engine

• Electric Starter

Available for convenience and reliability.

• Cast-aluminum Auger Gear Box

The gearbox on the 2X model ensures lasting durability regardless of weather conditions.

• Single-Handed Operation

Trigger-controlled power steering with one hand for easy maneuverability and maximum area coverage.

  • Optional Trac drive model

If you need extra traction the trac drive model is for you. It has unmatched grip on hills and uneven terrain. This is very important on snow blowers because they can lose traction very quickly.

cub cadet 2x trac

More Features:

• Steel Chute with high arc

The none-plastic chute that resists breakage may last for years and for as long as the steel material.

• Suitable for 12 inches of snow

• Bright in-dash LED headlights for better visibility early in the morning or before nightfall

• Can clear a 15+ car driveway


• Engine type- OHV model 675 WUB

• Engine size/displacement-243cc

• Drivetrain- 6-speed forward/ 2-reverse

• Power Steering

snow blower review


• The Cub Cadet 2X, with its 12-inch serrated steel augers and shave plate, can cut through snow efficiently and dispose of it quickly as well. Its unique attachment of no-rust skid shoes allows the blower to glide, making it a little bit more maneuverable than it already is.

It can throw snow of up to 40 feet while it's 16X4.80-inch X-Trac tires provide good traction on any weather condition. This blower can adequately handle at least 12 inches of snow and maybe more. It can work between gravel or smooth surfaces with consistent results. It is also instrumental in throwing wet snow.


• This is another extra-powered machine built by Cub Cadet that is designed to under-promise and over-deliver. With most of its components made of steel, it can potentially last for years without any problems. Of course, that is to say outside of normal wear and tear.


• It is effortless to maneuver due to the trigger control on the power steering.


• With all of the other models sporting the same color combination of bright yellow and sleek black, it looks attractive and highly visible. The uniformity in color across all models speaks effectively since it is nice to look at and can also function as a road hazard warning, especially when used.


Since the 2X series snow blower has several variations the price will greatly vary. The price of one of these snow blowers can be anywhere from about $1,000 all the way up to $3,000.

Click here to see the entire Cub Cadet 2X series lineup and prices.

3X 26″ TRAC Snow Blower

The Cub Cadet 3X features a three-stage blower. This is unique to Cub Cadet and works incredibly well for moving lots of wet and heavy snow. 

The 3X series also has many different variations, including the regular 3X, 3X HD, 3X PRO, 3X MAX, MAX H, and 3X TRAC. There are also H models that include a hydrostatic transmission. This is great for smoother operation and easier maneuvering around obstacles.

Engine420cc OHV Engine420cc OHV Engine420cc OHV Engine420cc OHV Engine
Steering ControlTrigger-Controlled Power SteeringTrigger-Controlled Power SteeringTrigger-Controlled Power SteeringTrigger-Controlled Power Steering
DrivetrainFriction DiscFriction DiscHydrostaticFriction Disc
Width30″30″34″26″ and 30″
Hand GripsHeatedHeatedHeatedHeated
Wheels16″ Tires16″ Tires16″ TiresTrac
Auger/Impeller Diameter12″14″14″12″
Max Snow Height23 inches23 inches23 inches23 inches
Fuel Capacity1.25 gal.1.25 gal.1.25 gal.1.25 gal.
Starter TypeElectric / RecoilElectric / RecoilElectric / RecoilElectric / Recoil
Warranty3-year residential; 1-year commercial3-year residential; 1-year commercial3-year residential; 1-year commercial3-year residential; 1-year commercial
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Main Features:

• The 3X™ is a 3-stage Snow Blower.

The stages refer to how often the debris rotates around the auger in the front of the unit before it is thrown out of the chute. The 3-time repetition serves well to break up big chunks of ice or packed snow before eventually disposing of it out of the chute. 

The three-stage system has two different augers and an impellor. This allows it to break up ice and packed snow with ease.

3 stage snow blower review

• Track Drive

Instead of wheels, this blower is fitted with tracks on select models. It can adjust three ways depending on weather conditions and the type of surface it is on. There can be no better traction than using tracks instead of wheels. No matter what the surface and slope are, the grip will always be stable.

3x trac snow blower

• Cast Aluminum Gearbox

Similar to the 2X series, this gearbox protects the blades and is very durable.

• High Intake Height of 23 Inches

This allows the user to manage large and deep amounts of snow using reasonable effort to form both man and machine. This big blower gets it done in a shorter amount of time.

• Induction Accelerator

This unique component, which is located inside and in front of the blower, pulls in the snow faster. It creates a suction pressure that reduces my effort of having to push on forward.

• Heated Hand Grips

For comfort and convenience, which usually translates to more productivity from the user.


• Engine type-OHV Model 683-WUB

• Engine size/displacement-357cc

• Drivetrain- 6-speed forward/ 2-reverse

• Power Steering


• Some users report that this blower throws snow at up to 40 feet. Although it hasn't been verified, this blower can likely throw more than 20 feet away, which is decent enough for its size.

• This blower is ideal for places where heavy snowing occurs. It can remove wet or packed snow with relative power and ease.

3x max snow blower


• Just like any other Cub Cadet machine, it is mostly made up of steel and equipped with a robust motor, which you can expect to last longer than ones that are majority made with plastic components.


• Features heated handles and trigger controlled power steering, which is the ultimate comfort handling for a blower of this category.


• Yellow and black, it is an attractive combination. Due to its color combination, it can act as a road warning as well.

Cub Cadet Snow Blower Warranty Details

The warranty for Cub Cadet is competitive with the rest of the industry. In some areas it is better than most other brands. The warranty is broken into three sections including: residential, commercial, and auger gearbox.

Residential Warranty

The residential warranty offered by Cub Cadet will offer a 3-year warranty for any “defects in material and workmanship.” This will not include any normal wear parts or auger gearbox.

Their definition of “normal wear parts” includes items such as belts, skid shoes, shave plates, blades, debris collection bags, wheels, and tires. Basically, anything that you would have to normal change on the machine would not be included in the warranty (this is standard across the industry.)

Any of the “normal wear parts” will be covered for 30 days if they break or malfunction due to the build of the machine.

Commercial Warranty

The commercial warranty will cover the same criteria as the residential warranty but for one year. This section of the warranty is for commercial uses and applications.

Auger Gearbox

The Auger Gearbox warranty is only offered on 2X and 3X model snow blowers. This may be a good reason to upgrade from the 1X to the 2X if you're on the fence.

The auger gearbox comes with a 5 year warranty that covers any defects in material and workmanship. This is a unique warranty that many competitors do not have. Most will include the auger gearbox in their normal two or three year warranty.

Wrapping Up

Suffice to say, your choice of any of Cub Cadet's snow blower models will be mainly dependent on the amount of snow that you are getting. Naturally, the deeper and more compact the snow is, you will need bigger and better machines.

What do you think?

Have you used a Cub Cadet snow blower? Let us know in the comments which one you have and how you like it!

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Images are from Cub Cadet.

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