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5 Best Lawn Mower Trailers

Lawn mower trailers are quite popular and they offer a number of advantages and benefits. However, when it is about choosing the best option, we often find ourselves in a confusing situation.

Almost all brands, models, and makes in the market seem to have the same features and this makes the task even more confusing. Hence, we thought it would be a good idea to have a look at the five best lawn mower trailer solutions.

We hope it will help our readers to be more informed and knowledgeable. It also may help them in choosing the right lawn mower dump cart based on such research and information gathering.


1. Strongway Steel ATV Trailer


This is considered to be a strong, useful and utility-filled lawn mower dump cart. It comes with an overall capacity of 1200 lbs. it has a size of around 17 cubic feet. It is feature rich and let us look at some of the main specifications that may be of interest to customers.


· It is perfectly suited for residential and agricultural settings.

· It is easy to load and unload because of the removable tailgate.

· The foot pedal dump mechanism is also worth mentioning.

· Overall dimensions are 60 x 31 x 13.1 (all in inches) Length, Width and Height.

· It is made from a sturdy steel frame and the bed is fully resistant to rust.

· It also comes with a powder coat finish and this makes it UV protected.


  • One of the higher-capacity trailers
  • Versatile functionality
  • Easy to move with or without mower
  • Durable construction
  • Pneumatic tires enable a smoother ride


  • Suitable for medium to large ride-on mowers
  • Non-standard axle size, difficult to find replacement

2. Agri-Fab 350LB Steel Dump Cart


It is a fact that Agri-Fab stores are famous for some of the best lawn mower related accessories. Hence, you may find many reasons to like this product. It is capable of handling 350 lbs and is suitable for small homes and gardens.


· A quality tow behind a dump cart.

· Designed scientifically for easy hauling, loading and dumping.

· The steel bed can hold 350 lb. load.

· The size of the bed is 41x31x12 inches.

· The tailgate is removable and comes with reinforced guides.

· You get a 3 year limited warranty and therefore good value for money.


  • Lightest option on the list
  • Works with zero-turn mowers
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent pricing


  • Smallest capacity among options
  • Some difficulties with assembly

3. Ohio Steel Swiveling Ply Dump Cart


With an overall capacity of 1000 lb., there are many reasons for believing that the Poly Dump Cart (Swiveling type) from Ohio Steel is worth being looked at from close quarters. The patented 105 degree swiveling is perhaps one of the most interesting takeaways. Additionally there are also other things that are worth noting as far as this dump cart is concerned.


· Easy to turn the cart and ensure that it is in the right dumping location. This is because of the 105 degree swiveling feature.

· It measures 48 inches x 40 inches x 15 inches (Length, Width and Depth).

· It is designed to hold 1000 lbs and has a measurement of 15 cubic feet.

· Another feature is the spring loaded hitch pin.

· This comes with a unique integrated handle enabling easy and fast hooking to the tractor.


  • Sturdy and stable
  • Excellent quality
  • Uses real tires
  • Ingenious articulated hitch system
  • Heavy-gauge steel


  • After-sales service requires improvement
  • Some reports of misaligned attachment holes

4. Gorilla Carts


This is a heavy duty mower cart from the house of Gorilla Carts. This model number GOR1001-COM comes with a number of interesting features and specifications. For example, one such feature worth-mentioning is the removable sides.


· It comes with unique removable sides and that adds a lot of versatility to the cart.

· The overall dimensions of the cart is 56.14 x 24.9 x 44.1 length, width and height.

· The bed dimensions are 49×24.5x 61.5 length, width and height.

· You also get a convertible 2 in 1 handle and the same can be pulled by hand or it could be towed.

· You also have new and unique frame designs.

· 1 year limited warranty is offered.


  • Convertible for manual and mower towing
  • Convertible into a flatbed
  • Large capacity
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Super sturdy deck


  • Mesh-type sidings diminish holding capacity
  • Firewood can bend the mesh easily

5. Strongway Steel ATV Trailer 500 lb.


You will have many reasons to like this cart because it comes packed with many features. It is made from high quality steel that is durable and long lasting. Other specifications and features that are interesting are mentioned below.


· Easily removable tailgate enables efficient removal of loads.

· Foot deal mechanism helps easy release of the cart for emptying.

· Tailgate is unique and can easily convert into a work surface.

· Dumping is easy because of scientific mounting of the bed.

· Comes with 16 inch high quality turf tires (pneumatic).

· Suitable for any terrain and the steel axle of 5/8 inches is also worth mentioning.


  • Compatible with many zero-turn mowers
  • Great maneuverability
  • Convertible into a flatbed
  • Versatile functionality


  • One of the smaller capacity trailers
  • Some difficulty during assembly

Which Should You Choose?

While all the above are good in their own way, there are reasons to believe that Strongway Steel ATV Trailer is the best because of size, capacity, materials and other attributes.

Zero Turn VS Riding Mower Trailer

Is there a difference?

The big difference between Zero Turn and Riding Mower Trailer is the capacity to turn. The Zero turn mowers can easily turn and landscaping professionals choose this. Riding mowers are a little easier to navigate and pull a trailer a little easier.

If you are a homeowner, one of the only reasons to get a tractor style riding mower is for the attachments. If you will need a snow blower, mower trailer, or other accessories then a riding mower may be best for you.

Towing capacity?

Towing capacity will vary a little depending on which transaxles or transmission your mower has. You usually won't notice much of a difference though. The real difference will be seen in the lifespan of your mower's transmission. The higher grade drivetrain your mower has the longer it will last when using a mower trailer. Since this adds a lot of strain to your mower it is best to get a higher grade mower if you are planning to use a trailer.

Lawn Mower Trailer FAQs

1. Can a lawn mower pull a trailer?

Because of their low center of gravity, ride-on mowers are naturally capable of towing a small trailer. If it’s your first time owning a riding mower, you’ll find that it can allow extremely convenient towing and trailering while mowing your lawn.

In fact, aside from a basic trailer, a riding mower can tow various attachments.

A lawn vacuum is one of the best devices to tow behind a lawn mower – you’re essentially completing the job by cleaning up after you mow.

While mowing your lawn, you can simultaneously move heavy objects from point A to point B by towing them behind your mower. You can use the mower to pull a wood chipper shredder, stump a grinder, a snow blower, or s log splitter.

Of course, a lawn mower must have the proper hitch connections to pull a trailer or any other machine. The right connections will protect the rider and the mower and allow smooth operations.

However, many lawnmowers do not have a hitch, and some installation is necessary to transform them into a towing machine.

2. Can you put a hitch on a lawn mower?

Most ride-on mowers are like tractors and trucks – they come pre-installed with a ball hitch connection. While the specs vary depending on the mower model you own, trailer hitch installation is pretty much straightforward.

If you have a lawn mower that doesn’t have pre-fabricated connections for a trailer hitch, you should check if you can drill holes in it. Such holes are necessary for attaching a compatible hitch that can pull a trailer.

There are plenty of trailer hitches available in the market. All you have to do is choose the right one to guarantee a safe connection with minimal alterations.

3. How much weight can a mower tow?

Your mower’s safety precautions will typically tell you to only tow around half its weight. Many mowers indeed have a much stronger towing capacity, but towing heavier objects significantly affects handling.

As a general rule, do not tow things heavier than your ride-on mower's weight unless you can always keep absolute control of your mower.

On another note, varying terrains will also affect the maximum towing capacity.

When towing uphill, your mower has to pull not only what’s in tow but also its weight. On the other hand, towing downhill would mean you should have appropriate breaking capabilities.

4. Does engine size determine towing capacity?

Engine size is not the sole determinant of towing capacity. Aside from engine torque and horsepower, the type of connection will also have an effect on how much a machine can tow behind.

Two identical mowers with different hitch connections will have varying towing capacities.

There are five standard types of tow hitches: weight distribution, fifth wheel, bumper, pintle, and gooseneck. Each type has pros and cons, and it is vital to understand the differences.

According to experienced towers, the gooseneck connections can provide a higher towing capacity.

5. Is it OK to pull a trailer with a zero turn mower?

Not all zero-turn mowers are capable of towing, which is why it is much safer to consult with the manufacturer. In most cases, a zero-turn mower’s instruction manual will tell whether it is OK to pull some weight.

Unlike ride-on mowers, zero-turns do not usually have a hitch connection pre-installed into the back of the unit. While you might find a zero-turn that can tow a trailer, you should also look for a compatible hitch.

Best Lawn Mower Trailer Hitch

Though there are dozens of mower trailer hitches, the Zero Trailer Mower Hitch 5 from Noa Store is considered to be quite popular because of its many features.

Wrapping It Up

We are hopeful that the article is informative and knowledgeable. It may have helped readers to understand the various types of lawn mower trailers and carts. Let me know in the comments which one you're planning to get.

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