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Best Lawn Mower Accessories From Ballard Products

It’s important to use high-quality accessories when you’re out mowing. Although accessories are not key items you necessarily need to complete the job, they can come in handy and are designed to make your life a little bit easier. If you choose something cheap that breaks easily, you could end up with problems you could’ve avoided just by skipping the accessories—no good!

To save you the trial-and-error of testing the various accessories available yourself, we went to Ballard, Inc. and assembled a list of the best lawn mower accessories you can buy to make your mowing experience a little bit easier!

Mower Fenders

best lawn mower accessories - mower fenders

If you’re tired of having to clean dirt, mud, and debris off of your machine, then the MT360 mower fenders may be a solid solution! These nearly-unbreakable plastic fenders attach to your wheels via the included bracket and feature a cutout at the top, which allows your wheels to rotate 360° as normal without any interference from the fenders. They’re extremely easy to install on nearly any machine and work with popular brands like Scag, Toro, Kubota, and Exmark zero-turn mowers.

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18” Magnetic LED Light Bar

best lawn mower accessories - magnetic LED light bar

Chances are, you’re probably familiar with the last-mile race to complete the job before the sun goes down. With the Magnetic LED Light Bar MAX 18”, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of light—you’ll have 10,000 lumens of bright light to finish the job even without natural lighting! Available in all white, white and amber, or all amber colors, these LED bars have a battery life of up to 5 hours and can easily be charged using the included 78” USB cord.

Mounting the device won’t be a problem, since the high-strength magnets can easily lock onto any steel surface (you can also remove the magnets and permanently mount this light bar). Best of all, this unit is fully waterproof, so using it in rain won’t damage the device in any way. 

If the 18” model is a bit larger than you need, there’s also a 12” model (however, currently not available). The 12” model isn’t quite as bright, producing 5,600 lumens instead of 10,000 lumens, but it’s still waterproof, magnetic, rotatable, and comes with the 78” USB charging cable. Unlike the 18” model, the smaller model is only available with white lights.

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Kart Mate Pro / RS


Whether it’s moving mulch, stone, pavers, or any type of debris, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time lugging around heavy material in a wheelbarrow. Not only is this slow and ineffective, but it also puts a lot of wear and tear on your back, eventually causing unnecessary injury to you or your team. With the Kart Make, you can make your mower do all the hard work of moving heavy materials while you simply drive your mower like normal! While the initial price may be off-putting to some, this product will pay for itself simply in the number of man-hours it will save you.

The Kart Mate comes in two versions, the Pro and the RS. The Pro version has 10 cubic feet of storage and can support up to 500 lbs of material. Easily mountable to most zero-turn, stander, and walk-behind mowers, the Kart Mate Pro is easy to turn thanks to two pneumatic tires up front, thin enough to fit through most gates, and flips forward to easily dump your materials. You can easily flip the Kart Mate vertically when storing it in your trailer, which means it won’t take up any additional valuable trailer space. 


The RS version works the same way, but it has a smaller capacity with a lower price tag. Able to support up to 250 lbs of material, the RS version offers 7 cubic feet of space to efficiently move mulch, pavers, wood, and more!

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Donbar ZTR Support Bar

donbar ztr support

If you suffer from poor mobility or are on the shorter side, it might be nice to have some assistance when mounting or dismounting your mower. The Donbar ZTR Support Bar easily mounts to most zero-turn mowers, giving you something to grab on when getting on or off the mower for extra support. Resistant to vibration and torque, this support bar costs a mere $99 and can even be financed through Sezzle!

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Advanced Chute Cover

advanced chute cover

Windows can be costly to replace, and unfortunately, they’re extremely easy to break if you happen to be mowing near rocks. If you want to avoid breaking windows, shooting grass clippings into mulch beds, or hitting nearby pedestrians, the Advanced Chute Cover offers a simple solution to all of the above problems!

With an easy-to-reach handle, you can open or close the chute without ever needing to step off your mower. Running with the chute closed will help you mulch up grass, and thanks to the holes spread throughout the chute, you won’t have to worry about grass clumping up underneath due to lack of airflow.

Check out our article on the best chute blocker for our full review!

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CatchPro Aluminum Bagger

catchpro aluminum bagger

With 4.1 cubic feet of internal storage, the CatchPro Aluminum bagger provides an easy way to keep grass clipping or leaves from piling up on the grass you just mowed. By design, this bagger pushes all your clippings towards the back of the bagger, preventing buildup and inefficient collection. You can quickly mount and remove this bagger from your favorite mower thanks to its simple bracket design, and the quick-latch allows you to easily empty the bag when necessary.

The bagger is made of heavy-duty aluminum and even features a skid plate on the bottom to prevent premature wear. Although the bagger itself is quite large, storage won’t be an issue because the device easily mounts to your trailer using the included trailer mount bracket.

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Versi / Rack

best lawn mower accessories - versi rack

Mounting directly to the ROPS bar, the Versi/Rack provides a simple way to carry your blower along with you on your zero-turn mower without needing to carry it in your lap or by your feet. Using the Versi/Rack, you can easily blow off a sidewalk, road, or other surfaces from the comfort of your mower seat!

The Versi/Rack is raised, lowered, or tilted and features an adjustable strap so you can use it with any backpack blower, regardless of size. If you prefer to blow on foot, the Versi/Rack can also be used to bring along your backpack sprayer or an extra gas can while you mow, saving you a trip back to the truck!

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Pro / Tek USB Dual Charger Port

USB dual charger port

Wouldn’t it be better if you could charge your phone right from your mower, rather than leaving it in the truck where it has the potential to be stolen? You can with the Pro/Tek USB Dual Charger port! This dual-port 12v USB charger comes with easy-install battery connectors and a magnetic back for quick setup. You can also permanently mount the USB charger if you wish.

The LED indicator lets you know if the device is receiving power or not, and it has a protective cover to keep dirt, dust, and grime from getting in the ports when not in use. Since there are two USB ports on the device, you can use one to power your Magnetic LED Light Bar and the other one to charge your phone!

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X-Blade Adapters

X blades adapter

If your current setup is struggling to produce a clean cut on your properties, consider doubling up your blades by using the X-Blade Adapters! These adapters allow you to run both your standard mower blades and a set of mulching blades at the same time, producing a perfect cut every time while reducing the clipping size.

These adapters hold each blade at a 90° angle so they’re perfectly balanced and won’t offset your spindles. Compatibility varies by model, but Ballard provides an easy blade selector tool on their website so you can ensure the X-Blade Adapters will work on your mower before you purchase them.

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Wrapping Up

Mowing a lawn may be a simple task on the face, but there are a lot of lawn mower accessories out there to make the job even easier! With the wide variety of accessories available from Ballard, we’re sure you’ll be able to find an accessory that will enhance your routine mowing experience.

Although the price of some of these items is fairly high, remember that you can finance these extras using Sezzle (on select products) or Paypal “Pay In 4”. Enjoy using your new accessories, and happy mowing!

Images are from Ballard.

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