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Best Commercial Edgers on the Market

A commercial edger puts the finishing touches on a lawn and is essential when you have a landscaping business. It may also benefit you if you pride yourself on your home yard. While you can edge with a standard weed eater, an edger is a machine, especially for the job. A variety of products are available, but if you want one that'll last and perform well, it's vital to choose the best commercial edger. To help you decide on a commercial edger, we'll give you a few options that rank highly. 

Best Commercial Edgers Comparison Chart

SpecStihl FC96Redmax HEZ230SEcho PE2620SHusqvarna 525ESEcho PE2620SHusqvarna 525ESMclane Push EdgerEGO ME0800
Enginegas four-strokegas two-strokegas two-strokegas two-strokegas two-strokegas two-stroke3.5 HP B & S56V ARC Lithium Battery
Engine Displacement28.35 cc22.5 cc25.4 cc25.4 cc25.4 cc25.4 cc3.5 hpn/a
Blade Length8 in.8 in.7.75 in.7.75 in.8 in.9 in.8 in.
Shaft Typestraightstraightstraightstraightstraightstraightpushstraight
Fuel Capacity24 oz21.64 oz20.6 oz17.3 oz20.6 oz17.3 oz.60 minutes
Weight13.7 lbs14 lbs14 lbs14.3 lbs14 lbs14.3 lbs66.2 lbs4.99 lbs
Warranty2-Year commercial/Residential2-Year commercial/Residential2-year commercial/ 5-year residential90-day commercial / 2-year residential2-year commercial/5 year residential90 day commercial / 2-year residential90-day commercial / 1-year residential5-year equipment and 3-year battery/charger
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

6 Best Commercial Edgers

After a thorough comparison, we've found certain edgers stand out. Each one of these machines rank as the best commercial edger. 

1. Stihl FC96

stihl fc96 review

The Stihl FC96 is top on the least because of its great design and long lasting durability. It has a straight shaft. This edger is incredibly durable and holds true to the Stihl brand's reputation. The unit uses a gas-powered system, suitable for large and small projects alike. It has an open guard design, which allows the grass and debris to escape easily. Ultimately, this prevents clogging, allowing you to use it for prolonged periods without any problems.

Overall, this edger offers the lightest build, strongest engine, and largest fuel tank. In terms of specifications, it is definitely the winner. There are some issues people have had with valve adjustments and other small issues, but overall it is a great edger.

2. Redmax HEZ230S

redmax hez230s

Redmax HEZ230S is gas-powered. It's 14 pounds and an absolute beast. The durability of this edger is the best part. These things never seem to break. It's also easy to use and quite comfortable. The Redmax edger will usually come in at a lower price than the rest of the edgers on this list. Honestly, this is probably one of the key things that made this edger second place.

This is one of the best values you can get for a commercial edger. If you have a dealer nearby, which you probably do, these are definitely a great purchase.

3. ECHO PE2620S

echo pe2620s review

The Echo PE2620S edger is overall a great machine. In terms of quality, this one is built to last. The edger has great reviews and will make easy work over your edging job. My ownly complaint is the handle can be a little discomfortable. It isn't a huge deal, but potentially something to note.

If you are a homeowner that is looking for a commercial edger this may be the best option for you because of the warranty. A 5-year warranty is very hard to beat and may be a reason to go for this edger. If you're a commerical lawn person, it still may be an option depending on your personal preference.

4. Husqvarna 525ES

husqvarna 525es review

The Husqvarna 525ES lives up to the Husqvarna name. It's slightly heavier in weight than the average commercial edger, but it's quite powerful and durable. It'll last you for years to come, even under intense circumstances, meaning you use it for your business. This edger is easy to use and start. It also doesn't burn gas quickly.  

The only downside is the commercial warranty… 90 days is the worst out of this list and something that may make some people shy away. It is a pretty well built edger, but for the price I think it could be a little better and have a better warranty.

5. McLane Push Edger

mclane push edger review

The McLane push edger… it is a classic. If you're in the market for a commercial push edger this is the machine for you. This is a durable walk-behind edger. You'll notice you have full control of this edger, so you'll get a precise cut. The McLane Push Edger is both an edger and trimmer. Therefore, you can use the blade vertically or horizontally. Plus, the device is incredibly stable, especially since it has wide rubber tires. 

It has an option of Briggs & Stratton or Honda engine. While the Honda engine is definitely a little better the extra price may not be justified for you.

While this edger may have some commercial use in specific situations or properties, I definitely wouldn't recommend it for the average lawn care company. Stick edgers are almost always the way to go for lawn care companies because of trailer space and speed. However, if you need a push edger this is the one to get.

6. EGO ME0800

ego me0800 review

This battery powered commercial stick edger works well for large or small projects. It's lightweight and will withstand the test of time. It has a brushless, high-efficiency motor. Plus, it's water-resistant. It's battery-powered, so you don't have to worry about dealing with an electrical cord or buying gas all the time. 

Of course, there are ways it can be done, but most lawn care companies still haven't switched to battery powered equipment because of the battery life.

I would still probably only recommend this to homeowners that need a high quality edger, but there may be some commercial uses for it as well.

Buying Guide

No one edger is right for every person. It depends on various criteria, such as the following:

Straight vs Curved Shaft

Curved shafts work better when you need to edge curved flower beds or sidewalks. As a general rule, curved edgers are easier to handle around bends. However, straight shaft edgers usually have more power and perform much better.

In my personal opinion, I highly recommend a straight shaft edger for commercial purposes. Another thing to consider is curved shaft edgers can really be pain if you're tall… when I use one of these I have to bend over a little and after doing that for a day my back really feels it.

Push VS Stick Edger

Walk-behind, or push, edgers provide you with more power for the job. A commercial stick edger will work better if you have a small yard or will mainly be manicuring small yards because they can be more accurate. Stick edgers also work better if you have steps. A commercial stick edger will be easier to use on hilly yards. 

I probably would never use a push edger in a commercial setting because they take up too much trailer space and are much slower to operate. There are only a couple specific situations I can think of that a person may prefer a push edger. In most cases, I would expect homeowners with a lot of edging to buy one of these.

Stability of the Edger

The stability of an edger deals with a push commercial edger as opposed to a commercial stick edger. You're fully in control with a stick edger, while you'll need a stable push behind. 

Material Used

These devices consist of metal and plastic, some having a much higher metal concentration or are comprised of it fully. Ideally, ones with solid metal construction are best if you own a landscaping business and will be frequently using the edger, especially for prolonged periods. 

Versatility in Application and Operation

Versatility is essential if you're using your edger for a business. All jobs aren't the same, and some may require more extensive care that requires the use of the versatile device. Therefore, you should consider the special features and convenience of use. 

Source of Power

Additionally, you need to think about the power source best for your needs. You can choose between an electric, battery-powered, gas-powered, or manual commercial edger. If you're using the edger for your personal use only, an electric, battery-powered, or manual one may work just fine. If this is for a business, you'll benefit most from a gas-powered machine. 

If you're using this as a homeowner, you should keep in mind that a gas-powered edger requires more upkeep than other versions, though all will need some maintenance. 

Cutting Depth and Blade Replacement

When you're looking for a commercial edger, make sure you compare them based on their blade depth and how easy it is to replace them. A higher blade depth may be more suited if you have a business or don't manicure your home lawn frequently. They tend to vary between eight and 10 inches. 

If you own a landscaping company, you want one with high-quality blades that are known to last without needing to sharpen them frequently. 

Size of Your Lawn

You should consider the size of yards you'll be edging. Certain commercial edges are more suited for smaller yards. Often, a push edger is overkill with a small yard. In most commercial settings, no matter the size of the lawns you service you will want a stick edger because they are much quicker.

Your Budget

With any purchase you make, remaining within budget is important. However, you never want to sacrifice quality, or you could be needing a replacement shortly after. A quality edger, in my opinion, is a must have for a lawn care company.

Sure you can get away with using a trimmer to edger a times, but if you want a quality and consistant edge I would recommend a stick edger.


Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions people ask when purchasing a commercial edger. 

Which Type of Commercial Edger Should You Buy?

There isn't one edger that works well for every person. It depends on the size of your yard as well as if you're using the edger for commercial purposes or not. You really can't go wrong with any of the edgers listed above, as long as you choose the applicable edger for your situation.

What is the Difference Between Edging and Trimming?

Edging and trimming your yard are similar practices. Both cut the grass where lawn mowers can't reach. A trimmer uses a horizontal cut while edging uses a vertical cut. In most cases, edging is cutting along sidewalks, drive ways, and beds to create a clear defined “edge.”

Should You Invest in a Commercial Edger?

The answer to this isn't straightforward. If you own a business, a commercial edger will perform better and last longer. If you're meticulous about your yard or have a larger yard, a commercial edger could be a better solution. 

Why Should I Edge My Lawn?

Edging your yard gives it a clean appearance. Additionally, you stop the grass and weeds from growing on your sideway, steps, and garden.  

What Are the Different Types of Edgers?

The two main types of edgers are walk-behind and stick edgers. You also choose the power supply, which plays a role in how well an edger will do for your job. There are gas, battery, electric, and manual edger options. They each have pros and cons that will just depend on your specific situation.

Which edger blade should I use?

Below you will see our choice of commercial edger blade. We love the Stens brand and the quality of blade they provide. They are also at a very reasonable price.

What to Consider When Buying a Commercial Lawn Edger

Ideally, when you look for the best commercial edger, you want one that's designed to last. You also want one that has a power source most convenient for your needs. In addition, you should think about the types of jobs you'll be using it for.

Commercial lawn edgers are ideal for business use but can also be beneficial if you're a homeowner with a large yard. The best commercial edger, though, depends on your specific needs, especially considering some people may benefit more from a commercial stick edger than a walk-behind. The best commercial edger also varies based on which fuel source is best for you. An electric lawn edger might be better if you have a small yard or only using it in your yard. 

Wrapping it up

What do you think?

Which best commercial weed eater are you planning to get? Let us know in the comments!

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