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8 Things Customers Look for in a Landscaping Business

Pleasing the customer is the priority for most business people; it can help you retain customers, get referrals and grow your business speedily. Most landscaping companies do exceptional jobs but keep finding it hard to get positive customer ratings.

The trick is to get into your client’s heads to know what they want and work towards pleasing them. No need to worry about getting this done, we have researched and found out what clients look out for in landscaping businesses that make them confident in their work, use them repeatedly, and refer them to their friends and family.

Continue reading to discover 8 things customers look for in a landscaping business:

Positive Reviews

Reviews are sometimes what form people's first impression of your business; if you have some positive reviews online, it will convince other people to try out your services. A person who hasn’t had any interaction with you and just stumbles on your company for the first time will be looking out for some form of assurance of your capabilities. Research has shown that customers trust reviews as if they were advice from a friend, so your clients are watching to see that other people who have used your services can testify and back up your claim of excellence.

Where your marketing stops, good reviews can continue for you. Try to encourage customers who you have impressed to drop reviews for you online, encourage them to refer their friends and family, this is free advertisement for your business.

On your website, reviews should be strategically placed where visitors can easily spot them; they should also be updated from time to time, with the review’s date included. This will convince new clients that you are still in the business of doing great work.

Detailed Portfolio (Before/After Pictures)

Have you done other landscaping jobs for people? Your clients want to know that you are not an amateur and even if you are new to the business, they want to be assured that you know your onions.

They want to see proof that you have handled projects that are similar to their needs and specifications. In cases where you haven’t handled their type of job before, the jobs in your portfolio can give them the confidence that you would take time to handle their project just the same way you handled previous jobs.

Your portfolio should contain pictures of jobs that you have handled before. Before and after pictures that capture the details of your work will impress potential clients. Other inclusions in your portfolios should be, drawings and plans that can showcase your talent adequately, your skills, and the types of services you offer. Your portfolio should introduce your business in a summary.

Your Prices

Setting the right prices is usually a problem for lawn care business owners. There are many factors to consider when setting your prices, knowing that they can attract or chase away your customers.

Before setting your prices, consider the equipment needed for the job, do you own them, or will you need to rent them? The manpower needed to complete the job, the more people you need, the more expensive it would be. The nature of the job, the state you are operating in, your competitor’s prices, and your profit margin.

Know that some customers will do this research before coming to you for help. If your prices are way higher than what they expected or what your competitors are offering, they may just choose another company to do the job, and if your prices are too low, they might feel like they are receiving inferior services.

Your Staff

There are tasks that you cannot handle alone, and as your company grows, you might need to hire more hands to meet your increasing demand. It is said that the staff of a company is what makes up the company; they are integral to your lawn care business and should represent what you stand for. Your staff should be an extension of you and represent your business positively.

If your clients perceive them as rude or incompetent, they are not likely to invite your company to do another job or refer them to people who need a landscaper.

Some employers might ignore a person’s customer service aspect during recruitment because they are looking for a capable hand. This shouldn’t be the case; your employees should have a blend of good character and competence.

They should be trained on using the work equipment properly, on laws and rules guiding green disposal and pollution. Supervise them properly, and your customers won’t have a cause to complain about your service or delivery. Also, ensure that all your staff is insured, accidents can occur during landscaping, you don’t want to be in any legal issue if your staff is hurt or a client’s property is damaged.

The Right Equipment

Can one go to war without a weapon? The answer is absolutely not! Do you have the right equipment for the job you are about to undertake? Do not assume that your clients do not know a lot about landscaping and therefore do not know what tools are used for what?

It would surprise you to know that some clients have a fair knowledge of the business and know what to expect when they hire an expert. Ensure that you the required equipment’s for the task you are about to begin, and if they are heavy-duty equipment that you don’t have, some establishments have them for rent. Know what each tool you own is used for and endeavor to use them rightly.

Also, you should take time to care for your equipment. You might not know, but clients look at the condition of your tools. Their good condition may increase their confidence in your service.

Your Insurance

Accidents happen, be prepared, for they show that you are a responsible business person. Some accidents can occur in the lawn care business that may cost you or your customer extra money if your company is not insured. The customer wants to be assured of your insurance and knows that they do not have to pay extra for damages or lawsuits. Some instances, a good insurance policy can cover includes:

  • Damage to Clients Properties: It is possible to damage customer property during work, your insurance will cover such damages
  • Injuries to Third Parties: unfortunately, a third party around the work area can get injured by the landscaper’s work.
  • Employee Injuries: handling power tools can sometimes end in a sad note as injuries may occur.

In any of the above instances, the client doesn’t want to be held liable for repair or medical bills. Your customer's mind is put at rest once they discover that you are insured.

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Your Schedule and Timelines Are Unattainable

In a bid to attract a customer, some landscapers may over-promise only to end up disappointing their client. Some clients are aware of the time it would take to complete a project like theirs; if it seems like your timelines are too good to be true, they will simply walk away.

They want their landscaper to be straightforward with them; you might have the ability to deliver high-quality work within a short time frame. It would be best to take them on a step-by-step presentation on how you intend to complete their project within such a period. This reassures the client that you are the best man for the job.

How You Communicate

man working on his laptop

Customers want to feel like they are important to you; communication is one way to make them feel that way. How you communicate can make customers trust in your services even if you are new to the landscaping business. Communicate your ideas and processes and make the customer feel like they were involved in the planning and implementation of the project.

Keep them updated on the changes and developments as they occur on the job. They should always know of any challenges you might be getting and how you intend to solve the issue. Try to be specific every time you pass information to a client; they do not like to play the guessing game with you.

After the job is done, keep in touch with your clients. When you do this, you will always be the first person in their mind when they need lawn care services again, and they will be quick to refer you when someone in their circle needs your services as well.

You can do this by sending emails, reminding them of your services from time to time. After reading all the points above, you can now approach your prospective clients purposefully. Presenting to them what you know, they want to see and answering their questions with the right answers. Be consistent with the type of service you give and watch as your clientele grows rapidly.

Wrapping it up

There you have it, 8 things your lawn care customers are looking for. All of these things are important for your landscaping business to grow.

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