Best battery powered backpack sprayer

Best Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

For anyone that’s used a hand-pump style sprayer to treat lawns and flowerbeds, there’s nothing quite like a battery powered backpack sprayer. It takes all the pressure off your arms, improves overall control, and lets you carry more products with you, all in a convenient, backpack-like design. The best battery powered backpack sprayer needs to be efficient, light enough in weight, and durable to handle all of the work you plan to do.

Unlike traditional sprayers, they produce a more consistent material spray while minimizing the stress and strain on your body. Some of the best are powerful enough to last all day without thinking twice. With ample control and an easy-on, easy-off design, these sprayers help you speed through any yard quickly without skipping key areas.

The key is reliability. The best battery powered backpack sprayers are highly durable, not just for a few months but for years. They should be built to last and, when possible, efficient to use so you’re not over-spraying and eating up profits or under-spraying and delivering poor results.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayer

Best battery powered backpack sprayer - Choosing the Best

Today’s market is filled with options for battery-powered backpack sprayers. Like most other lawn and garden equipment, commercial operators must pay attention to the details to ensure they invest in a product that will last and handle the constant workload you have lined up. These are some of the most important features in any model you select.

Tank Capacity

Tank capacity matters. While you may believe you can carry the biggest tank out there, that doesn’t make your job much easier. Generally, these sprayers come in tanks that range from a small 12 liter to as much as 20 liters. Commercial users will likely aim for at least 18 liters to improve efficiency. If you're worried about weight when selecting a larger tank, consider how much the average hiking backpack you can carry weighs. Most will do just fine with 18 to 20 liters.

Battery Life

Depending on how long your day is, you’ll appreciate a long battery life. Most will have run times of at least 6 to 8 hours, and some may offer longer. However, the larger the tank is, the faster the battery will wear down. If you go for one with a shorter battery life, be sure it offers a manual function after that, just in case your workday lasts longer than you hoped.

Piston vs. Diaphragm

Either option could be beneficial, but piston-style pumps are better equipped to handle a thinner, lighter chemical mixture. These work well for insecticides, for example. The diaphragm model can work well but does not have as much pressure. If you play to use your backpack for weed treatments, this choice can work well because it allows for the very close application of the chemical.

Manual vs. Motorized

Manual sprayers typically have a piston or diaphragm design and are best suited for residential/homeowner lawn and garden solutions. Battery powered sprayers will likely have a manual backup function. A motorized sprayer is typically best suited for commercial users because they allow for a very fine mist to be sprayed from a good distance, meaning you don’t have to cover as much space walking.

Pressure Output

Pressure output of sprayer

How much pressure do you need? These systems often have pressure regulators that will help for even and constant spray delivery. Depending on your application goals, these can range from 20 to as much as 40 psi.

Nozzle Types

Backpack sprayers have various sprayer nozzle options, from the flat fan style, best for broadcasting spray over a larger space, such as for lawns, to cone-style sprayers which are best for spot-treating areas. A streaming version is typically a good option for more controlled fertilizer.

Comfort and Durability

It’s hard to gauge comfort since backpack sprayers very much need to fit your body type but look for those with ample adjustment features, a heavier base than shoulder pull, and ample back support in place.

For durability, read the reviews and get to know what works and doesn’t. No typical personal sprayer will be a good fit for every day, all day use. Look for a commercially-designed model instead.

Additional Features

Also, consider the following when shopping for a battery-powered backpack sprayer:

  • Warranty: Get one. The longer, the better, though most are about 12 months. Learn what the warranty covers, especially the battery and the sprayer itself, since these are the most common areas of failure.
  • Filling methods: Depending on what you’re applying, you’ll appreciate a sprayer with a larger opening for filling, especially if you are mixing chemicals. The best options feature an agitator that continuously works to mix the chemicals, ensuring that they don’t separate from one job to the next.
  • Ease of use: It seems like these are simple to use, and the best is, but the more complex they get, the more gadgets added to them, and the harder they are to teach your team to use.

Top Five Best Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayers

Here are our Top 5 recommended, best battery-powered backpack sprayers worth your consideration:

  1. Ballard Wizard
  2. Yardmastery Sprayer
  3. Field King Professional
  4. Chapin 63985
  5. My 4 Sons M4

1. Ballard Wizard

Best battery powered backpack sprayer - Ballard Wizard

Use code CMR10 at Ballard Inc. for 10% off your entire order

The Ballard Wizard is the best battery-powered powerhouse for backpack sprayers. This professional-grade system has everything you need to spray and treat how you want, including an 18V Lithium battery for long-lasting power. It also gives you control, allowing you to just it from a low setting for limited applications and a higher setting for faster, more comprehensive spray. It also comes with three nozzles that are fairly easy to switch up when needed.

A few things help this stand out, including the comfortable adjustable shoulder straps and weight management on your back. For large projects, it works well with up to 40 tanks on a single charge, and with a fast charge, you can get back on the job in no time, especially with four gallons of product to apply per tank.

The Ballard Wizard is also built to last; replaceable parts are available if needed. With its industrial design, it is easy a backpack sprayer you can use for years, even with inexperienced team members.

Key features:

  • It has low and high settings of 36 and 65 PSI
  • 18-volt Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
  • 4-gallon capacity
  • Max spray distance of over 26 feet


  • Replacement parts are available
  • It comes with three nozzles
  • Cone spray nozzle included
  • Up to 40 tanks on one charge


  • The battery takes 1.5 hours to charge
  • Low max PSI

Use code CMR10 at Ballard Inc. for 10% off your entire order

2. Yardmastery Sprayer

Best battery powered backpack sprayer - Yardmastery

Our second pick is the Yard Mastery Backpack Sprayer. It’s a four-gallon sprayer that offers a few nice features that make it excellent for even the businesses of professionals. It comes with an 18V Lithium-Ion battery, which provides about two hours of spray time on a single charge. That battery is lightweight, which makes it far easier to lug around when doing the hardest work.

The sprayer is designed for work, with a comfortable fit that’s not bulky. Unlike some of the other sprayers on the market, it’s simple to put on, use, and take off without having to deal with complexities.

The handle is comfortable to hold but not too large to make it hard to carry. It’s easy enough to switch out the nozzle when needed, and the stainless wand is nice and durable for constant use. The quick connect also make the process of switching out the nozzle easy. 

Key features: 

  • Has a 4 gallon capacity
  • Sprays up to 25 feet
  • Has an 18 volt lithium-Ion battery
  • 2 stage pump for either 40 or 90 PSI


  • Includes multiple spray heads
  • Stainless steel wand with quick connects
  • Sleek design


  • Only 2 hour battery life
  • No return policy

3: Field King Professional

Field King Professional Sprayer

The Field King four-gallon backpack sprayer is an excellent choice for overall commercial use and large landscaping jobs. If you’ve ever used an inferior product and dealt with dripping chemicals on your back, you know the importance of one that has a stronger build. This one does with its internal pump design. It’s powerful, delivering up to 150 PSI.

It comes with four nozzle options that are easy enough to switch out without requiring tools. It takes just a minute which means no downtime on the job. The wand itself is strong – a 21-inch poly wand that has a nice Viton seal on it.

The internal paddles keep just about every liquid you need mixed well. Other nice features include a one-way valve that helps prevent spills if someone tips it over, and the threaded bolt will not wear down on you no matter how many times you have to adjust it.

Key features:

  • Has 4 nozzles to provide flat, adjustable, and foaming spray
  • 4-gallon capacity
  • 21-inch stainless steel want
  • The harness comes with a back pad for added comfort.


  • Up to 4 hours of spray time
  • Includes four nozzles
  • Triple filtration system


  • Only has 40 PSI
  • It cannot be used with wettable powders

4. Chapin 63985

Chapin International 63985 Backpack Sprayer

The Chapin International 63985 is another four-gallon backpack sprayer featuring a more powerful 20-volt Lithium-Ion battery. It provides around two hours, sometimes less, of continuous spraying. It has 35 to 40 PSI with as much as a 20-foot spray stream. Generally, you’re not going to need more than that in most applications, but this system is reliable enough for fast, efficient applications.

Another nice feature is the fit. It’s comfortable enough for hours of use, and that means that you don’t have to adjust often. It’s easily fitted to meet the specific needs of each of your team members. It features three nozzle options that are easy enough to switch out. 

Key features:

  • 4-gallon capacity
  • 20-volt Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Maximum spray stream of 27 feet
  • 35-40 PSI


  • Includes 3 nozzles
  • Extra wide mouth funnel on the tank for filling
  • Replacement parts available


  • Only 1.75 hours of spray time
  • Must charge the battery fully before using

5. My 4 Sons M4

battery powered backpack sprayer - M4 MY4SONS

Another favorite option for comfort and function is the My 4 Sons M4. Though you’ll need to upgrade to get the agitator (which is worth doing if you need to keep materials mixed), this is well worth your consideration. You can also use other batteries you probably already have, like DeWalt, Black, Decker, Rigid, and others. It works with 18 to 20V batteries.

This four-gallon sprayer sees a lot of positive ratings online because it is lower costing than some, more durable than most, and versatile enough for everyday use in a commercial business company. It’s super reliable and easy enough to use, with variable nozzle output options to choose from. 

Key features:

  • Has 70 PSI
  • Can spray up to 30 feet
  • Ten different nozzle options
  • Custom built per order


  • Can use already owned batteries 
  • Large tank mouth to fill easily
  • It has ten different nozzle options


  • The battery is not included
  • Many options are not included in the base price

Comparison of the Top Five Backpack Sprayers

Sprayer ModelBallard WizardYardmastery SprayerField King ProfessionalChapin 63985My 4 Sons M4
Tank Capacity4 gallon4 gallon4 gallon4 gallon4 gallon
Battery Life6-8 hoursUp to 2 hoursup to 4 hoursUp to 1.75 hoursVaries based on battery
Pressure Output36-65 PSI40 and 90 PSIup to 150 PSI35-40 PSIUp to 70 PSI
Spray Distance26 feet25 feet22 feet27 feetUp to 30 feet


When it comes to the best battery-powered backpack sprayers, these recommendations are those you can count on, no matter how inexperienced your team is, how much weight they don’t want to carry, and how fast you need to get the job done. The Ballard Wizard is a surefire solution designed for ongoing use you can count on.

A key tip that seems simple enough – check out the updates and upgrades available. Some of these models have some added features to make operating them even easier. 

What do you think?

What do you think of this best battery powered backpack sprayer list? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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