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TruFuel Review – Premixed and 4-Cycle Fuel

Make your yard work easy by empowering your equipment with proper fuel. It is originally fuel engineered for your 2-cycle and 4-cycle equipment.

What is TruFuel? It is ready to use ethanol-free fuel designed explicitly for your 2-cycle and 4-cycle power equipment. It is made of synthetic lubricants and advanced stabilizers, empowering your machine to start and run great throughout the day. It does not require mixing before use like another type of fuel. Thus, it saves time and protects your equipment from corrosion.

Still unsure whether TruFuel is the best product for your equipment? Read this TruFuel review to the end. It contains detailed and informative research of this product.

What Is Ethanol?

Ethanol is a colorless liquid that is the primary ingredient in beer or wine. As an alcohol product, it attracts moisture. It is a natural byproduct that can be produced through ethylene hydration.

Ethanol is immiscible with water, and since water is heavier, it tends to sink at the bottom while ethanol floats on top. However, when used in machinery, it tends to absorb moisture. Thus, the use of ethanol-free fuel in 2-cycle engines is recommended.

Ethanol affects the lubrication provided by fuel oil moisture. The oil in the fuel lubricates the metal parts of the engine necessary to keep it running. But when the ethanol component is incorporated, it absorbs water from the fuel, preventing it from bonding with the metal services. The engine damage is catastrophic, giving a lot of business to small engine repair shops.

Trufuel Premix And 4-Cycle Engineered Fuel

TruFuel premix is ready to use fuel. It is prepared with premium, high-octane, high-quality synthetic fuel and ethanol-free fuel. As a result, it can prevent corrosion, and thus, it is the perfect fuel for all the 4-cycles. While it is environmentally friendly, it is essential to remember that it is only suitable for small outdoor power engines and not for trucks or cars.

It is designed specifically for portable gas-powered engines. It saves time and delivers optimum results. The consistent vapor pressure and reduced smell result in a cleaner and complete synthetic fuel combustion mixture necessary for your equipment. Another benefit of using this fuel is that it increases lifespan and promotes proper break-ins for new equipment.

TruFuel Recipe Information

Are you wondering about the ingredients of TrueFuel premix and 4-cycle engineered fuel? This ethanol-free fuel comprises quality ethanol-free fuel, synthetic lubricants that are miscible and mixed for a long time.

The engineered TruFuel can be purchased in three different recipes; the TruFuel 50:1 and 40:1. The 50:1 is suitable for commercial purposes, while the 40:1 is suitable for homeowners based on the gas to oil ratio.

The TruFuel 4-Cycle Ethanol-Free Fuel for Outdoor Power Equipment is available on Amazon at a cost-friendly price. This engineered fuel comprises all the 4-cycle or 4-stroke engines that do not require a gas-oil mixture.

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TruFuel Performance

With this product, you will feel the total value of your money. For a 2-cycle and 4-cycle, this fuel is the best for both old and new small machinery. With this product, you will never be required to mix oil and gasoline before use. The blower also starts quickly and runs excellently.

TruFuel does not contain ethanol which gums up the motor and causes carrion to small engines and increases its efficiency. With TruFuel this product, you are assured of a prolonged life span.

For a poorly performing 2-cycle engine, this is the best cure. After a long time of continuously repairing the 2-cycle, it still runs crappy, and the user was disappointed. However, after the use of TruFuel, the user experienced smooth running of the machine. The clean combustion ensures the engine continues to run, experiencing fuel-related issues.

If you are tired of messing up your 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines every time you are using them, it is time you consider TruFuel. Experience the smooth running of the machine. It is a great product and will keep your machinery running for a long time.

However, some users experienced poor running of the engine with this fuel mixture. In another instance, a customer was delivered half-full cans of fuel, and lids were loose. Thus, despite this product being an excellent choice for your small engines at home, it is essential to consider this customer experience before purchase.

Stihl Motomix vs. TruFuel

Ethanol-free fuel

While ethanol content results in premature degradation of the engine parts, most outdoor engines are legally allowed to use fuel-containing ethanol. However, both Stihl Motomix and TruFuel are ethanol-free fuels.

2- year shelf life

Stihl Motomix and TruFuel have a shelf life of two years after opening. However, Stihl offers a shelf life of 10 years for unopened products while TruFuel offers five years.

The rating of Octane

TruFuel uses an octane rating of 92+, which means that the manufacturer uses base fuel equal to or greater than 92 octanes when producing TruFuel products. Stihl Motomix, on the other hand, has a minimum octane rating of 93. However, there is no significant performance, reliability, or price between the two.

Fuel-oil ratio

Both TruFuel and Stihl Motomix have a 50:1 fuel ratio within their two-stroke premixed solution. They, therefore, offer a ready-to-use formula that doesn’t require mixing of fuel and oil before use.

Delivery mode

TruFuel delivers its product in simple cylinder-shaped cans. This allows users to pour the content while using it quickly. Stihl, on the other hand, offers its product in similar cans but of rectangular shape. As a result, it has disappointed customers regarding the safe pouring of the content into the engine. To combat the issue, the manufacturer has to add a nozzle adding the cost of this product. While the product quality is identical, TruFuel seems to have a win on this feature.

Oil type

Both brands offer fully synthetic formula in premixed solutions. Synthetic oil has been reported to be longer lasting than conventional oil by resisting chemical breakdown. Thus, TruFuel and Stihl Motomix offer longer-lasting lubrication with less oxidation.

Product availability

Both products are available on Amazon. Stihl products are also available at the Stihl dealer in your area.


TruFuel is an excellent choice for your small home machinery that could be impacted negatively by the presence of ethanol in the mix. Besides, this product saves time and energy that could have otherwise been used in other brands containing ethanol while mixing them. It also protects the engine from corrosion, making it suitable for machines that have issues running.

With either TruFuel or Stihl Motomix products, you can never go wrong. They have the same level of performance and effectiveness on the engine, given their similarities in their features.

Wrapping It Up

We hope you learn something new from our TruFuel review. Do you own any TruFuel or Stihl Motomix products? Let us know in the comments which one you prefer.

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