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5 Best Lawn Mowing Shoes

The type of shoes you choose to wear for mowing lawns or landscaping makes a huge difference. Your lawn mowing shoes need to give you adequate comfort and protection when you mow lawns or do other landscaping tasks.

This ultimate guide helps you know what makes a good lawn mowing shoe. It also provides you with a brief description of the different types of lawn mowing and landscaper shoes. We have curated a list of the best lawn mowing shoes for you.

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How to choose the best lawn mowing shoe?

The grass in your lawn needs to be cut properly to get a good aesthetic view of your landscape and to maintain the lawn. You need to have proper lawn mowing shoes to make mowing comfortable and safe. The following section helps you choose the best lawn mowing shoe that is suitable for your needs.

A good lawn mowing shoe needs to have the following features and abilities to serve its purpose.


It needs to be water-resistant or waterproof to keep your feet warm and dry. Waterproof shoes also keep your feet clean and hygienic. This is vital because we've all worn the wrong shoes while cutting the grass before and got our feet wet. It's not pleasant!


We would like to have shoes that are a little breathable. Sweaty feet that can't breathe is just about as bad as getting your feet wet. We want our lawn mowing shoes to be able to let a little bit of air in while still being water-resistant.

Adequate Comfort

Lawn mowing shoe needs to offer plenty of room to avoid rubbing your feet and forming blisters. If you have flat feet, you need to consider lawn shoes with high arches to provide you with the needed support.

Finding the right arch can be tough, and getting insoles or custom insoles may be better. We all know that landscapers stand almost all day, so having a comfortable pair of shoes will benefit you.


A durable pair of lawn mowing shoes last longer and withstand daily abuse. It sustains wear and tear, rough terrain and protects your feet from the hard ground. Hence it is a must-have for durable lawn shoes.

Foot Protection

The collars of your lawnmower shoes need to cover your feet properly. It protects your feet from the debris and mud from the lawn. Its soles must be made of tough materials to withstand ground impact and protect from sharp objects.

It is a personal preference, but you may like a pair of steel-toe shoes or boots best, especially if you are doing a lot of landscaping work and cutting grass. We have found steel-toe shoes can be a bit heavy for cutting grass and wear out your ankles much faster.

Overall, this is up to you, but make sure you have a shoe that covers your foot and is made of high-quality materials to hold up to rough conditions and protect your feet.


A good mowing shoe needs to be flexible, able to stretch, and fit the shape of your feet. This allows you to move around a lawn with ease and comfort. You can walk along any uneven surfaces, rocky and rough terrains, when shoes are flexible and stretch as per demand.

Grip and Stability

Lawn shoes with strong, durable rubber soles offer excellent traction against mud and slippery surfaces. This helps you to secure your feet firmly to the ground and move with great stability. This is crucial for people who lose their balance easily on wet surfaces.

Sheds away dirt.

If lawnmower shoes have rounded lugs, they can easily shed away dirt and grass clippings that stick to the shoes. Few shoes have non-marking rubber soles that are highly resistant to oil and dirt.


Heavy shoes are uncomfortable to wear and walk around. You need to choose shoes that are lightweight and strong. Your ankles will thank you for years to come. Trust me, you will feel less fatigued at the end of the day after wearing light shoes.

Types of Lawn Mowing Shoes

Lawn mowing shoes can be of different types based on their features and purpose of use. It can be of types such as lawn shoes, steel toe shoes, and landscaper boots.

Lawn Shoes

Lawn shoes usually have leather, rubber, and foam materials. It has features such as waterproof, breathability, and flexibility and provides a firm grip on wet surfaces. They have a protective rubber toe cap best suited for mowing lawns and light landscaping.

Steel Toe Shoes

Steel toe shoes have strong and protective toe caps made of steel. These toe caps have a large space for your toes to prevent the formation of blisters on your feet. They protect your feet against heavy objects and other possible debris. They have most of the features of a typical mowing shoe with added steel toe cap.

Landscaper Boots

Landscaper boots are extremely strong and durable shoes. They are designed for extensive and rigorous usage and also usually have a steel toe cap. They can be used for lawn mowing, gardening, and any landscape work. They are highly resistant to oil and slip.

Ultimately, the type of shoe you need will come down to your specific needs and usage. If you are mainly cutting grass, go for lawn shoes. If you mow lawns and perform light to medium landscape jobs, I'd recommend steel-toe shoes. I recommend landscaper boots if you are mainly doing landscape jobs or construction.

Mainly think of the type of foot protection you will need, then choose the most lightweight option to provide the needed protection. This will allow you to get the best possible footwear for your situation.

5 Best Lawn Mowing Shoes

Best Overall Lawn Mowing Shoe

I figured we mine as well start with the best. The best shoe for cutting grass… the versatile, ready for anything, kick-butt, lawn mowing shoe! I present you with… dun dun dun.

Video Credit: Lanier Lawn Care

Kujo Yardwear! This all-purpose shoe was specifically made for working on lawns for long durations. It is lightweight, breathable, and flexible for every type of job on lawns, gardens, and landscapes.

The toe cap is waterproof and can be used in wet grass and mud. It has aggressive lugs and grip pods to the rubber bottom, providing a firm grip and stability during your work.

Its insoles and linings are made of anti-odor material to prevent a foul smell. Its flexible window allows flow in and out of the shoes and helps keep your feet dry and sweat-free.

It has an antimicrobial liner that prevents water and debris from getting inside your shoes.

They are highly resistant to abrasion and slip. You can easily clean and removable insole for added comfort.

Kujo Yardshoe is versatile, flexible, and specifically designed for yard work. It is ideal for heavy-duty lawn mowing, landscape, construction, and warehouse work.

We tried these shoes out on some lawns, and let me tell you, they are really nice. There was definitely a lot of thought that went into the shoe. You can tell right away that they are made for lawn care professionals.

The only real complaint I had was they seemed a little bit heavy. But with the additional support, comfort, and foot protection, it's worth it. I would also feel comfortable doing most landscape jobs in these shoes.

*For the best price, availability, and to support a small business we recommend buying from Kujo Yardwear directly.

Best Lawn Shoes

If the Kujo Yardwear shoes aren't for you, we have other options. Below, you can find a list of the best lawn shoes based on their top features and reviews from previous customers who have bought it. I also personally tried each of these shoes out and approve of them.

Merrel Men's Moab 2

merrel men's moab 2

Merrel Men's Moab 2 is a waterproof hiking shoe. It is made with durable leather and Vibram traction. It keeps moisture and debris out with its closed-cell foam tongue.

The protective rubber toe cap and breathable for hair flow. it also has a curved footbed with a zonal arch and heel support.

It is designed with an air cushion to provide shock absorbers for heels and stability when you walk.

Cons: These shoes are a bit costly and few users have experienced hot balls forming on their feet.

Nike Monarch Air

nike monarch air

The Nike Monarch Air is a lightweight and durable shoe that is suitable for gym, lifestyle, and lawn mowing. It's mostly used as a training shoe.

It provides high flexibility and solid traction on different types of surfaces. I found that these shoes had very good traction in even wet grass.

Its foam Phylon midsole and encapsulated sole provide great comfort and support. This is made of leather and synthetic rubber sole to provide a firm grip.

I was very surprised by these shoes. I saw a recommendation online about using these for cutting grass and let me tell you… they were right! These things are great for mowing lawns and at a pretty good price too.

Cons: The shoes might create a bit of noise when you walk. The soles may not be very flexible.

New Balance Men's Solvi V2 Running Shoe

best lawn mower shoes - New Balance Men's Solvi V2 Running Shoe

The New Balance 880 are classics! These things have been worn by dads for years. They have always had a good name for “yard work shoes.” These are flexible running shoes that are great for lawn mowing as well.

The new balance 880 provides an underfoot cushion for comfortable and smooth movement. Its midsole reduces muscle strain when used for prolonged hours.

It has a wide toe box for happy toes and is made of high-quality materials that make it more durable. It has a comfortable performance ideal for long long workouts like lawn mowing and running. This is probably the best thing about these shoes… they are wide and never rub!

Cons: There are not many choices of colors and variations. It does have strong toe caps.


offroad crocs

I will start by saying these are 100% my personal preference and hold no liability if you choose to use crocs for cutting grass. However, for me, I think they are the most comfortable shoes for a long day of cutting grass.

Yes, there are holes in most models so maybe not the safest but if that freaks you out you can get the close-toed crocs! I've even seen some people that have made steel toe crocs!

I definitely would never wear them for any kind of landscaping (maybe throwing pine straw, but that's it!)

Crocs shoes come with their unique comfort and breathability that are perfect for any wet conditions. You get the ultimate foot and toe protection during any yard work.

The best part about these shoes is they are incredibly comfortable, very flexible and the lightest shoe you will find on the market. The weight of these shoes is what sold me on them.

Cons: The toe area appears to be a little cramped with space and you might go for a bigger size than your usual size.

Best Steel Toe Shoes

Steel toe shoes protect your toes against heavy objects falling or rolling over your toes. It protects your feet against the many elements and debris that come along with cutting grass.

The downside of these shoes is the weight. They clearly weigh more than the lawn shoes mentioned above without a steel toe. It just comes down to whether or not you need the added protection.

Shoe:Keen Utility Braddock LowReebok ZPrint Work ShoeSketchers Holdredge Work Shoe
Steel Toe:YesYesYes
Weight:12.75 oz17 oz25 oz
Footbed:Keen Metatomical MemoryTech MassageMemory Foam
Shoe Material:Leather & TextileMesh & NylonLeather & Synthetic

Keen Utility Braddock Low

keen  utility braddock low

Keen Utility men's Braddock low is pure leather and textile shoe with a steel toe cap. It is perfect for all indoor and outdoor works as well. It is specifically designed with safe and durable materials for heavy and adventurous tasks.

It is also one of the lightest steel toe shoes on the market. If you want a top-of-the-line steel toe shoe the extra money is definitely worth it with this pair of shoes.

Its patented toe cap provides ultimate top protection to your toes. It is designed to provide excellent arch support that perfectly cradles the natural contour of your feet. These shoes are ideal for lawn mowing, landscaping, and construction.

If you need a versatile steel toe shoe and your budget allows this is the shoe for you. They can be a bit pricey but they are one of the best shoes for added protection. If you are a landscaper moving rock, stones, pavers, etc. these will be a great shoe for you if you don't want to wear boots.

Cons: These appear as boots and are a bit heavy to wear. It is a little wider shoes for some and may cause minor discomfort to walk.

Reebok Zprint Steel Toe Work Shoe

reebok zprint steel toe work shoe

Reebok Zprint steel toe shoes have a steel toe cap for protecting your feet. It provides remarkable comfort and support with its lightweight and seamless textile.

It provides maximum ankle mobility on any platform for firm control and quick response. It provides excellent flexibility and resistance to slipping with its rubber nodes on the soles.

These are pretty good overall shoe that comes from one of the best athletic shoe companies. It will have more features of a running shoe than the other shoes mentioned but is still be a durable steel toe shoe.

Cons: The size of these shoes is smaller than those marked on the product. You might need to look for a bigger sized shoe to fit your feet.

Skechers Holdredge Steel Toe Work Shoe

The Skechers Holdredge steel toe shoes are highly durable and dependable for any tough day job in lawns. They provide insulation and great protection for your feet.

It has a shock-absorbing midsole for your heels. It is resistant to oil and slips with its rubber sole. It has synthetic and upper meshes for added comfort and breathability.

This shoe is very affordable and that comes with a bit of a drawback. The shoe is substantially heavier than the others and made of fewer quality materials. However, it is still a great steel-toe shoe for the price.

Cons: These Skechers shoes are heavy and you may find it difficult to walk initially. Its memory sole gets shifted sideways over a period of time.

Best Landscaper Boots

Landscaper boots are strong, durable and can be used for a wide range of applications for long hours and extreme protection.

Shoe:Merell Men's Moab 2 Mid.Timberland Pro Pit Boss
Steel Toe:noYes
Weight:18 oz25 oz
Footbed:Select FIT.ECO+ blended EVA contoured footbedMemoryTech Massage
Shoe Material:Leather & Mesh100% Leather

Merell Moab 2 Mid

merrell moab 2 mid

Merell Men's Moab 2 Mid shoes provide waterproof and comfort with their durable leather, supportive footbeds, and Vibram grip.

It prevents water from entering in and keeps your feet dry. Its Eco+ blended EVA and contoured footbeds enable excellent heel support to you. Its midsole gives high stability and comfort. Its Vibram rubber outsole with 5 mm lug depth provides firm grip and control.

It has protective rubber to caps and closed-cell foam that prevents moisture and debris. It is a heavy-duty shoe used for many applications such as hiking, lawn mowing, construction, landscaping, and warehouses.

These boots are great if you prefer a boot for lawn mowing. They are also good for landscaping since they have a nice rubber protective toe.

Cons: It's a bit heavy boots and does not have an insole in it.

Timberland Pro Pit Boss

timberland pro pit boss steel toe

Timberland Pro Pit is a steel boot designed for safety, comfort, and durability. Its soles feature resistance to oil, slip, and abrasion.

It has padded at top collars and polyurethane midsoles for added comfort. The nylon diffusion plates support and rigidity against torsional pressure created by your feet. It has removable footbeds that are treated with antimicrobial for moisture and odor control.

They are strong and versatile boots that do not provide foot pain even after long hours of usage. It provides an excellent grip on wet and slippery surfaces. They are ideal for heavy-duty work such as landscaping, rigorous lawn mowing, construction.

If you prefer a work boot with added foot protection with a steel toe these are for you. They are slightly heavier because of the steel toe but still very comfortable boots.

Cons: Heavy boots and not suitable for steep slopes.

Kujo Landscape Boot

The all-new Kujo landscape boot is quickly becoming one of the best boots in the green industry. Whether you need a boot for lawn maintenance or heavy landscaping this is the boot for you.

These boots feature a lightweight design with a composite safety toe. It gives the feel and safety of a steel toe boot but without the added weight.
The Kujo landscape boots are designed to be water-resistant but also breathable. They are great for wet grass and will keep your feet and socks from getting damp.

NOTE: Kujo recommends getting 1/2 size larger than normal for these boots.


  • Lightweight design
  • Composite toe guard
  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable design
  • Rubber sole with aggressive tread for enhanced grip
  • Comfortable
  • Great look


  • Expensive
  • Sizing (1/2 smaller than normal in most cases)

Wrapping it up

The above sections have provided you with a brief overview of different lawn mowing shoes and their applications. Ultimately, shoes will come down to what you will be using them for.

What do you think?

Have you used any of these shoes for cutting grass or landscaping? Do you have other shoes that you prefer? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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