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John Deere Riding Tractor Mower Reviews

Ever since its start in 1837, John Deere has consistently brought many quality products ranging from agricultural, construction and forestry machines as well as lawn care mowers and tractors. It all started in 1837 when John Deere created a polished steel mold board from a broken saw blade to help farmers with their plows.

From there he started manufacturing plows to farmers and set up a state of the art plow factory. In the years that followed, the company started expanding its business to construction as well. Today they are 87th place on the Fortune 500 ranking, which is no small feat.

John Deere Features

One of the most unique features that John Deere is known for is that they allow you to build your own products such as tractors, golf carts, lawn mowers, and so on. You can go to their website and select the product you are interested in and customize it according to your preferences. You can select the engine you prefer and even add attachments and accessories.

You will also be able to see exactly how much it will cost as you customize it. They use cutting-edge technology to build smart products for the modern age we live in. So now let’s take a look at some of the best John Deere riding mowers available to buy.

Tractor Mower100 SeriesS240 SeriesX300 SeriesX500 SeriesX700 Series
Cutting WidthEdge™ mower deck, 42 in.Accel Deep mower deck, 42 in.Accel Deep mower deck, 42 in.Accel Deep mower deck, 48 in.Accel Deep mower deck, 48 in.
SteeringSector and pinion with single drag link and tie rodSector and pinion with single drag link and tie rodManual, sector and pinionManual, sector and pinionHydraulic power
Engine Power17.5 hp 13 kW21.5 hp 16 kW22 hp 16.4 kW24 hp
17.9 kW
25.5 hp
19 kW
Battery Type12 V 300 CCA12 V 300 CCA12 V 340 CCA12 V 500 CCA
Warranty2 year/120 hour bumper-to-bumper3-year/200-hour bumper-to-bumper4 year/300 hour bumper-to-bumper4 year/500 hour bumper-to-bumper4 year/700 hour bumper-to-bumper
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Riding Tractor Lineup

100 Series

John Deere Riding Tractor Mower Reviews - s100

The 100 series lawn tractors are affordable and aimed at the budget-conscious customer. They come in an iconic green and yellow combination which is quite attractive. There are 8 different models available in the 100 series (E100 to E180). We found it to be one of the best affordable lawn mowers in the market today. It is perfect for mowing small lawns but don’t expect it to do anything apart from cutting grass.

Key Features:

· 17.5 HP to 25 HP engine (across different models)
· Automatic transmission
· 2 Wheel drive
· 2 year/120 hour warranty
· 42, 48, 54 inch decks (across different models)

Who is this mower for?

These mowers are for those who have a fixed budget and are on the lookout for an affordable lawn mower. The 100 series does offer high-end lawn mowers too but a lot of them are quite affordable. Depending on the model, you can use them on lawns that range from ¼ acres to 5 acres.
We would recommend the mower to homeowners with very smaller yards or new homeowners that may be on more of a budget.

S240 Series

John Deere Riding Tractor Mower Reviews - s240

The S240 series exists to bridge the gap between the 100 series and the 300 series. It focuses on comfort and performance. The 15-inch open back seat was quite spacious to sit on and stands out from its competitors. There are 2 different models in this series (42-inch deck and 48-inch deck). The S240 series lawn mowers provide great value for the money, which is something that we always look for especially when it comes at a premium price.

Key Features:

· V-Twin engine
· Hydro/automatic drive
· Snow removal
· 42 inch to 48 inch deck
· 3 year/200 hour warranty

Who is this mower for?

These are for those who have a medium budget and are looking for a spacious and comfortable lawn mower that can also remove snow during winter. It’s perfect for tall people too, thanks to the seat height and leg space.

X300 Series

x300 series

The X300 series comes with 9 different models aimed for fulfilling a variety of purposes. Some models come with different sized variants such as 42 inch, 48 inch, 54 inch decks, etc. It also comes with two wheel and four wheel steering options for better control and to traverse different terrains and the optional MulchControl technology to keep your lawn healthy.
When we tried this out, we felt these to be more powerful than the X100 and X240 series models as we were able to cover larger distances with ease. We also found the MulchControl technology to be quite efficient at protecting the lawn. All it took was a single push of a button.

Key Features:

· 2/4 wheel steering
· MulchControl kit
· 42-48-54 inch deck variants
· 18.5 HP to 22 HP engine
· Bagging system with optional power flows.
· 4 year/300 hour warranty

Who is this mower for?

It’s mainly for those who are on the lookout for heavy-duty lawn mowers that can effortlessly cut large 1 plus acre lawns. It’s also perfect for those who prefer lawn mowers that come with 4 wheel steering capability for better ride control. With attachments and accessories, you can do a ton of useful stuff using these without any hassles.

X500 Series

x500 series

The X500 series offers bigger lawn mowers with higher power and performance that are ideal for large lawns. They come with 4 wheel steering, power steering and power lift along with traction assist for muddy grounds and steep inclines. The iTorque Power System really helps in giving that extra power to roll through difficult terrain with ease. We thought it would overheat if we ride it for long hours under the sun but the air cooling along with the large grill fins and side vents kept it quite cool.

Key Features:

· 24 HP to 25.5 HP engine
· 2 / 4 wheel steering options
· Power steering
· Power lift
· 48 inch to 54 inch deck options
· Traction Assist
· 4 year/500 hour warranty

Who is this mower for?

This one is aimed at those who have a high budget and are looking for powerful lawn mowers for their large lawns and gardens. 25.5 HP engines are used in agricultural tractors and you are getting the same power in a lawn mower. Think about that for a second. The hydraulic power steering along with the 4 wheel drive makes running over difficult and uneven terrain a complete breeze. Do you have a garden or lawn that has muddy areas or uneven spots? This X500 is a great option for you!

X700 Series

x700 series

The X700 series is the granddaddy of all the other lawn mowers offering great power and a ton of useful features to tackle any task you put before it. You get to choose from 7 different models in this series with each having its own unique purpose. One thing we found to be extra helpful was the inclusion of the front Quick-Hitch, 3 point hitch and the 540 RPM PTO which helps to connect to any attachment easily and efficiently. It also comes with optional heating which would come in really handy during the winter season. Moreover, with the 4 wheel drive and power steering, you can drive this bad boy over the most difficult garden terrain.

Key Features:

· 24 HP to 25.5 HP electronic fuel-injected gas/diesel engine
· 2 / 4 wheel steering options
· Power steering
· Power lift
· Hydraulic control valves
· 54 inch to 60 inch deck options
· 4 year/700 hour warranty

Who is this mower for?

This is targeted towards those who want the best of the best in terms of raw power, features and versatility. They come at a premium price but you do get everything you need in a lawn mower. It can cover long distances quickly and get gigantic lawns trimmed without any hassles making it the perfect option for those who have a huge house and lawn.

Attachments and Accessories

Attachments and accessories for lawn mowers are a godsend for anyone with a yard. If you use your lawn mower only for trimming the grass, then you won’t be able to utilize its full value. Material collection systems, weather enclosures, front blades, carts, etc. help you do various tasks to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. To get a full list of the various attachments and accessories you can buy for your lawn mower, just visit their website and download the brochure.

Wrapping it up

By combining quality materials, latest technology and user experience based design, John Deere riding mowers are unique and high-quality products that perform exceptionally and offer a lot of convenience to users. From affordable products to high-end ones, you get to pick the right one for your needs. The added customizability factor only adds to the appeal and serves as the icing on the cake.

What do you think?

There are plenty of options to go for when it comes to lawn mowers. Though John Deere lawn tractors are considered to be one of the finest out there, just like any other company, you can’t expect every single product to be the best ever or suit every buyer.

We found the X100 series to be great value products but they do come with a few issues. Though they are meant to be affordable, their versatility isn’t as much as what we would want it to be. If your only purpose behind buying it is to mow your lawn, then it’s a great choice but if you want to do more you will have to go for the more powerful variants. We found the X500 and X700 series to be excellent products that can tackle any task you throw at them.

Hopefully, the above review on the best John Deere riding mowers has been able to help you find the perfect one for your needs. Good luck lawn mower hunting!!!

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