ego snow blower review

EGO Snow Blower Review

The EGO snow blower is one of the top electric snow blowers on the market. In this article, we will take a close look at their entire lineup and how they compare other snow blowers.

Cordless electric snow blowers are among the most affordable and productive options available for anyone needing to keep their property clear of snow. You will not have to worry about gas or working with multiple extension cords to reach the end of your driveway.

No matter what kind of snow weather you face during the winter months, the EGO snow blowers are capable of clearing it out. This review will look at the three different models EGO has to offer.

I will also compare the EGO battery snow blower to some of its competitors to see how they stack up.

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EGO Snow Blower Lineup

Snow Blower:SNT2100SNT2110SNT2400
Tool Weight:50.7 LB50.6 LB150 LB
Max Throwing Distance:35 ft40 ft50 ft
Max Run Time:Up to 10 car driveway (w/ 5.0Ah batteries) w/ 8″ snowUp to 14 car driveway (w/ 7.5Ah batteries) w/ 8″ snow
Up to 18 car driveway (w/ 7.5Ah batteries) w/ 8″ snow
Price:Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

EGO Power+ SNT2100 Snow Blower

The EGO SNT2102 is the most popular model of this series. It comes with the batteries and charger, which is ideal unless you already have other EGO tools and batteries.

The SNT2100 is the snow blower only and the SNT2103 comes with two 7.5 Ah batteries and charger. The 7.5 Ah will have a little more power and last a bit longer on a single charge. If you drive way is a little longer than 10 car length is may be worth it to get the larger batteries.

Power and Drive Train

This snow blower has all the strength you need with its efficient brushless motor and Peak Power technology used alongside two EGO Power+ 56-volt (5.0Ah) batteries.

This machine is not self-propelled, but it has a variable speed auger, making it easy to move forward through thick snow. Even though the machine isn't self-propelled it is actually easier than most imagine because of its lightweight design.

Each charge lasts for about 40 minutes. That provides you with more than enough time to get an extended drive cleared before needing to recharge.


This machine provides a clear edge to your sidewalk or driveway as it plows through the snow. You can adjust the chute, which has a handle for easier controllability and can move 180 degrees to throw snow up to 35 feet in whatever direction you desire.

It works best on hard surfaces (e.g., sidewalks or driveways instead of grass) and can handle several feet of snow with no problem. Heavy, wet snow is no obstacle for this powerful snow blower.

The EGO Power+ SNT2100 series is ideal for states that get more than a dusting of snow, but less than five feet on average. It is more than capable of clearing out berms left behind from street plowers.

EGO SNT2100 snow blower


This snow blower is built out of weather-resistant, strong materials that will have it lasting for years. It also folds up into a convenient size for easy storing between winters. Featuring steel construction and IPx4 weatherproofing, you will not have to worry about it being affected by melting snow.

The SNT2100 has been out for a couple years now and has proven to hold up overtime. There are very few negative reviews regarding its durability. Overall, it holds up as well if not better than most gas powered snow blowers.


It has a push start button, making it easy to turn on. The whole machine weighs only 56 pounds, so it is easy to maneuver and feels much like pushing a shovel through the snow. You will not have to fight against a powerful machine to get it moving and changing direction. It has variable speed control and LED lights to make it easy to use in lower lighting.

The only thing it lacks regarding comfort is heated hand grips. However, this usually isn't an option on gas powered machines in this class either.


For the EGO Snow Blower the price is a little on the higher end but it is also a quality machine. It is inline with other comparable models both gas and battery. It may be a little more than some brands but it is also a very quality built machine.

EGO Power+ SNT2110 Snow Blower

The EGO SNT2110 is a slight upgrade from the SNT2100. It features a steel auger, 7.5 Ah battery, and rapid charger. Otherwise, everything is the same is the SNT2100.


The SNT2110 blows snow up to 40 feet which is 5 feet further than the SNT2100. This is a slight boost in performance from the steel auger and more powerful battery.

The snow blower will also last up to 14 car lengths on a driveway. So depending on the size of your driveway, this may be the better option for you.

EGO SNT2110 snow blower lights


The EGO SNT2110 is priced about $100 more than the SNT2110. There is been very limited availability for this unit recently so you may have some trouble finding it.

EGO Power+ SNT2400 Snow Blower

The all new EGO SNT2400 is one of the first two stage battery powered snow blowers on the market. It is reinventing the snow blower industry with its incredible features and power.

Check out the video below to see what this incredible machine is truly capable of.

Power and Drive Train

The SNT2400 model snow blower is powered by two EGo 56V 7.5 Ah lithium batteries. EGO claims this battery will complete an 18 car driveway with 8″ of snow on a single charge.

We tested this and think it holds true. It will last anywhere from about 60 – 75 minutes depending on use. It is always better to base a battery life off the amount of work it can complete instead of a length of time. This is what EGO does and it's smart since the “minute ratings” are never correct.

This snow blower is equipped with a variable speed self-propelled transmission with forward and reverse. It also has a variable speed auger control.

This snow blower is truly comparable to most two stage gas snow blowers in its same class/price range. It is an incredible unit.

ego batteries


EGO claims this snow blower can throw snow up to 50 ft. We found this to be true for the most part. It definitely slings slow a far way. Obviously there is some variablilty depending on how heavy the snow is, wind, etc.

Overall, this snow blower performs incredible. I would put it up against most gas powered snow blowers. It truly is a great machine for a homeowner with a larger driveway or long sidewalks.

ego steel auger


This snow blower is relatively new so it will take some time to determine the true durability. However, with our demo it appears this machine is built extremely well. EGO is a premium brand within the batter outdoor power equipment industry and this product is no different.


The comfort of this snow blower is pretty standard. There isn't really anything that makes it the most comfortable snow blower ever. It is a quality build that is comfortable enough for its intended use.

One thing this snow blower lacks in handwarmers. This is somewhat expected since it is battery powered and really not that big of a deal. Just make sure you have some warm gloves on when you use this machine!


Product Comparison

Compared to other battery-operated snow blowers, the EGO Power+ Snow Blower lasts longer per charge and includes superior features. Unlike gas blowers, you get to enjoy the benefits without the loud noise and fumes that come with fuel-based machines. It has enhanced features.

Unlike other battery electric snow blowers, this model has a broad clearing path (21 inches instead of the standard 18 inches) and an increased throwing distance (up to 35 feet instead of the 30 feet from similar machines). Aesthetically, this machine comes in black with bright green trim. It is an attractive snow blower that has the look of a premium model.

Snow Blower:EGO SNT2100Snapper XD Snow Joe iON100V-21SB
Blower Type:Single-StageSingle-StageSingle-Stage
Tool Weight:50.7 LB44 LB62LB
Max Throwing Distance:35 ft20 ft30 ft
Battery:56-Volt, 5 Ah82-Volt, 4 Ah100-Volt, 5Ah
Max Run Time:Up to 10 car driveway (w/ 5.0Ah batteries) w/ 8″ snow~ 75 Minutes~ 30 Minutes
Price:Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Gas VS Battery Snow Blower

Should you go with a gas or battery snow blower? It depends on your specific situation but as battery technology continues to advance it is becoming the more popular choice.

Battery power equipment is all about convenience and saving money. It is much easier to just charge a battery and use your snow blower. There is no fuel, carburetors, and other costs/annoyances of a traditional gas engine.

The technology and reliability of batteries within snow blowers has finally gotten to a point where I feel comfortable in saying I'd recommend a battery snow blower over a gas.

I also would go as far to say that EGO is probably the best battery snow blower in the industry.

Wrapping it up

If you are looking for a good looking workhorse to clear your drive or sidewalk during the winter months, then the EGO Snow Blowers have all of the features you need to get the job done quickly and easily.

If you are brand new to electric battery snow blowers, then you are in for a treat. They are lighter and faster than gas-powered snow blowers while being just as strong. No matter where you live, these incredible machines will be able to keep your property clear.

What do you think?

Have you used an EGO snow blower? Let us know in the comments which one you have and how you like it!

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