darwin grip review

Darwin’s Grip Review

Are you having those back pains throughout the day and into the night after holding that weedeater all day? We may have that solution for you as we have run this product through trial and error and found that it does what it is meant to do. As your back stays upright while weed-eating, you will find that this Darwin's Grip review may be what you need in your lawn business. We find it works perfectly and saves the pressure on your back for more days of weed-eating and less back pain at the end of the day!

Darwin's Grip Summary 

Gen 6 is the newest member of the family of accessories. Darwin's Grip 6.0 is an accessory that goes on to the shaft of most weedeaters. It is designed to save on the back muscles, keeping your back straight while cutting. It has a three settings axis for comfort and control. Darwin's Grip 6.0 is re-engineered for a better grip with no slippage and is designed with commercial use in mind. 

darwin grip on weedeater

Features and Benefits

  • This product is made for ambidextrous, either right or left-handed people.
  • No-slip, soft silicone grip;
  • Adjustable teeth heavy-duty design on the vise;
  • Hammer fist ergonomics;
  • Aluminum bar;
  • Quick assembly;
  • Fits Most popular brand weedeaters;
  • Gives more control of the weedeater;
  • Less fatigue;
  • It cuts down on cutting time.

You can trust that we looked into all of these features and benefits, and if you feel you want to try this product, we urge you to look into Darwin's Grip 6.0 today to save on those back muscles and feel better at the end of the workday. 

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What is Darwin's Grip 6.0?

This is a product that connects to the shaft of most weedeaters with an aluminum bar that extends to your hand's reach. The adjustments make the bar level and put the weedeater in a position of less strain on your back. It also makes the weedeater lighter, which is a significant plus. 

Why Choose Darwin's Grip 6.0?

When weedeaters were created, most of them had a curved shaft toward the end of the weedeater. That was a complete backbreaker. Then the straight shaft came out, and you could tell the difference. You didn't have to bend to reach the hard-to-reach areas like ditches, slopes, and other awkward locations. Now with Darwin's Grip 6.0, this ergonomic invention has even more significant relief on the back and arms. Why choose this product? We prefer to ask the question, why not choose it? You will feel the difference immediately, just like when the straight shaft was invented. Do you need more info? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide. 


  • Easy-grip and will not slip out of your hands while working;
  • The bar can be switched to either side for ambidextrous people. I am left-handed, so this is a significant plus for me. 
  • It is adjustable for any arm's length.
  • The bar keeps everything level, which eliminates fatigue and back pain.
  • The price is affordable, and you can order more than one for your lawn service at a lower price for each purchase.
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • With less back pain, you can weed-eat quicker without fatigue.
  • Works well with edging 


The good news is that with this product, there is nothing we could find negative to say about Darwin's Grip 6.0. Everything advertised holds up to be the truth. Perhaps waiting for it to be delivered is the only problem because it cannot be teleported within a second or two. It has to go through the process, but you can pay extra for speedy delivery. 

No-Slip Vice

New REDESIGNED no-slip vice

How It Works

The vise that tightens the attachment to the weedeater shaft holds for extra tightness. It ensures the handle will not slip while you are weeding. The no-slip vice will remain intact and hold in place over time.


Once the adjustments are made, you should not feel uncomfortable or have any back pain. The weedeater will remain level and cause it to feel lighter while you work. The bar will not slide up or down while in motion. This means you do not have to have to re-adjust the bar continuously. 

Supporting Images, Videos, Links

The best way to find supporting information is to hit up the forums where people who use the products and have businesses are saying. You can check out this forum here

Ambidextrous Design

Truly Ambidextrous for left or right-handed operation

How It Works

The bar works the same way, no matter how you put it. The fantastic thing is that the handle is on either side you assemble the product. One side is for right-handed, and the other is for left-handed people. 


The most significant benefit is that the handle is easy to use, no matter which hand is your predominant one. You will find the purpose and comfort on either side. 

Supporting Images, Videos, Links

You can see the video here on how to assemble Darwin's Grip and use it right or left-handed.  


YouTube has a great video that shows how to use the grip bar, which is the same one that explains how to put everything together. You can see it here.

Let's check out what others are saying from testimonials:

“We trim a cemetery with 1250 monuments. Darwin grip helps me stand straight because I'm 6'2″, doesn't work for my assistant that is about 5'6”.

We use echo 225'S for trimming.

Also, we use on a Stihl comby With straight edger attachment to hold it down in the dirt When edging sidewalks. It is always wanting to raise up. Works good.”

Bigg-Lenny on LawnSite

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As you can see, Darwin's Grip 6.0 holds to its word, and I can vouch for it myself after using it. There is nothing but positive things said about this product, and I invite you to see for yourself what we are all saying. We hope this review helped you in your decision.

What Do You Think?

Which do you think of the Darwin Grip? Let us know in the comments below!

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