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Best Headphones for Lawn Care Workers

It’s not talked about as much as it should be, but maintaining proper ear protection is key when it comes to lawn care. With most of the equipment used producing noise at a level of over 95dB, the chance for permanent hearing damage is very high. Fortunately, with the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), lawn care workers can easily protect themselves against irreversible hearing damage. 

The best way to do this is by using noise-reduction headphones or earplugs. Many workers enjoy listening to music on the job, but simply turning up your headphones isn’t enough. Doing so can actually damage your hearing further! To help you make the best choice for protecting your hearing while still enjoying the music you love, we’ve put together this short, unordered list of the best noise-reducing headphones and earbuds on the market today.

Lawn Care Headphones Comparison

HeadphonePro/TekISOTunes 2.0FreeReignProTearProtector Plus3M WorkTunes
Noise Reduction23 db27 db29 db25 db23 – 26 db24 db
Battery Life30 hours (2 AAA)16 Hours (rechargeable)12 Hours (rechargeable)2 AA batteriesWired8 Hours
AM/FM RadioNoNoNoYesNoNo
Aux CordYesNoNoYesYesYes

Pro/Tek ‘Hearing Protection’

Best Headphones for Lawn Care Workers - protek

Brand: Ballard

Model: ‘Hearing Protection’

One of the few options offered by Ballard is the Pro/Tek ‘Hearing Protection’ earmuffs. Coming in at just under $100, these earmuffs come complete with adjustable silicone earpads, an adjustable headband, a built-in microphone, an AUX plug, Bluetooth technology, and a hard carrying case.

These earmuffs will allow you to easily hear your favorite tunes while on the job, thanks to a 23 dB NRR (noise reduction rating) and the Active Listening feature, which provides amplification on hard-to-hear sounds. You can also take phone calls while wearing these earmuffs using the built-in microphone and Bluetooth technology. 

Use code CMR10 at Ballard Inc. for 10% off your entire order

ISOtunes PRO 2.0 Bluetooth Earplug Headphones

Brand: ISOtunes

Model: IT-21

These in-ear earbuds are another suitable option for listening to music while using lawn care equipment. Providing an NRR of 27 dB and SafeMax technology (which limits the volume to safe listening levels), the ISOtunes PRO 2.0 provides excellent sound quality while maintaining a small size.

They’re also IP67 rated, which means they’re resistant to sweat, water, and dust. With a battery life of up to 16 hours, these earbuds will be more than adequate for a long day at work. Along with the earbuds, you will also receive a carrying case and a USB charging cable.

Industrial Line Free Reign Bluetooth Plugfones

Best Headphones for Lawn Care Workers - industrial

Brand: Ballard

Model: FreeReign™ Wireless Earplug-Earbud Hybrid

Hate it when your earbuds get snagged on your shirt? Not to worry—all the new orders of Industrial Line Free Reign Bluetooth Plugfones come with a complimentary Plugfones collar, meaning your headphones will stay out of the way while you’re working!

Although the battery life on these headphones is slightly lower than the option above (though at a respectable 12 hours), you can fast charge the Plugfones, which will give you up to two hours of listening power with only five minutes of charging! Rated with an NRR of 29 dB and using SoundSeal™ Noise-Suppressing Technology, you can’t go wrong with a pair of these Plugfones.

Use code CMR10 at Ballard Inc. for 10% off your entire order

PROTEAR AM FM Hearing Protector with Stereo Radio


Model: B094HQ3BG2

Although they lack the Bluetooth capabilities of many similar models, these budget-friendly PROTEAR headphones do have something else to offer: AM & FM radio capabilities! Perfect for workers who prefer to listen to the radio, these headphones offer 25 dB of NRR and only require 2 AA batteries for hours of listening enjoyment. If you prefer to listen to music off of your phone, PROtear has also included an AUX cord you can use instead of the radio feature.

Operation is easy, thanks to the big buttons located on the side of the headphones. Although somewhat unsightly, this offering from PROTEAR is still a great option for those who want to enjoy their music on the job without breaking the bank.

Industrial Line Protector Plus

Best Headphones for Lawn Care Workers - industrial protector

Brand: Ballard

Model: Protector Plus™ Earplug-Earbud Hybrid

Depending on if you use the included foam or silicone plugs, these earbuds offer either 23 or 26 dB of NRR. With their patented Tear-Resistant TuffCord™ and sweat-resistant design, these earplugs offer a simple and cheap way to enjoy music at work while protecting your hearing from overexposure.

These earplugs lack Bluetooth capabilities but they do come with an AUX cable so you can plug your favorite listening device in and start enjoying your favorite music right away. They have a built-in microphone as well, so you can still take calls while using these Protector Plus™ earbuds.

Use code CMR10 at Ballard Inc. for 10% off your entire order

3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology

Brand: 3M Safety

Model: Worktunes Connect

With an NRR of 24 dB, these WorkTunes headphones forgo the frills in favor of functionality. Appearing on the outside as normal protective earmuffs, the WorkTunes actually offers Bluetooth connectivity as well as a corded option. With over 30 hours of battery life per charge, these headphones should easily last half a week before needing to be recharged.

WorkTunes Connect also has a built-in microphone so you can easily take calls as needed throughout the day. If you’re searching for the perfect balance of protection, battery life, and affordability, you need not look further than the 3M Worktunes Connect headphones!

From the affordable ear protection of the Ballard Protector Plus™ earbuds to the premium listening quality of the Skullcandy Crushers, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair of headphones or earbuds to last your entire workday, so just remember: stay safe and protect your hearing!

Mowing Headphones – Buying Guide

Over-ear VS Ear-plugs

This will mainly come down to person preference. Both type of headphones are similar in terms of hearing protection. In my experience, I prefer over-ear designed headphones because they tend to be more comfortable for long periods of time. Most ear-plugs become uncomfortable to me after a little while, but maybe this is just me. I will say the IsoTune earplugs are pretty good!


This is great for using your headphones wirelessly. Personally, I wouldn't get a pair of headphones unless they had bluetooth. Honestly, wires are the a thing of the past in my eyes. It is much easier to use and more functional when headphones have bluetooth.


This is another feature that I would make sure your headphones have. The only reason to have a microphone is if you're going to take phone calls. Honestly, this is a must have because it is a pain to answer your phone and having to take your headphones off to answer it. I tend to think talking on the phone by holding your phone is a thing of the past as well. 95% of the calls I take are through headphones. I also use the noise cancelling Bose 700 headphones so calls are incredible… but probably not recommended for a lawn care setting.

Hearing Protection

This is the most important part when looking for headphones. The higher the noise reduction rating, the better. This is measured in db. All of the headphones in the list above have a good noise reduction rating that will definitely preserve your hearing for years to come.


Whether your headphones have radio or not will completely depend on the person. I personally haven't listened to the radio in years (team spotify!) Therefore, headphones with a radio doesn't really matter to me. If you're a fan of the radio, it may be a feature you want. I personally would recommend getting Spotify or maybe even Pandora.


The durability of headphones does matter, but as long as they are decently built and waterproof/sweet proof they will be fine. I mowed for many years and only went through a few pairs of headphones. I long as you aren't throwing them around or crushing them somehow they usually last a pretty long time.

Wrapping it up

Which one of these headphones do you have already? Let me know in the comments.

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Images are from Ballard.

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