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In today's age, every lawn care and landscaping business needs a website. If you don't have one you will eventually be beaten by the competition. The good news is there are a few different ways to create one. You can either use a website builder or hire a developer.

If you are looking for a website that truly stands out or you just don't have the time or know-how to build a website look no further. I am here to help with all of your website and marketing needs.

If you want to learn a little bit more about me head on over to the about page to read my story. If you don't have time for that, I'm DJ Schofield and I've been in the industry for over 10 years (since I was 14 years old.) I've owned a lawn care/landscaping business and worked for a large mower manufacture in my past life… now I help lawn care business owners.

Below are some ways I can help your business (outside of helping you choose the best lawn mower.)

Website Design

I have been developing websites for the past 7 years. This has including everything from websites like this one you're on to lawn care company websites. I have even helped in the development of some popular lawn care software.

If you are in need of a website I may be the guy for the job. I have a ton of industry knowledge and I know how to make lawn care and landscaping websites that convert to paying customers. If you're interested or want to see my portfolio of work, fill out the form below and I will be happy to chat.

SEO Services

Maybe you already have a website, but you need it to rank on Google and other search engines. Well, you probably made it to this website from Google so this website can be an example of my SEO skills. If you didn't go ahead over to Google and type in “Best commercial zero turn mower” and see where this website ranks.

I have done the same thing for many lawn care websites in the “Google Local Pack”… this is the little map that comes up on Google with the top 3 companies below it.

It is an incredible long term approach to your marketing that will continue to bring new customers without having to pay for Google ads or Facebook ads.

If you need more examples of my work or case studies feel free to reach out.

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